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High wheel lawn mowers rear wheel and front wheels are specially manufactured. 9 -12″ is the range of rear wheels and 7 – 8” is the front wheels range. The 8-inch size wheel is known as a low wheel lawn mower and a wheel size greater than 8-inch is considered as a high wheel lawn mower. High wheel lawn mowers allow you to mow a medium to large sized lawn. With the best high wheel lawn mower, one can easily mow the lawn effectively with less effort and mow uneven terrain as well.


One of the greatest high wheel lawn mower advantages is that making turns is easy and these can cut grass of uneven surfaces effectively the same as even surfaces. For mowing a lawn which is small in size high wheel lawn mowers are not great because it becomes difficult to handle in a small lawn. So if you have a medium or a large size lawn then to mow the lawn you should own a high wheel lawn mower.

But high wheel lawn mowers are available in a large number of variants and models right now in the market and to find the appropriate one needs time and effort of yours. To make this process easy and save your time we are presenting eight of them.

Top 8 High Wheel Lawn Mower : Features at A Glance

Let’s have a quicker eye on the features of these high wheel lawn mowers. All these machines are very durable, easy to use and feature-rich.

Lawn-Boy 17732
  • Kohler 149cc Engine
  • Adjustable cutting height
  • Tri-cut system
  • 3-in-1 Discharge Ability
Remington RM1159
  • 159cc OHV GAS ENGINE
  • 14inch wheel
  • Folding handle
  • Off set trimmer head
Craftsman M215 Powered Lawn Mower
  • Variable speed
  • 6-point cutting height
  • 11 inch rear wheel
Craftsman M275 Self-Propelled FWD Lawn Mower
  • 159cc powerful engine
  • Six different cutting height
  • 11inch rear wheel
  • 3-in-1 discharge capability
Makita XML03PT1 Cordless
  • 10 cutting height
  • Battery powered
  • Foldable handles
  • Quiet engine
Craftsman 12AVU2V2791 Self Propelled
  • Pull to start
  • 6 cutting height
  • 149cc engine
  • Vertical storing system
Yard Machines High Wheeled Mower
  • 2-in-1 discharge
  • 140cc engine
  • 11inch rear wheel
  • 21inch cutting deck
Troy-Bilt TB160 21 inch 160 cc Gas Walk Behind Push Mower
  • 160cc engine
  • Triaction cutting
  • 11inch rear wheel
  • 6 position height adjustment

Review Of The Best High Wheel Lawn Mower

It is time to know in detail about these lawn mowers. We have discussed these mowers in-depth including their bad sides.

1. Lawn-Boy 17732

Manufacturer The Toro Company
Model 17732
Mowing Type Gas-powered
Cutting System Tri-cut
Cutting Heights 1.25 – 3.75 inches
Cutting Width 21 inch
Weight 66 Pounds
Dimension 40.5 x 22.3 x 37.7 inches
Warranty 2 years

Lawn-boy 17732 is a perfect lawnmower for mowing medium to large size lawn as the mower is powered by gas and has a very powerful Kohler 149cc engine. The engine is so powerful that it can generate quite high power and can cut through any type of thick and long grass.

The 149cc engine is more than capable enough to make a sharp and precise cut on the grass surface giving you a beautiful looking and freshly mowed lawn. The size of the cutting is adjustable between 1.25 to 3.75inches. So cutting height can easily be adjusted and cut the grass to the size you prefer.

Starting the engine is quite easy and can be started using just one or two pushes. If you face any trouble starting the mower with one or two pushes the company will replace the mower and you’ll get a new one.

After clipping the grass you have the option to bag those, mulch those or side discharge those. For mulching the clipping, the lawnmower has a very powerful tri-cut system and its powerful, durable, and lightweight blade does the job quite professionally. The bag size is quite large so you can mow quite a large surface of your lawn at once. Due to its high quality and powerful blade and engine this lawn mower is one of the best gas high wheel self-propelled lawn mowers in the market.

  • Gas-powered lawn mower
  • Powerful engine
  • 11-inch high wheel for better performance
  • Tri-cut system for enhancing the mulching quality
  • Two different points of height for cutting
  • Strats with one or two push
  • Larger bag for bagging the clippings
  • A bit noisy

2. Remington RM1159

Manufacturer MTD Products
Model RM1159
Mowing Type Gas powered
Cutting Heights 2.3-4.3 inches
Cutting Width 22 inch
Weight 78 Pounds
Dimension 34.45 x 22.04 x 21.06 inches
Warranty 2 years

The correct lawnmower is like a blessing for your lawn. It can get your overgrown lawn in shape within a short time. This lawnmower from Remington is designed to cut those overgrown weeds and grass from the lawn and make it look nice. To help this lawnmower in its difficult task it has support for a 159cc engine.

