Fiskars staysharp max 18 inch reel mower

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Fiskars staysharp max 18 inch reel mower – Best Lawn Mower

Fiskars staysharp max 18 inch reel mower  – The mower is designed to perform excellently without oil, gasoline or using cords. It also does not create much noise as compared to other mowers that are reputable with noise pollution.

The mower provides an even cut on any type of glass. In addition to that it has twice as much cutting power in comparison to a standard reel mower and its blades require less maintenance annually. This blades recreated to be sturdy and can mow any type of lawn with minimal or no damage to them.

The fiskars mower also has a unique discharge chute that throws grass clippings in a forward direction away from your feet. Making it suitable for all mowers and especially the daily ones to work with it,

It is also light and therefore ‘require less effort pushing compared to other reel mowers making your mowing experience easy and enjoyable.

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This equipment however has been fixed with several features that help in its adaptability.




Lets see some feature of Fiskars staysharp max 18 inch reel mower  :

– Reels

The presence of reels means so many thing. For instance, this makes the mower Eco friendly. There is mouse of oil or gasoline. Therefore, this implies that when the mower is running no gas or carbon emissions are incurred thus your lawn remains healthy and the environment at large.

– Inset wheels

The mowers wheels apply a mechanism of chain drive to permit the cutting blades to be stationed in front of the drive wheels and extend across the full width of the mower.

This makes it possible for the mower to cut across its entire width of the lawn which intern makes close edging possible.

The advantage is that it does not leave 3 inch wide uncut under each wheel. This is unlike other standard reel mowers which leave an uncut strip under each wheel.

This design also allows the mower to edge closer unlike other real mowers thus the results are better in the end. It also ensures that your mowing is cleaner and easier to control.

– Inert drive

The fliskars mower takes advantage of its large cutting diameter reel and thick to accumulate energy. Its re eland blades act like a fly wheel. The accumulated energy is stored until points where excessive cutting powers required during mowing.

This is unlike in standard reel mowers which have small cutting diameter reels and hence cannot store much energy in them. Such substandard mowers tend to jam when they come across where much more cutting power is required.

– Cutting sytem

Its cutting system uses ground hardening steel which cut grass without touching. This is made possible because the stationary blade and cutting reel are apart by almost 0.003 inches which is less compared to the thickness of a blade of grass. since the blades do not touch, friction and hence blade wear are far much reduced. As a result, high efficiency is maintained without incurring an annual blade sharpening. This is not the case in the standard reel mowers where the reel and blades are in contact and would have to sharpen the blades annually due to friction.

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– Front discharge

As seen, this mower has a front grass discharge. It throws the clippings to the front and not at your feet,However, if you were to use it with grass cutter, it would hinder your view since it would be placed at lakefront.

-Height adjusters

These will help you adjust the height of the mower according to the level of your scope and the height of grass. It can cut grass within height ranges of one inch to four inches. This gives it largest range of cut bantamweight the other reel mowers.

Due to this adjust ability you will find it suitable to use in tall grass or even bumpy lawns.

The height adjustment are easy set thus no complexity in adjustment. This feature enables this mower to cut even tall grass. The height adjustment, is placed right next to one of the rear wheels. This makes it extremely easy for you to reach all the different heights. All that is required from you is to just push any of the levers inland slide to adjust to your specification/ your desire. In addition to all the aforementioned advantages, the height levels are well labelled on a dial for the user. This makes the height adjustment process so simple for this Scott 2000 mower unlike the other types of mowers where you may have to use a wrench or a screwdriver to assemble. Therefore, it requires no extra equipment to adjust.

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-Handle height adjustment

The mower handle is adjustable so as to maximize on your comfort and control over the mower. The handle adjustment feature is also important if you are to share your mower with other people.

Filskars reel mower is your choice its accountability is high with no emissions, no noise and a higher undercutting than most mowers. They are cheap to run since it does not consume electricity or gasoline, hence, there is no need to keep refilling the tank.

In addition, Fiskars staysharp max 18 inch reel mower is the best mower for you to purchase, This is because it has a very light weight and thus 60% easier to push compared to other reel mowers, since its weight propels it forward. It is easy to transport since the handle quickly detaches.

Fiskars staysharp max 18 inch reel mower height adjusters makes it easy for you. You don’t have to worry about your in even growing lawn. Different heights are all in the hands of the filskars mower.

You will find the design of this mower to be quite appealing unlike the standard type wheel mower which have two wheels this mower has four wheels which makes it much more easier to use.

Fiskars staysharp max 18 inch reel mower blades are covered using bright orange hoods and its handles are upturned to resemble those of bicycle which is very inspiring.

For those looking for comfort ability filskar has got you sorted its handle adjuster makes sure you adjust Fiskars staysharp max 18 inch reel mower to your desirable height thus making the mower easier to more the lawn.

Are you looking for a reel lawn mower fiskars gives it all at one hand. No need to look further get your filskars reel mower today and enjoy the aforementioned advantages in your own lawn.  So Fiskars staysharp max 18 inch reel mower can be best for your garden.

Smile and mow using the filskars reel mower!  See more about top 10 best push mower.



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