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Greenworks 10 Amp 16 inch Corded Electric Lawn Mower 25142

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Electric corded lawnmowers drawing attention day by day. They are taking the place of the gas-powered mowers and giving tough competition to the battery-powered mowers. GreenWorks is a renowned brand for producing electric lawnmowers. Now, I will make your introduction with one of these through the GreenWorks 25142 Review. 

Electric lawnmowers are not behind the gas-powered mowers, but in some sectors, the electric mowers are comparatively better. The reason behind the popularity of the electric lawnmowers from GreenWorks is that the company is offering many features at such a low and affordable price. 

This lawnmower is a pretty lightweight one full of various features and technologies provided by the parent company named Sunrise Global Marketing. This mower will serve you for several years without any problem.

Who should buy Greenworks 25142 Electric Lawnmower?

No more tension about which lawnmower to buy if you are the owner of any small or medium-sized lawn. And I hope this Greenworks 16-Inch 10 Amp Corded Electric Lawn Mower 25142 will give you relief from this headache. It can be just the perfect one at your service with the highest possible efficiency and durability.

Causing fewer expenses in every single way is one of the efficient sides of this pretty cute looking lawnmower. This lawnmower comes with an easy starting and controlling system. You can go for this lawnmower if you are tired from the sound and expenses of the gas-powered mower, and want a lawnmower at a reasonable price.

The GreenWorks 25142 : Features


SpecificationType of Value
Brand NameGreenWorks
ManufacturerSunrise Global Marketing
Product Dimensions28.4 x 15.75 x 20.3 inches
Product Weight37.5 Pounds
ColorGreen and Black
Power TypeCorded electric
Material of BladeThe Factory Sharpened Steel Blade
Number of Blades1
Blade TypeClock-wise spin
Blade Size16 inches
Maximum Cutting Height5/8 inches
Minimum Cutting Height2-5/8inches
Number of reclining positions5
Handle TypeLoop Handle
Foldable HandlePresent
Fuel TypeCorded Electricity
Motor Type10 Amp Motor
Start TypePush-button start (present on the handle)
Front Wheel Size6 inches
Rear Wheel Size7 inches
Grass DischargeGrass Catching Bag, and mulching
Warranty3 Years Limited Warranty

What’s included in the package

The GreenWorks authority didn’t go with any fancy packaging procedure. They provide the lawnmower in a simple and facile packaging system. You will first have the lawnmower itself fully assembled from the beginning. After putting that out, you will see a mulching plug in the box along with a grass-catching bag.

You will find a feet long cord attached to the lawnmower body, which is connected with the 10 Amp motor. You will get all the details from small to large in the manual, and you will also learn about the corded connection and starting process along with the safety measures.


Among many GreenWorks electric mowers, this 16-Inch 10 Amp Corded Electric Lawn Mower 25142 is one of the best. It is a manual pumping type electric lawnmower that comes with a green and black color combination. The high-quality built-materials make this lawnmower weather-resistive for every season. 

With a dimension of about 28.4 x 15.75 x 20.3 inches, the mower is capable of covering a certain amount of area at a time with a weight of 37.5 Pounds. The deck-material of this mower is pure, sturdy, and high-quality plastic.

It contains two pair of wheels, the larger pair is in the rear, and the smaller pair is situated at the front of the lawnmower body.  


If you buy this model GreenWorks 25142, you won’t have to worry a bit about where to store it. The handlebar comes with a folding system, which makes the whole process of storing easy. When folded, the lawnmower comes at a size smaller than an average size suitcase. 

You can fold the handlebar, which will make it small, and you will be able to store it in a small place in your garage or basement. All you have to make sure is you are keeping it in a dry place and covering the whole body of the lawnmower with any cover or clean clothes.

Easy Using Procedure

The lawnmower I am introducing to you is a GreenWorks corded electric lawnmower produced by Sunrise Global Marketing. You will see a cord attached with the power button, which is directly connected with the 10 Amp motor and gets all the for running. The starting procedure is much easy even for the new users.

At first, you will have to connect that 1-feet long cord with the other cord that is connected with the electric line. The 10 Amp motor will get the power from the electricity, and then pressing on the power button will start the lawnmower. You will have to pull the safety clutch after pressing the power button.

This four-wheeler mowing machine is mainly rear-wheel-driven, and the diameter of these two wheels are 7 inches each. You will find a 16-inches long sharp steel blade under the steel deck with front wheels’ diameter of 6 inches.

This steel blade spins at a rapid pace and clockwise for cutting grasses of any terrain. You will have to push the mower after starting. By attaching a long cord, you can cut the grasses without having tension about the fuel consumption or battery charge. It will allow you to cut grass as long as you need.

The maximum cord extension can be 150 feet. You will have five different cutting-height options starting from 5/8 inches to 2-5/8 inches. You can change this with a single lever given on the front right side of the mower body. 