The 159cc engine is so powerful that it can cut any type of thick and tall grass without any trouble. So no matter how bad the condition of your lawn is you can easily get it in shape using this lawnmower. The engine uses gas as a power source and that makes the engine even more powerful.

You do not have to use your strength in cutting those grasses off your lawn so you can easily mow any size lawn using this lawnmower. The wheels of the mower make it easy to move the lawnmower around and also helps to reach hard to reach areas. So you can effectively cut your whole lawn without any difficulty.

The cutting diameter of the mower is 22inch which is quite large. Also, it features three points of height so you can easily control your lawn grass cutting height.  For making transporting and storing easier the mower has a folding handle so it becomes compact and takes less space for storing.

  • Compact in size
  • Folding handle
  • The engine is very powerful and gas-powered
  • 22inch diameter of cutting
  • Three-point height adjustment
  • Easy to operate
  • The vibration is pretty hard to control

3. Craftsman M215 Powered Lawn Mower

Manufacturer MTD
Model M215
Mowing Type Gas-powered
Cutting Heights 1.25 – 3.75 inches
Cutting Width 21 inch
Weight  82.8 pounds
Dimension 39 x 24 x 17.75 inches
Warranty 2 years

If you have a lawn that is small or medium in size and you are searching for the best gas high wheel self-propelled lawn mower to mow the lawn, then craftsman M215 can be the ideal solution for you. The mower is backed by a 159cc engine which is very powerful and cuts your lawn grass with precision no matter how thick or long those are.

The engine has an auto choke feature so you just have to give it a pull and it will get started. To power, the engine gas is used as fuel. So the mower is self-propelled and you just have to guide it in the direction you want to cut the grass, the machine will handle the rest.

The lawnmower features a front-wheel-drive system making it easy to control and maneuver the mower. So you can easily turn the mower from any corner in any direction you want with less effort. To make the lawn look beautiful and get it in shape the mower has six different cutting heights which can be controlled by two levers of the mower.

For tackling the terrain those are uneven, the 11inch high wheel comes in handy and the zag tread tires on the while providing elite traction for making more precise cuts. To discharge the clippings, it has a 3-in-1 discharge system- rear, side discharge, and mulching. The wide cutting deck cuts lots of grass at just one press and that makes the mower effective and time saver.

  • Wide deck can cut grass of a large area at once
  • Powerful engine with auto choke
  • Easy to control
  • Front-wheel drive
  • Variable speed to match your pace
  • Makes quite a lot of noise

4. Craftsman M275 Self-Propelled FWD Lawn Mower

Craftsman M275 lawn mower is a gas-powered self-propelled lawn that has an electric start. So no more hassle for starting the mower, this mower will start immediately. For being powered by gas the mower can easily cover a medium to large size lawn in a short time.

The powerful engine makes sure of high power and that helps to make the precision-cut even though there is long grass. The mower has six different height points for cutting so no matter if your lawn needs just a little trimming or a full cut the mower has options for all your cutting needs. You can easily switch between the cutting heights using the front and rear lever.

The front-wheel-drive system makes it easy to control the mower and you can easily turn it in any direction you want. For discharging the clippings, you get three options on this lawn mower-bagging, mulching, or side discharge. Mulching helps to spread nitrogen on the ground and promote healthy grass growth.

The self-propelled feature makes the lawyer very effective and you do not have to put a lot of effort into making it work. The cutting deck is 21inch wide which is capable of precision cutting large surfaces at just one press.

  • Front-wheel drive for easy control and turns
  • Height adjustment of cutting in six different positions
  • Mulching, rear, and front discharging capability
  • Electric start
  • Zag threading tires for great traction
  • Comes with a bagger
  • A bit heavy

5. Makita XML03PT1 Cordless

Manufacturer Makita
Model XML03PT1
Mowing Type Battery-powered
Cutting Heights 13/16″- 2-15/16″
Cutting Width 21 inch
Weight 93 Pounds
Dimension 24.8 x 35.24 x 23.47 inches
Warranty 2 years

Gas-powered lawn mowers are powerful but those produce a lot of noise as a solution to the noise here is a battery-powered lawn mower from Makita. The engine of the machine is powered by two 18V batteries which are capable of providing constant 2500-3500rmp. Due to this high blade rotating power, you can cut the grass of your lawn faster than ever.

