Best Lawn Mower Belt – Review & Buying Guide In 2021

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In a lawn mower, a belt helps to run its rear wheels. This is a medium by which it connects the crankshaft of the engine with a transaxle for driving.

Once the belt of my mower broke because the deck was overfilled with grass clippings. It causes problems under the deck covers and the pulley. I wanted to buy the best lawn mower belt, so I asked a friend of mine to suggest to me as she recently bought one for herself.

While buying, I asked the seller that, ‘Is the belt stretchable?’ It is better to ask for every detail before purchasing. If it stretches more, then the efficiency of the mower will decrease because of losing the grip on the pulley.

The belt is very important as the mower cannot run without it.

Top 4 lawn mower belts

Here are some of the amazing belts which will help you to drive the mower for cleaning your garden. You will surely get a lawn mower belt that will fulfill your demands.

These are the most recommended ones and will give you the best service to maintain a clean lawn by running the mower.

John Deere original equipment
  • Resists heat.
  • Reinforced with cords.
  • High tensile strength.
Craftsman replacement deck
  • Works great for 144959 and 532144959.
  • Polyester that gives strength and resists.
  • Adding more horsepower to the mower.
Maxpower 336351B deck drive
  • Double-cover and clutching cover.
  • It also has wear protection.
  • Emit much heat inside the deck.
Murray 42-inch lawn mower blade
  • Good-quality synthetic material.
  • These belts resist temperature and elongation.
  • The stretching and allow the belt to work effortlessly.

1. John Deere original equipment flat belt

SpecificationType Of Value
ManufacturerJohn Deere
Model numberGX20072
Weight8.8 ounces
Dimension16 x 10 x 1 inches
Sold byHartville hardware

This is one of the best mower replacement belts that will serve you for a long time. It perfectly fits the deck drive of the mower and also resists heat.

The belt has reinforced with cords, which increases its core strength while driving. It makes less sound when it runs because the belt is flat and has synthetic fiber. When it moves the blades of the mower, the performance seems amazing.

John Deere lawn mower belt has a 0.350-inch thickness, and it fits with other 42-inches decks and garden tractors. It has high stability, which provides excellent performance.

The length of the belt is 103.740 inches, which don’t slide off the pulley because of its high tensile strength. And it maintains the speed and power of the blades and drives the mower efficiently.

It is necessary to get a good belt to run your machine faster. It takes less time to clean the lawn if this works well. The one with low quality will slow down the engine of the mower, and as a result, it cannot swiftly mow the garden.

Reasons To Buy
  • It is easy to install.
  • The cords provide high strength.
  • The belts do not rollover the pulley.
  • It is very durable.
Reasons Not To Buy
  • It is only for 42-inches decks and does not fit any other mowers.

2. Craftsman replacement deck belt

SpecificationType Of Value
Model numberA93
Dimension7 x 4 x 2 inches
Weight9.4 ounces
Sold byPowered by Moyer

It is one of the best craftsman lawn mower belts that is made with good quality synthetic materials. The measurement of this belt is ½ by 95.5 inches, which have anti-wear properties. It works great for 144959 and 532144959 replacement belts.

This deck belt has polyester that gives strength and resists it from damages. The cord is stretchable sticks around the pulley maintaining proper conformity.

It makes sure that the circulatory force is transferred to the shaft of transmission consistently. The outer surface of the belt is 13.2mm, which is resists heat with special oil. It also helps the blades and the wheels to move efficiently.

This is not a generic belt as it meets all the omen specifications. It changes the cutting ability of the grass by adding more horsepower to the mower. Using this one, you can easily chop all the leaves and keep your lawn clean.

If you apply this belt to your old mowers, it will work like a brand new one. You surely will understand the difference after using this. So, get it for experiencing the most amazing deal.

Reasons To Buy
  • It runs smoothly.
  • The belt is very flexible.
  • Best polyester cord.
  • It works great with all craftsman models.
  • The high-quality construction of the belt.
Reasons Not To Buy
  • The belt is not long-lasting.

3. Maxpower 336351B deck drive belt

SpecificationType Of Value
Model number336351B
Weight9.1 ounces
Dimension14.63 x 3.75 x 1 inches
Power sourceBattery-powered

This belt runs the 42-inches cub cadet, mtd, and troy-bilt lawnmowers. It works effectively and helps you to clean your garden.

It replaces the OEM models 754-04060, 754-04060B, 754-04060C, 954-04060, 954-04060B, 954-04060C and resists the frictional heat. The belt has a double-cover and clutching cover, which works well with the aramid cord construction. Its length is 96-½ inches, and its width is ½ inches.

Your mower will give the best performance after using this belt on the pulley. It also has wear protection. This does not emit much heat inside the deck and runs for a long time without any trouble.

If you want to mow your garden without facing any difficulties, then this is the best lawn mower belt for you. It works smoothly and does not makes your machine slow like others.

This belt is a great choice for riding mowers. There are no complications for setting it as you do not need to move the deck while fixing it. This belt works much better than the ones that you get with the mower.