The whole height of the lawnmower can be changed by using this lever. You will see a 2-in-1 grass cutting system in this corded GreenWorks lawnmower. One is grass catching system, and the other is the mulching system. You will have to install the grass-catcher bag at the rear for catching the grass after cutting.

This big-sized bag is capable of catching a certain amount of grass at a time, which allows you have a smooth lawn mowing session. On the other hand, you can also use the mower as a mulcher by installing the mulching plug provided in the box. From this feature, the grass will be dumped in the ground right after cutting.

Because of this, the dumped grass will work as fertilizer for the rest of the grass. The easy starting and operating system will provide the opportunity to everyone for using this highly efficient lawnmower without any risks.

Maintenance, Less-Sound, and Eco-Friendly Nature

This GreenWorks electric mower does not require any type of complex maintenance. You need to clean the lawnmower after every mowing session and keep it in a dry and safe place and cover it with clean clothes.

The less sound and no carbon emission make this GreenWorks lawnmower one of the most nature-friendly one. This eco-friendly mower will provide you less-sound and smooth mowing experience all along with the lawn mowing session.

Pros and Cons

  • Fully assembled body
  • Fewer space for storage
  • Adjustable and foldable handlebar
  • Comfortable handle grip
  • Power button and safety clutch in the handle
  • Specialized clock-wise 16-inches spinning type Sharp Steel Blade
  • A single-lever attached with the body for lifting blade and body
  • Adjustable cutting height starting from 5/8 inches to 2-5/8 inches.
  • Extra wire
  • Electric charge

  • Fully assembled lawnmower body from the beginning
  • The foldable handle ensures small space for storage
  • Changeable cutting-height and body-height
  • Grass-cutting option for 5/8 inches to 2-5/8 inches tall grasses
  • Foam cushioning for a comfortable grip
  • The power button and safety clutch on the right side of the handle

Personal Using Experience

I was amazed by the look and design of this lawnmower. But I was a bit unsure about how will be the performance of this mowing machine. My doubts were gone after using this lawnmower in the working field. 

The sharp blade under the deck ensures to have even cut in my lawn, and I heard from the other users that it can cut grasses evenly on uneven surfaces. My lawn had weeds before, and the old gas-powered mower was unable to help me from getting rid of this.

I can now have a smooth mowing session as I don’t have to worry about the fuel consumption and battery charges. It allows me to spend tension-free time while mowing with the option of taking the mower to long distances. The grass catcher bag has been a cool addition to the lawnmower package.

It can catch more than 12 gallons of grass in a single time, so tension about filling up the bag in a short time. I never used this safe mower before, as there is no risk of getting in touch with the sharp blade. The steel deck will be covering the whole blade while spinning.

The easy starting and operating procedure and adjustable handle allow people of any height and age to use and operate this lawnmower safely. The lightweight body of this mower also decreases the hassle of pushing it for people and even for the kids. 

The less sound of this GreenWorks lawnmower 25142 while mowing released my ears from the immense sound of the older gas-powered mower. I can now cut the grass in a quiet and mind the soothing environment. My family members and the neighbors are also happy because they got rid of the cringy sound.

Video Review


  • Is Ryobi the manufacturer of GreenWorks?
    No, Sunrise Global Marketing is the manufacturer of all the GreenWorks lawnmowers, and it is the parent company of GreenWorks. 
  • Is it unsafe to use the corded electric lawnmowers from GreenWorks?
    The whole using process of these GreenWorks lawnmowers is safe and secure. Proper connection and checks are required before starting and operating the lawnmowers.
  • How long extension cord can be used?
    You can use the extension cord with a maximum length of 150 feet, and the voltage drop will be less than 5% in the maximum-length.
  • Is the blade capable of providing a clean and even cut?
    The 16-inches blade under the deck is pretty much sharp and capable of cutting grass at a rapid pace. It will also ensure an even cut on your lawn.
  • Is the wheel’s durable enough?
    There is a total of four wheels in this mowing machine. All four wheels come with a steel body and contain rubber coating all around the wheel body that ensures a smooth run on the lawn.
  • Is the grass-catcher bag included?  
    Yes, there is a grass-catching bag included in the package, which has the capacity of more than 12 gallons.
  • Does it produce a painful sound?
    Good news for you that this lawnmower produces much less sound compared to the gas-powered mowers. So, you will have a smooth mowing experience.


Among many products of GreenWorks, this 16-Inch 10 Amp Corded Electric Lawn Mower is one of the most efficient ones. It is capable of serving for a long period with the amount of durability it contains in an affordable price for everyone.

Considering the features this corded electric lawnmower contains, it can be a real deal-breaker for you. So, I will highly recommend you to buy this lawnmower from the GreenWorks 25142 Review, and I can assure you that you will not be disappointed.

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