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The reel powered mowers are the cheapest and the lightest ones in the market. You can use them for the small-sized lawn areas.

As they don’t need any outside power sources like a battery, fuels, or electric connection, they get power from pushing. The Great States 415 16 16-inch Reel Mower is considered as one of the best among the reel powered mowers that are available in the market.

The price that the mower offers is affordable for people of every class. So, no worries if you own a small-sized lawn and want a budget-friendly mower for your service. This reel-powered mower from the Great States is here for your assistance at a very low price.

Who should buy the Great States 415 16 Standard 5 Blade Push Reel Lawn Mower?

This reel mower from the Great States is for small lawn owners. The people who own a small lawn will surely don’t want to invest their money in the bigger mowers. Those mowers won’t fit there too, and that will be a waste of money.

They need a mower that comes at a low price, weighs much less, offers nice specifications, and can take the pressure of their law easily. If you are thinking to buy a lawnmower for your small or medium lawn, then you should go for this Great States Reel Mower.

Why I recommend you to buy the Great States 415 16 16-inch Reel Mower : Features


SpecificationType of Value
Brand NameThe Great States
Mowing TypeManual Pump
Cutting SystemStandard
Product Dimensions23.1 x 10.6 x 13.8 inches
Product Weight2.2 Pounds
Power TypePush Powered
Material of BladeThe Factory Sharpened Steel Blade
Number of Blades5
Blade TypeClock-wise spin
Cutting Height0.5 to 2.5 inches
Cutting Width16 inches
Handle TypeT Handle
WheelsTwo rear wheels
Wheel Diameter10-inches each
Grass DischargeBelow Discharge
Grass CatcherOptional
Warranty1 Year
Customer reviewsCheck From Amazon
Price Check From Amazon


Almost all the reel mowers come with simple packaging, and this mowing device from the Great States is also not different. You won’t get the mower fully assembled. The blade part will be attached to the wheels. The handle will not be attached. 

It will be given in the box with all the necessary screws. There will be a user manual in the box for your assist when you will be connecting the parts. The total weight of the packaging when it reaches your doorstep will be just over 2.5 Pounds.


The construction process of this reel-powered mowing device is simple as well. This manual pumping machine gets all the power when you will push it. It comes with silver color on its body, and the black handle.

This product comes with a dimension of 23.1 x 10.6 x 13.8 inches and the weight is 2.2 Pounds. There is total five blades in the mower. They are pretty sharp and ensures an even cut off the grass in your yard.

You will see two wheels in the front with a diameter of 10-inches. Those wheels are made from high-quality steel and have rubber coating all-around the body.


The mowing machine I am talking about occupies less space. You can store this manual mowing device in your garage or even in the basement area as well. It doesn’t matter where you store the mowing machine will fit easily there.

The dimension of the machine is quite smaller than the other mowers. So, it gives you relief from the tension of where to store it.

Easy Using Procedure

For operating, the machine does not need any assist or addition from anything like fuel, battery, electricity or motor. You can also stay free from the battery tension. All you need to do is connecting all the parts by going through the manual provided in the box. You have to do that once when you will first use them. 

You will find a total of 5 sharp blades in the mower. They are capable of cutting grass sharply. The Factory Sharpened Technology used in them makes it sharper and easier to use. 

You will find a pair of front wheels in this reel powered lawnmower. Both of them have 10-inches in diameter. As a result, they cover a certain large area in one cycle. As the wheels move, the blades start to spin. The faster the wheels will move, the faster the blades will cut grass. 

Both of the wheels are ball bearing blades. The spin clockwise for cutting grass. They are made from heat-treated alloy steel. The steel makes them strong and rugged. At the same time, the wheels have rubber coating outside and all around the body which ensures safe and smooth running.

The using procedure is almost hassle-free. It will take time when you will first assemble the whole mower before the first use. When you will be mowing the lawn, it will offer you a great time outside with some fresh air. You will love the moment as it will provide you a sound-less experience all the way.

This Great States 16 standard 5 blade push reel lawn mower has variable cutting heights. You can change the cutting height from 0.5 to 2.5 inches. It provides the window of having your preferable grass size in your lawn area. You have to make the height adjustment on both sides of this machine.

Maintenance and Eco-Friendly

This lightweight Great States lawn mower does not need much maintenance. When you will first assemble it, make sure you are assembling it in the right way. There can’t be any loose connection between any parts of the mower.

The cleaning after every mowing session is a must for this lawnmower. You can’t let any mud or grass attaching to the blades. It can make the sharpness gone from the blades. Just use a piece of cloth for cleaning when your mowing is completed.

This reel powered mower doesn’t need and fossil fuel or battery or any electric connection. So, it is in no way hazardous for nature. The mower also doesn’t make any sound pollution as it barely makes any noises.

Pros and Cons

  • The mowing device doesn’t take much space for storage
  • A total of five Factory Sharp Steel Blades
  • No usage of any fossil fuels, batteries, and electric energy
  • Much safer compared to the other gas, battery, or electric mowers
  • Comfortable cushioning on the T-shaped handlebar
  • Easy and safe using procedure
  • Light in weight
  • Low price
  • Doesn’t come with a fully assembled body
  • Works slowly compared to the gas, battery, or electric mowers

  • The mower weighs only 2.2 Pounds which is one of the most lightweight options available in the market
  • The adjustable and long handlebar
  • The presence of the five Factory Sharp Steel Blades
  • No option of any electrical hazards as it doesn’t use electricity or battery
  • Soundless mowing experience all along the day
  • Easy using system for the people of every age and every height

User Experience

When I got the package, the weight was only 2.5 Pounds. It was enough to make my mind doubtful about how the performance will be. After that, I used the mower on my small lawn. The experience was soundless and find soothing all along the mowing time.

I was able to take the fresh air and work freely as there was no tension for fuel refilling, battery charging, or the shortage of cords. My lawn is comparatively smaller. The mowing device I am talking about is capable of taking the pressure of small and medium-sized lawn areas.

I taught the kids of my family how to use the mower. As the mower is lightweight and easier to operate, they can use and run the mower with much safety and security. The handle area surprised me with the comfortable cushioning and powder-coated finishing that prevents rust.

The blades are highly sharped, and the heat-treated technology ensures the blades last longer. The full body of the mower may be lightweight, but they are not easily breakable. The high-quality and lightweight built material to make sure the mower is light in weight, durable, and perform even in the toughest area.

This reel powered mower saved my expenses of fuel refilling, buying batteries, and electrical bills. My overall experience with the mower is pretty good as the mower is specially made for the users of small and medium-sized lawn owners.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the mower safe to use?
    The mower is safe to use in every way. There is no chance of any hazards from the blades as they will be far from the body for the long handlebar. There is no option of any electrical hazards as well.
  • Are the wheels durable enough?
    The wheels in the mower are 10-inches in diameter each. They are made from heat-treated alloy steel and has rubber coating all around the body. These things make the wheels surviving for a longer period.
  • Which type of lawns will be perfect for using this mower?
    The mower will be perfect for small-sized lawns and in some cases, medium-sized lawns but never for the larger lawns. You will never want to use this manual pumping machine in the larger lawn areas.


The mower that I presented to you above is a perfect one for you if you are the owner of any small-sized lawns. You don’t need the bigger ones for your lawn area, and they are hard to afford as well.

But this Great States 41516” Reel Mower comes at a cheap price. It is very much affordable for everyone. So, will I recommend it? Sure, I will recommend this mower for you if you have any small-sized lawn.

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