The mower comes with a dual adapter charger which charges the battery very fast so that you can charge the batteries in a short time. With one single charge of two batteries you can easily mow up to 7300 sq ft. lawn and that is a very impressive battery backup. The mower is also water-resistant no more worries of water damages and you can use the mower safely for many years to come.

XML03PT1 features ten different cutting heights so you have the option of just a trim to full cut. Making a selection of the height is quite easy and can be done using just a single lever. The mower supports a quiet mode at a constant 2500rpm and cuts the grass precisely faster and in a quiet way. For ensuring the long life and durability of the lawn mower its water and dust resistant features are there. The handle of the mower can be folded and that makes the mower compact in size making it easy to transport and store. For storing clippings, the mower has a large capacity bag.

  • 10 cutting height
  • Easy to control and use
  • Quiet and powerful engine
  • Steel deck for more durability
  • High cutting speed
  • Powerful batteries
  • Not great in cutting the corner areas.

6. Craftsman 12AVU2V2791 Self Propelled

Manufacturer MTD
Model 12AVU2V2791
Mowing Type Gas-powered
Cutting Heights 1.25 – 3.75 inches
Cutting Width 21 inch
Weight 74.8 pounds
Dimension 61 x 23 x 42 inches
Warranty 2 years

Craftsman 12AVU2V2791 lawn mower has a powerful 149cc gas-powered engine that generates high power to make precision cuts and also the power helps to cut grass just at one press enabling you to save your time. The mower is capable of mowing any small to large size lawn in a limited timeframe. For being a self-propelled lawn mower you do not have to give any effort to operate the machine.

The mower also supports variable speed control and you can adjust the speed accordingly to your pace and easily mow any lawn you want. Starting a lawn mower sometimes becomes trouble. To make sure you do not face such trouble the mower has auto choke and recoil. Just pull the machine to start.

While storing a lawn mower it takes quite a space as these are quite big. To save space and make the storing easy for you the mower can be stored vertically reducing 70% of horizontal storing space. Different cutting height gives you more control over your cutting. The cut grass or weed can be collected using a bag or if you want you can side discharge those or mulch. The front-wheel-drive of the mower makes it easy to control and turn the machine. A 21inch deck ensures large surface grass or weed cutting at once with a single.

  • Bagging, mulching, and side discharge system
  • The powerful engine ensures a precise cut
  • Easy to start
  • Compact in size for easy storing
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Need less effort to operate
  • The engine makes a bit of noise

7. Yard Machines High Wheeled Mower

Manufacturer MTD Products
Model 11B-B0S5700
Mowing Type Gas-powered
Cutting Heights 1.25-3.75 inches
Cutting Width 21 inch
Weight 1 Pound
Dimension 36.56 x 23.88 x 17.5 inches
Warranty 2 years

If you are searching for a lawnmower to mow medium size lawn, then you have found the perfect match which is from the Yard machine. This lawn mower has a 140cc engine with recoil start. So the starting process of the engine is very simple and effortless. The engine is 140cc which is capable of providing high power and mowing the lawn in a short time.

To cut the grass the mower has a 21inch deck that can mow large surfaces with fewer passes, saving your time and effort. The rear wheel of the mower is 11inch which helps to deal with uneven terrain so now you can cut grass on any type of surface with the same efficiency.

The lawn mower features six different cutting heights to fulfill your need of short time to full cut and you can adjust these heights using two levels of the mower. You can mulch or side discharge the clippings using this lawn mower.

  • Six different cutting heights
  • Easy height adjustment using the lever
  • Powerful engine with recoil start
  • Easy to control
  • Clippings can be side discharged or mulched
  • The tires are very durable
  • Many parts build of plastic

8. Troy-Bilt TB160 21 inch 160 cc Gas Walk Behind Push Mower

Manufacturer Troy-Bilt
Model TB160
Mowing Type Gas-powered
Cutting Heights 1.25-3.75 inches
Cutting Width 21 inch
Weight 65 Pounds
Dimension 36 x 24 x 18 inches
Warranty 2 years

Troy-Bilt TB160 has an 11inch rear high wheel that provides great traction and makes it easy to cut grass on an uneven surface. So no matter what type your lawn surface is you can cut the lawn grass effectively without any trouble. The engine of the lawn mower is 160cc which makes it a lawn mower of commercial grade.

