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Who doesn’t desire a clean and luxuriant green lawn? A neat lawn in front is sure to make your house look and much elegant. When you get your hands on the best side discharge lawn mower, getting the lawn of your dreams is easier than you think.

I am lucky enough to have quite a big yard. Even though I love the view of it, mowing the lawn used to be a hectic job. All my family members would make excuses when asked to mow it until I got the right lawn mower that helped me turn this work into a child’s play.

So, read ahead and bring yourself the lawn mower best suited for you. Whichever you are, a homemaker or a professional, tons of your labor and time will be saved.

Top 6 Side Discharge Lawn Mower Choices

There are so many available options for lawn mowers that picking the right one can be confusing. That is why below I have listed the best eight lawn mowers you should choose one from.

Sun Joe MJ401E-PRO 14 inch
  • Self-propelled lawn mower.
  • Height-controlling.
  • Added gal bag.
  • It takes zero maintenance.
Sun Joe MJ408E 20-Inch 12-Amp Electric
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Sharp and wide blade.
  • Height adjustment facility.
  • Trouble-free task.
Greenworks 20-Inch 3-in-1 12 Amp Electric
  • Various reclining positions.
  • Can cut all types of grass.
  • Deck is wide
  • Foldable handles.
POWERSMITH PLM14021H 21 in. 40V Battery
  • Hassle-free mowing.
  • Maintaining is so easy.
  • Doesn’t need any gas, oil or electric power.
  • Bagging and side disposing features
Greenworks 19-Inch 40V Cordless
  • Cordless technology and battery power.
  • Sharp blade covers a wide range.
  • Eeclining angles and height adjustment.
  • Rear bag can hold enough of grasses.
Greenworks MO40L2512 Electric Brushless
  • Cut accurately with minimum efforts.
  • Vertical folding.
  • Cutting height or different heights.
  • Dual ports battery.

1. Sun Joe MJ401E-PRO 14 inch 13 Amp Electric Lawn Mower

ManufacturerSun Joe Brand
Power sourcePower comes from corded electric
Product dimension48.4 x 40.6 x 40.6 inches
MaterialBody made of Plastic
Available colorGreen
MotorPower is 13 amp
Cutting widthCuts 14 inch
Height control3-position
Weight29 lbs
Capacity of rear storageCan contain up to 10.6 gal

This is one of the best self-propelled lawn mower you can get. Its powerful motor ensures you easy cutting every time you mow your lawn.

With its height-controlling and reclining features, you can choose the size you want to leave your grasses. The steel blades cut accurately and give your yard a super neat look.

The added gal bag can store a good amount of grasses. With its side discharge feature, you can dispose of cut-up grasses with ease.

It takes zero maintenance. Just plug the cord and start mowing in desired direction.

Since the blade is not so wide, it is great for mowing compact yards. But it can also be used for mowing large yards, it is just going to take some more time and patience. To add even more to its quality, it doesn’t require any oil or gas; therefore, you get a hassle-free and environment-friendly lawn mowing experience each time.

Reasons To Buy
  • Powerful motor assures easy cutting
  • Sharp cutting with a steel blade
  • Suitable for small spaces
  • Comes with height-control features
  • Easy disposal of grasses
  • Trouble-free operating
  • Environment-friendly
  • Ideal for all sizes of grass
  • Lightweight machine
Reasons Not To Buy
  • Takes more time for mowing big lawns
  • The cord needs to be dragged along

2. Sun Joe MJ408E 20-Inch 12-Amp Electric Lawn Mower + Mulcher

BrandManufactured by Sun Joe company
Power source typePowered with corded electric
Item dimensions59 x 25.6 x 44.1 inches
MaterialMade of steel
Available colorsLight green
Product weight51.8 Pounds
Reclining position options7
Pump typeManual pump
MotorPower is 12 amp
Cutting widthCovers 20 inch
Cutting heightCuts grasses from 1.96 to 4.13 inch
Grass bag capacity14.5 gal
Height control7 position

Easy to cut and easy to maintain- this electric self-propelled lawn mower is what everyone with a medium-sized yard needs. With this tool, you and your family members would enjoy a lovely lawn every time they step out of the home.

This lawn mower has a powerful motor which makes lawn mowing a trouble-free task for you. You just need to choose the direction and angle; and in minutes, you will be able to give your garden a lush and neat look.

The sharp and wide blade covers enough area and cuts accurately. The height adjustment gives you maximum control over choosing the look of your yard. When you’re finished collecting the leaves, you can easily dispose of the grasses with its side discharge. Hence, lawn mowing doesn’t have to be even a bit boring!