If you have a big lawn, then this belt is a good choice for you. It cuts the grasses of your garden efficiently.

Reasons To Buy
  • It is easy to install.
  • The double-clutching cover is very durable.
  • It is an ideal belt for 42 inches deck.
  • It works optimally.
Reasons Not To Buy
  • It creates uneven turns and makes noise.

4. Murray 42-inch lawn mower blade belt

SpecificationType Of Value
Model number37X88MA
Weight11 ounces
Dimension5.12 x 2.36 x 0.39 inches
Made inMexico

This belt is made of good-quality synthetic material that does not roll over the pulley. Its height is 1.5 inches, the length is 13.0 inches, and the width is 6.0 inches. It serves all the mowers of the Murray brand starting from the old ones to the recent models.

Home depot lawn mower belts are a great choice if you are looking for one. It is easy to fix as the deck needs to be placed on a suitable plane, then move around the pulley. In a way, your mower will run faster and clean the garden swiftly.

It suits all mowers, and the 42-inches deck does not require to move for some riding models before changing the blades. You have to check the pulley and blades because if it contains any signs of wear then they may decrease the longevity of the belt.

If it becomes loose or the elasticity decreases, then the mower will not work efficiently. These belts resist temperature and elongation. The properties of it protect the stretching and allow the belt to work effortlessly.

If you want to get a lawn mower belt by your size for your mower, then you should go for this one.

Reasons To Buy
  • It is combined with anti-static and heat resistance strands.
  • High-quality cords present.
  • It provides consistent performance.
Reasons Not To Buy
  • The installation depends on the specifications of the mower.

Buying Guides:

For getting a suitable belt for the mower, you need to consider a lot of things. If you purchase one that doesn’t fulfill your requirements, it will just be a waste of money. The tractor supply lawn mower belts and the amazon ones are the best choices if you want to buy them online.

So before choosing, you have to check some of the described factors which are stated below to get the best belt.


It is an essential factor to consider before buying one. If you get a belt that does not match the length of the pulley, then it cannot be fixed. If the size of the belt is large, it will slip away. Again, if it is smaller, the belt will not fit the pulley.

So, you need to know which one will be suitable for your mower. A belt with the perfect length, width, and height will run your mower faster. And you can cut the grasses of your garden smoothly without facing any problems. If you get the right belt, you can use it for a long time.

Now you know the reason why your belt did not fit the mower pulley.


Before getting a belt for your mower, check the quality of it. It is necessary because if you get the bad one, then it will be damaged soon. If the belt is not strong, then it will not run the mower properly. And it will also break in the middle of the operation.

Low- quality belts are not long-lasting, and they will not give you the best service. It also will crack and may stop while running in the middle of it.

So, get a high-quality belt to mow your lawn without having any trouble and keep it clean. It will save your time and work efficiently.

Strength of cord:

The cord has to be sturdy to increase the core strength of the belt. It also helps to move the blades of the mower smoothly to chop off the grasses. If the cord is not strong, the belt will not work and cause problems.

You have to buy cords with the high tensile strength to run your mowers efficiently.  Good cords are easy to bond with other properties of the belt and enhance its power.

So, get the one that will provide you great performance.


High-quality belts are much expensive comparing with the other ones. So you have to select the right belt, which will fit the pulley and serve you for a long time without any complications.

It is better to choose the one that fulfills your demands and is very durable.

Frequently asked questions:

1. How will you recognize if the lawn mower belt is bad?

Answer: The edges of the belt is smooth and even. So, if the belt is bad then the sidewalls of it will be damaged and cracked. It also will be burnt and will cause problems while running.

2. What is the cause for which the belt turn-over in the pulley in a mower?

Answer: If the lawn mower gets hit by something, that makes the deck jump a little. And as a result, the belt flips over the pulley, which damages it. So, you have to get a new belt when it turn-overs, changing the bad one.

3. What causes the belt of the lawn mower to break?

Answer: When you do not clean the deck after mowing every time, too much clippings of the grass break the belt. They do their work inside the mowers deck or under the pulley and cause serious problems. So, it is essential to clean it after cutting the grass clippings.

4. What is the average life of a mower belt?

Answer: If you get the right mower belt, it will serve you for three to four years without any complaints. It also depends on the maintenance and on the heavy load or pressure you create on it. If you cannot take proper care of it, the belt will work for some months only.


To drive the pulley, lawn mowers need a belt. These belts play a vital role as they handle quite adverse situations and demands of the machine. It also controls the variations of temperature and heat.

For running the mower, a belt is essential. Again, if you do not get the best lawn mower belt, it needs to be changed every year. These high-quality belts can stand the strong shocks and extreme vibrations that a bad one cannot handle. So, when you buy a low standard belt, it cannot hold all these pressures and damage the mower.

A belt should also be flexible so it can work under any condition. You will find all the well-known brands of belt from amazon that are durable enough to serve you for a long time. These belts are manufactured with the best materials, which enhance the safety of the mower.

So, it is important to get a good belt that will fulfill all your demands. I hope you will enjoy using your new belt.

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