The mower is very durable built and designed. A 160cc engine with an auto choke makes the mower very easy to start and control, it also has variable speed for adjusting with your pace. You can trim a little or make a long grass cut using its six variable cutting heights.

It allows you to bag the clippings so there will be no remaining cut grass on your lawn and it will look fresh. The high wheel design makes it easy to maneuver and the folding handle makes storing easy making the mower compact. Its tri-action makes an even cut each time giving you a stunning looking yard.

  • Powerful engine with auto hoke and recoil
  • 11” high wheel makes it easy to mow uneven surface
  • Tri-action cutting system for better cut and stunning look
  • Rear bag for collecting clippings
  • 1.25 to 3.75-inch cutting height
  • Makes a lot of noise

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Features to consider while buying Top High Wheel Lawn Mower

Every lawn mower comes with many types of features and not all of them are needed for everyone. So while buying a high heel lawn mower you need to first sort your budget range and the requirement and then you should choose the features according to your need.

Gas Vs Battery Powered

The engine of a propelled lawn mower can be powered by using gas or battery. These two come with advantages and disadvantages. The battery-powered engine runs for a smaller time than a gas-powered engine. Also, gas-powered engines are more powerful. But in the case of sound gas-powered engines make quite a lot of sound while battery-powered engines are quieter.

If you have a lean which is ¼ acre in size, then you can use a battery-powered engine lawn mower effectively, but if the lawn is bigger, then you should consider a gas-powered engine. Or else you may need to change the battery during mowing and also going to take a long time to mow.

Commercial Vs Homeowner

Depending on how frequently you use your lawnmower and how long you use it you should choose the type of mower. Commercial lawn mowers are built with more durable and strong components to last long and withstand usage for long hours daily.

But if you use your mower on a small lawn and not more than once a week then a residential lawn mower will do the trick for you. By Maintaining the mower well, you can be served 8 to 10 years easily without any trouble.


An engine of 140cc can cut grass and weed but the cutting will not be so good. So if cutting quality isn’t your top priority you should try this.

Those who want top-quality cutting, bagging, and mulching should go for an engine of 180 to 200cc. These engines are also recommended for cutting thick grass.

Variable speed

Most of the high wheel lawn mower features variable speed adjustment so you can adjust the lower moving speed as you want while guiding the mower. This also helps to cut precisely and adjust it as you want.

Bagging, Mulching, or Side Discharge

Modern lawn mowers of recent types are multifunctional allowing to bag, mulch, and side-discharge. You can use any of these three while mowing the lawn. In mulching, the mower cuts the clipped grass repeatedly into small pieces and discharge those under the deck of the mower.

Over time these clippings get decayed and spread nitrogen to the soil while helping to grow healthy grass. The benefit of using the process is that you do not have to collect and lipped those anywhere also the machine will do that for you. But if you prefer a clean lawn you can bag the clippings and you’ll have a freshly cut clean lawn surface. The side discharge feature shoots the cut grass out of the side of the mower’s deck. side-discharge is not great for long grass as they look ugly if you do not remove them from the lawn.


What are the benefits of high wheel lawn mowers?

High wheel lawn mowers work quite fast so you can cut grass of any medium or large size lawn within a minimal time. The blades are sharp and durable so it can cut even thick grass effectively than a low wheel lawn mower. As the mowers are powered so you can control the momentum and can easily be moved backward or forward. For being powered you do not have to push or pull the power which makes the job even easier for you.

How to control the speed of a lawn mower?

If your lawnmower features variable speed ten you can easily control the speed of the mower. To know how you can control the speed you should use the user manual very carefully. Generally, there is a bar or lever on the mower to control the speed.

What type of lawnmower should I choose if I have a large lawn surface?

If you have a lawn which is more than ½ acre in size, then you should choose a mower with high engine power. Also for a better experience, a gas-powered mower will be ideal. A gas-powered lawn mower is capable of providing great power so you can mow the whole lawn effectively within a short time.

Final verdict

High wheel self-propelled lawn mowers are great for mowing lawns of medium to large. These mowers are easy to control and provide similar results on every surface. With the help of the best high wheel lawn mower, you can easily cut your lawn grass to the height of your need which is able to give your lawn a dazzling look in a short time.

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