Reasons To Buy
  • Sharp blade provides precise cutting
  • Powerful motor for effortless mowing
  • Blade covers a big area at once
  • Available height adjustment options
  • Doesn’t emit carbon and safe for environment
  • Low-maintenance
  • Good capacity of leaf-collection bags
  • Easy disposal of grass
  • Ideal for different grass sizes
Reasons Not To Buy
  • Not suitable for compact areas

3. Greenworks 20-Inch 3-in-1 12 Amp Electric Corded Lawn Mower 25022

Power sourceCorded electric
Product dimension26.9 x 16.1 x 18 inches
Motor power12 amp
ColorBlack or green
Item weight56 lb
Cutting width20 inches
Start-upUsing push button
Reclining position options7
Pump typeManual pump
StorageFoldable handles
Additional itemsMulching and rear bags

Another item on our list of best side discharge lawn mower is from Greenworks brand. This lawn mower with its powerful motor and sharp blade eases your mowing and gives your garden a beautiful look.

It is easy to start and use; initialize this mower by plugging the cord in and push it where you want to cut grasses. The mower will neatly do the job in no time.

With its various reclining positions, you can choose the height of grasses. It is also ideal for cutting all types of grass.

The deck is wide enough to mow large lawns in minutes.

The foldable handles allow you to keep this mulching lawn mower in a compact place. Piling up and disposing of grasses is also effortless with its rear bag and side discharging features.

These are available in two colors, so your lawn mower can not only work fine but also look good.

Reasons To Buy
  • Sharp and wide blades allow easy cutting
  • Easy starting
  • Effortless grass disposal
  • Powerful motors allow to cut without labor
  • Doesn’t take up much space
  • Many options for reclining positions
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Four years warranty
Reasons Not To Buy
  • Not suitable for small yards

4. POWERSMITH PLM14021H 21 in. 40V Battery Powered Lawn Mower

ManufacturerPower Smith
Power sourceBattery
Product dimension34.65 x 23.62 x 17.13 inches
Desk size21 inch
Motor power40V
Run-time40 minutes
Position height options6
Additional itemsBattery, charger, rear bag, discharge chute

This cordless and self-propelled lawn mower is great for a hassle-free mowing. Using and maintaining is so easy that even your children would be able to operate it. No more risk of tripping on the cords and no more dragging the cords along!

The sharp and durable blade lets you precisely cut grass on your yard. It doesn’t need any gas, oil or electric power. Just charge it once and you should be able to mow a medium-sized yard on one go. So easy to maintain, right?

You can adjust the reclining position and grass cutting height. The blade covers a big area, so it takes less time for you to mow your entire lawn. With its bagging and side disposing features, lawn mower clearance too is effortless.

The kit contains all the necessary tools; it comes with its battery and charger. So you get everything you need in one package! It is foldable and saves space of your outdoor. Overall, this is a must-have appliance for your beautiful yard.

Reasons To Buy
  • Cordless, so cords don’t need to be dragged around
  • Precise cutting
  • Height and angle can be adjusted
  • Foldable and takes up less space
  • Easy disposal of grasses
  • Easy to start and operate
  • Doesn’t require any maintenance other than charging
  • Doesn’t emit gases
Reasons Not To Buy
  • Needs to be charged very often

5. Greenworks 19-Inch 40V Cordless Lawn Mower

Power sourceBattery
Item dimension30 x 10 x 20 inches
Weight50 lb
Cutting width19 inches
Reclining positioning options7
Battery typeLithium ion
Additional featuresRear bagging, mulching and side discharge
Run-time60 minutes
Height adjustment options5

This product is a deserving name in the list of best side discharge lawn mower options. With its cordless technology and battery power, this machine makes lawn mowing a rather fun experience.

The sharp blade covers a wide range, so you can mow large yards in minutes. The different reclining angles and height adjustment options let you choose the height in parts of your yard, so the looks of your yard perfectly match your expectations.

One charging lasts up to 60 minutes, which is more than enough for mowing a large lawn. With moderate lawns, this amount of charge should be able to power multiple mowing.

The rear bag can hold enough of grasses. When it gets filled-up or when you are done with mowing lawns, the side-discharge allows you to pile-up or dispose of grasses without any trouble.

Greenworks is a great brand and this self-propelled mower efficiently eases your work, regardless of whether you’re an amateur or professional.

