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In the recent past, we saw some high performance and efficient electric corded lawnmowers from the GreenWorks. Sunrise Global Marketing is the manufacturer of all these lawnmowers of GreenWorks. They add all the new features and technologies along with much safety in all their products including corded electric lawnmowers. 

In this GreenWorks 25022 Review, I will tell you why this lawnmower can be the perfect choice for your medium and small-sized lawns. Electric lawnmowers are no less useful comparing to battery-powered and gas-powered mowers. I will say these corded electric mowing devices are even better in some sectors than the gas-powered ones. 

The easy and simple starting and operating procedure made this lawnmower from GreenWorks one of the common choices for the users. This lawnmower will serve the customers for a long time with a higher efficiency rate without causing any problems.

Who should buy Greenworks 25022 Electric Lawnmower?

You may wonder whether you should buy this corded electric lawn mower for your lawn or not. If you are willing to replace your gas-powered lawnmower with a new one, you can go for this corded electric mowing machine without a doubt. Your expenses of fuels will be no more and no more waiting for charging up the batteries.

You may want a mower that is easy to start and control during the running time on the lawn, and this mower can step-up on your wish. The mower I have here can be the perfect grass-cutting companion for you. With the reasonable price this lawnmower offers, it is a go-to device for small and medium-sized lawn owners.

The GreenWorks 25022 : Amazing Features


SpecificationType of Value
Brand NameGreenWorks
ManufacturerSunrise Global Marketing
Product Dimensions26.9 x 16.1 x 18 inches
Product Weight56 Pounds
ColorGreen and Black
Power TypeCorded electric
Material of BladeThe Factory Sharpened Steel Blade
Number of Blades1
Blade TypeClock-wise spin
Blade Size20 inches
Maximum Cutting Height1 ½ inches
Minimum Cutting Height3 ¾ inches
Number of reclining positions7
Handle TypeLoop Handle
Foldable HandlePresent
Fuel TypeCorded Electricity
Motor Type12 Amp Powerful Motor
Start TypePush-button start (present on the handle)
Drive SystemManual
Front Wheel Size10inches
Rear Wheel Size7 inches
Grass Discharge3-in-1 Grass Catching Bag, side discharger, and mulching
Warranty System4 Years Limited Warranty

What’s included in the package

When you will open the package, you will find the lawnmower itself, which will be fully assembled right from the word go. There will be few other things in the package, such as the mulching plug and a side discharger chute. You will also find a grass-catching bag that has a capacity of more than 12 gallons.

You will see a user manual in the box that will come in assistance for you with every detail of this mowing machine. But you will not get any extra cord or plug for the connection with the electric source.


The steel body of this lawnmower makes it impeccable for use in any weather and condition. This model of the lawnmower from GreenWorks comes with a green and blue color combination in the body and the other portable parts. It is a manual push mower and has a cord attached with the power button and the 12-Amp motor.

The body dimension of this lawnmower is 26.9 x 16.1 x 18 inches with a sharp 20-inches blade under the deck. The 56 Pounds of weight ensures the mower is getting enough stability while mowing in the lawn. There are four wheels in this machine, a pair is on the rear, and the other two are on the front.


This lawnmower takes such a small place for storage despite having a big and heavy body. That is possible because of the foldable handlebar, and you can also keep that in a standing-tall position, which will take even less space. 

You have to keep it any place which is dry, safe, and secure, and also have to make sure that you are covering it with some clean and fresh clothes.

Easy Using Procedure

The easy starting and operating system of this corded electric lawnmower have made it one of the most choice-able ones among the customers. You will see a 1-feet long cord attached with the power button, and it is connected with the 12-Amp motor right above the deck. When you will connect the cord with the electrical source, the 13-Amp-motor will get power.

And the motor supplies the power to the 20-inch blade. When pressing the power button, the 13-Amp-motor gets a power supply, and the machine starts with the blade spinning clock-wise. You will see a total of four wheels in this rear-wheel driven mowing device. 

The main wheels in the rear come with a diameter of 10-inches each and the front two are there for more assistance with a 7-inch diameter each. There will be a safety clutch near the power button, and you will have to pull that at the time of pressing the power button. 

The 16-inches sharp steel blade is capable of cutting grass at a pretty rapid pace. You can use a maximum cord extension of 150 feet to make the connection between the mower’s plug and the electrical source. Because of this cord extension, there won’t be much of a voltage drop, which will be less than 5%. 

The mower blade has the availability of seven different cutting options starting from 1 ½ inch to 3 ¾ inches. You can do this with help of a single lever that is situated on the right side of the mower body.

With the help of that, you can have the preferrable grass-size in your lawn as you want considering the weather and season. The 3-in-1 cutting option is available in this lawnmower, which opens up a window of opportunity to use this mower in three different ways. 

