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Greenworks 40V 19inch Cordless Lawn Mower, Battery Not Included 2501302

Lawn makes our houses more beautiful to look at. But a messy lawn can reduce the beauty of your house. So, it is high time for you to look after your lawn and that’s when you need a lawnmower. If you cut the grasses manually, the heights will not be precise enough. A lawnmower will help you to cut the grasses precisely and make them look healthy.

Now, I will be talking about GreenWorks 2501302 so that, you can buy your desired lawnmower for your precious lawn. If your lawn size is small, GreenWorks 2501302 will be a good choice. Hope that the GreenWorks 2501302 review will be helpful enough for you.

This mower is cordless and is powered by a battery. It is strong despite being a battery-powered mower. It performs like a gas-powered mower even though it does not need any kind of fuel or gas. This is going to work possibly the best if it’s a small yard size of around ½ acre.

Who should buy GreenWorks 2501302 cordless lawn mower ?

A lawnmower will change your lawn into whole another level. If you are a person who loves your lawn very much and looking for a mowing machine for your small lawn, then this GreenWorks 2501302 mower is a perfect choice for you.

After reading the GreenWorks 2501302 review, you will understand the difference between GreenWorks 2501302 cordless mowers and other mowers available in the market.

As an owner of a small yard, you might be thinking to spend less amount of money on mowing your yard. For this reason, you can choose GreenWorks 2501302 mower. This mower is budget-friendly and also gives you an effective result by mowing perfectly.

This mower does not need any kind of gas, oil, or emissions to operate. Using this you can not only be able to mow your lawn but also can trim and prune it with only a single battery. You can save your time by using a mower to mow your lawn.

The GreenWorks 2501302 Review : Amazing Features


GreenWorks 2501302 model is indeed a good mower for small lawns. But knowing the specification correctly will help us evaluate its worth.

SpecificationType of Value
Brand NameGreen Works
Product Dimensions30 x 10 x 20 inches
Product Weight50 pounds/ 65 lbs
Deck Width19 inches
Deck MaterialSteel
Power TypeBattery-powered
Mow heights7
Material of BladeThe Factory Sharpened Steel Blade
Number of Blades1
Blade Size19 inches
Substitute Blade Model29373
Corded or CordlessCordless
Vertical StorageYes
Smart Cut TechnologyYes
Maximum Cutting Height3 Inches
Minimum Cutting Height1-1/8 Inches
ManufacturerGreen Works
Foldable HandlePresent
Start TypePush-button start (present on the handle)
Operation modeManual
Front Wheel Size6 Inches
Back Wheel Size7 Inches
Power Backup60 minutes in one single charge 
Battery1 Lithium-ion (Not included)
ChargerG-MAX 40V Lithium-Ion (Not included)
Grass DischargeSide Discharge, Grass Catcher Bag, and mulching
Warranty3 Years  

What’s included in the package?

When you are going to receive the package, you will get the 40V 19 inches cordless mower body. Though the package only contains the tool. The package also contains a bag that helps to collect the grasses during mowing.

The package does not provide any batteries or chargers. For that, you have to buy these two items separately. You can buy the most compatible models that are 29462, 29472, and 29482. Also if you want to change the mower blade then you can go for the 29373 model.


This mower is very famous in the market among small and medium lawn owners. The mower comes in only one color. As the mower is cordless, it does not need manual propelling. Its 40V strong battery offers more than 60 minutes runtime.

The lawnmower is very lightweight compared to other mowers. It weighs only 50 pounds. The 19 inches deck is made of steel and the body dimension of the mower is 30 x 10 x 20 inches.


As a cordless mower, you will experience a hassle-free operation while mowing your yard. This mower is lightweight and is powered by a battery. This mower is made especially for small and medium yards.

If you look at the other mower in the market, this mower reduces your storage problem. The handle of this mower can be folded and also you can unfold the handle to do the mowing. So you’ll be able to effortlessly store this cutter in any tight place.

 Easy Using Procedure

The GreenWorks 2501302 is a cordless lawnmower. You can buy this mower without any worries because you can operate it without facing any hassle. You can mow your lawn for 60 minutes in one single charge. Though this model does not provide any charger and batteries with the package.

You need to purchase them separately from GreenWorks. For this model, the most compatible charger and battery models will be 29462, 29472, and 29482.