Reasons To Buy
  • Easy operating
  • Charge lasts long
  • Cordless and hassle-free
  • Enough height adjustment options
  • Different reclining positions
  • Light and durable
  • Easy to dispose of grasses
  • Covers a wide range at each go
Reasons Not To Buy
  • The battery needs to be bought separately

6. Greenworks MO40L2512 Electric Brushless Lawn Mower

Power sourceBattery
Product dimension62.25 x 21.5 x 42.25 inches
Weight62 pounds
Reclining position options7
Pump typeManual
Deck size21 inch
Battery ports2
Storage typeVertical

Whether you have tall and dense grass on your yard or short and light, this lawn mower will surely give your yard a lush look. Its sharp blade and positioning options let you cut accurately with minimum efforts.

This is durable, one mower will last for years. Also, the vertical folding makes it take up less space.

Starting and operating it is no rocket science. Just push a button and push the machine towards your desired angle. The wide blades cover enough area to cut even a large yard in a short time.

The dual ports battery lets you use one battery while charging another. So, you don’t have to charge it in between mowing sessions.

The wheels are also of good quality. Best of all, the smart-cut technology can adjust the grass height on its own, so that you don’t have to go through the hassle of adjusting it for different parts of your yard. The battery also increases the mower’s power when needed.

So all you have to do is charge it, push the start button and set the directions. Lawn mowing cannot get easier than this!

Reasons To Buy
  • Smart-cut technology ensures precise cutting
  • Easy to operate
  • Low-maintenance
  • Easy push start
  • Ideal for all grass types
  • Blade covers a wide area
  • Foldable and saves up space
  • Easy discharge of grass
Reasons Not To Buy
  • Not self-propelled

Buying Guide

Blade size:

Different lawn mowers have different sized-blades. The sizes can be somewhere between 10 to 25 inches.

Your mowing experience can vastly depend on the width your lawn mower’s blade covers. For medium to large-sized yards, you must choose wide blades. Otherwise, it will take much more time to cut the grasses and you will surely lose patience.

For compact yards, on the other hand, smaller blades are needed. Wide blades fill not give you precise cutting.

Cutting height:

Lawn mowers can feature just one cutting height or different heights. To choose the right one, you need to consider the size of your grasses and the look you want to give them.

If you like a bit longer grasses on your yard, go for the lawn mower than enables you to do the higher cutting and the opposite for keeping short grasses.

Power source:

The power source of your lawn mower can vary. There are different options to choose from- electric mowers or battery-powered ones.

If you want a low maintenance mower, it is easiest to use an electric one. You just need to plug the cord in and you can start mowing your lawn.

But if you find it troubling to drag the cords along, go for battery-powered mowers. There are two types of battery-powered ones- single-port and dual-port.

The single-port ones have only one battery that needs to be charged, sometimes even in between mowing sessions.

The dual-port, on the other hand, contains two batteries. So, you can charge one of them and use the other for mowing.


Lawn mowers can be made of steel or plastic and the blade is usually made of steel. The plastic ones are light and less durable; while the ones made of steel are comparatively heavy and durable.

The weight can vary depending on the material, and your operating will depend on its weight. So, you need to carefully check the product’s weight before buying.

Folding options:

Some lawn mowers are foldable, others are not. If you want to save space on your garage, it is better to get a foldable one.

There are also different types of fordable mowers, such as- handle folding, vertical folding. So before buying mowers, you must consider where you want to keep it. Depending on the space you can allot for the mower, choose the folding or non-folding one.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Are side discharge lawn mowers worth it?

Side discharge lawn mowers save your time and labor by disposing of cut-up grasses on its own. It also chops the grass and leaves up, so that they decompose fast. This process makes the grasses turn into fertilizers and increase the fertility of the soil.

So, side discharge lawn mowers are surely worth every penny.

  • What are the most reliable lawn mower brands?

Although many brands offer lawn mowers, not all do the job neatly. For mowing lawns, I prefer mowers made by either Sun Joe or Greenworks brand.

These brands make excellent tools that ease up your work of cutting and disposing of leaves with their versatile features.

  • How does one get rid of leaves and grasses fast?

Lawn mowers allow you to weed trees and grasses in an easy and fast way. However, you can choose what to do with the cut-up grasses.

You can bag them and dispose of them in the woods, or you can mulch them and let them decompose. There are also options like burning them up, but it is not environment-friendly and therefore, should be avoided.


For a greener and cleaner looking lawn, a best side discharge lawn mower is a must. The correct mower will entirely change your lawn’s look and give it an elegant touch.

If you are a professional in this field, the right mower will save your labor and make your client happy.

But here’s a secret for homemakers; with a quality lawn mower, you can give your yard the look that others pay tons on. Just get the best-suited lawn mower, use it once in a while and you will never have to spend money on your yard’s maintenance.

Choose from one of the brands mentioned above without any doubt; because these are the best you can get. This will save you all the hassle and you can spend some lovely time with your family, right in front of your house.

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