You can use the 12+ gallons grass-catching bag for catching the grass after cutting and dump the grasses somewhere else. The mulching plug will allow the mower to work as a mulcher and dump the grass in the lawn after cutting. 

The cut grasses will work as fertilizer for the rest of the grasses. You can also install the side-discharge and dump the grasses side-wise, which will cause a little bit of extra noise. This mower I have here comes with a fully risk-less body and operating procedures. 

There is no option for you any body part coming in the way of the blade. The adjustable handle height allows people of all heights to operate this lawnmower under every circumstance. The kids can also run this mowing machine with the safety and security this useful lawnmower is offering.

Maintenance, Less-Sound, and Eco-Friendly Nature

The maintenance procedure is simple and easy as you will have to just keep the mower covered in a dry place after mowing. You will also need the clean this machine along with the 20-inch sharp blade after every single mowing session.

The less sound and no carbon emission make this GreenWorks lawnmower one of the most nature-friendly ones.

Pros and Cons

  • Fully assembled body
  • Adjustable and foldable handlebar
  • Less space for storage
  • Comfortable handle grip
  • Power button and safety clutch in the handle
  • A 20-inch Sharp Steel Blade
  • A single-lever attached with the body for lifting blade and body
  • Seven Height Adjustment options that start from 1 ½ inch to 3 ¾ inches.
  • Quiet and environment-friendly nature of this lawnmower.
  • Limited power cord radius which is not suitable for big lawns
  • Electric charge

  • Fully assembled mower-body
  • Less space for storage
  • Changeable body-height
  • Seven grass-cutting option of 1 ½ inch to 3 ¾ inches
  • Foam cushioning for a comfortable grip
  • Quiet and environment-friendly
  • Steel wheels with rubber coating all around
  • The power button and safety clutch on the right side of the handle

GreenWorks 25022 Review through Personal Experience

I replaced my older gas-powered lawnmower with this corded GreenWorks lawnmower. I am pretty much satisfied with the design, durability, efficiency rate, and performance of this machine. All the doubts that were in my head were gone after I used this lawnmower in the field because of the amazing performance. 

The 20-inch sharp blade that you will find under the deck is very much cool and capable of cutting grasses quickly. The weeds and the long grasses were giving trouble to my older gas-powered mower, but this mower cut them easily. I don’t need to have tension about the fuel consumption and charge ending of the lawnmower anymore.

 The 150 feet cord extension is more than capable of covering the full area of my medium-sized lawn. The unlimited run-time option has impressed me the most along with the efficient service in every way.

The 3-in-1 using system comes with the mulching system, grass-catcher bag, and the side-discharger. There will be a mulching plug, which you can install in the machine, and the mower will work as a mulcher. You can also use the 12-gallon-capacity grass-catching bag by installing it with the frame in the rear part.

You will also have the opportunity to discharge the grasses sidewise with the side-discharge chute. The seven different cutting-height options allow me to have my preferred grass-size in the lawn according to the season and the weather. 

With this GreenWorks lawnmower 25022, I taught the kids of my family to how to do mowing on the lawn. The safety and security measures are pretty compact in this mowing device. The soundless and eco-friendly nature add up more mark in advantage tally.

Video Review


  • Who are the manufacturers of GreenWorks lawnmower?
    Sunrise Global Marketing is the manufacturer of all the GreenWorks lawnmowers. 
  • Will this mower last long?
    This lawnmower from GreenWorks comes with a mixture of high-quality steel and plastic in the body and deck. These sturdy built-materials made this mower durable enough to serve for a long period. 
  • How sharp is the blade?
    The 20-inch blade comes with a Factory Sharp Steel body, which is capable of producing a rapid spinning pace while mowing.
  • How long is the cord? Will it be in the package?
    No cord will be given in the box, but you can use a cord extension to make the connection between the mower’s plug and the electrical source. You can a maximum cord extension of 150 feet, which will cause less than a 5% voltage drop.
  • Is it a self-propelling lawnmower?
    No, it is a manual push mower which gets all the power from the 12-Amp powerful motor through electricity.
  • Is the grass-catcher bag included?    
    Yes, there is a grass-catching bag included in the package, which has the capacity of more than 12 gallons.
  • Is this lawnmower hard to assemble?
    You don’t have to assemble the mower as the manufacturer will send the lawnmower with a fully assembled body.


This Greenworks 20-Inch 3-in-1 12 Amp Electric Corded Lawn Mower 25022 can be a cool addition for your lawn mowing purpose. It can be a deal-breaking purchase with the performance and durability it provides in such an affordable price range.

All the features and functions of this lawnmower will not disappoint you in the working field. I will recommend you to use this mower for your lawn as this mower provides a legit value-for-money offer. You will get to know more about this lawnmower and why it can be the most suitable one for you from this GreenWorks 25022 Review.

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