This machine is easy to start. As it is a cordless mower you don’t need to drag any extension cords to start the mower. You can just push the button on the handlebar and the machine will start on its own. The GreenWorks 2501302 mower has a 19 inches sharp blade that helps in mulching.

You can cut the tall grasses on the lawn if you want. You have to set up the machine from the beginning from the top high level. You can also change the blade of the mower. The nearest fitting blade will be 29373.

To mow in the yard without any disruption, the front wheel and rear wheel come with a small dimension. The size of the front tire, as well as the back tire, is 6 inches and 7 inches. This helps the mower to run smoothly and work effectively.

After charging the mower battery, you have to install it on the mower body. The G MAX 40 Volt battery gives the machine enough power to perform like a gas mower. You don’t need any gas or oil and it won’t be messy any more like a gas mower. The motor is brushless which is why it does not makes any loud noises.

The mower provides different cutting options. Through this mower, you can mulch the grass easily. After that, you can collect the grasses with the help of the bag so that it does not become messy. As an advanced option, you can use side discharging for mulching. It also provides smart cut technology which allows you to change into trim and pruning options.

The mower allows the user to select the height of the cut in 7 positions. The heights start at 3 inches and end at 1-1/8 inches. By this, you can get your desired grass height on your lawn. The mower can already be operated by children since it is protected.

Maintenance, Noiseless, and Environment-Friendly Nature

The GreenWorks 2501302 lawnmower does not need much maintenance. To care properly you can sharpen the blade of the mower annually. You have to clean the mower regularly to avoid clogging.

As for to store, you have to keep the mower in a dry place to avoid rain and dust. As this mower is battery-powered, it does not make loud noises like the other gas-powered mowers. This mower is eco-friendly as it does not take off poisonous gas in the environment.

Pros and Cons

  • Needs very little space to store
  • The weight is light
  • Eco friendly
  • The quality of the material of the body is good
  • Has push button to start easily
  • Makes less sound
  • Can adjust the cutting heights
  • 3 years warranty
  • 19 inches cutting capacity
  • 3 in 1 grass discharging
  • Does not include any battery
  • The charger is also not included in the package
  • The runtime in one charge is questionable

  • Handles are foldable that makes the mower take less space to store
  • Can adjust the cutting heights from 1-1/8 inches to 3 inches
  • Can discharge the grasses in 3 different ways
  • Enables to cut the grasses for 60 minutes
  • Price is budget-friendly
  • Eco friendly
  • Cordless

Personal Experience

After is received the package, I was a little bit disappointed because the charger and battery were not included. I had to pay extra money to buy these two things to start the mower. After operating the mower I was quite stunned as it was my first time using it. For my small lawn, the mower performed well.

The cordless mowers are useful when it comes to mowing. I did not have to pull any cords or I did not have to use any kind of fuel. As the mower is powered by a battery, it did not leave any poisonous gas. It is an eco-friendly lawnmower and it also makes less noise when it operates.

Though I had to struggle with the thick grasses on my lawn, I set the height to its top level. The 19 inches sharp blade done its job pretty smoothly. The bag which was included in the package is the most useful thing. The bag is spacious that I can mow my lawn as much time as I want.

The mower is lightweight and I can easily push the mower on the lawn. I was worried to store the mower because I do not have big space or shades. But it reduced my stress level as I was able to fold the handle and store it in my tight space. As for the price, GreenWorks 2501302 lawn mower is affordable for everyone.


Does the lawnmower package come with a battery?

No, the package does not carry any battery. You have to buy the battery yourself from any hardware store.

How many blades does the mower need?

It only requires a single blade to mow the lawn.

What types of battery does this mower need?

You can use either battery model 29472 or 25322.

Can the handle be folded?

Yes, the handles are easy to fold. It creates more space to store the mower.

Do the mower need cord to operate?

No. As it’s a cordless mower, you do not need any cord.

Can I operate this mower on an uneven lawn?

Yes. The user can undoubtedly operate it on uneven lawns. Though you can adjust it to the topmost height to avoid bumps.


In my opinion, GreenWorks 2501302 lawnmower is one of the best options for small lawns. I’m fairly impressed with its quality and service. If you are looking for a lawnmower with an affordable price and great constructed body then GreenWorks lawn mower is a must-have option.

But to be an assistance, this GreenWorks 2501302 review will be a starting point for you to understand the lawnmowers.

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