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Greenworks 9 Amp 14-Inch Corded Electric Lawn Mower, MO09B01

To keep your lawn in a good condition, one should need to use a lawnmower. Depending on price and different features lawnmowers vary. To help you to choose a suitable mower for your precious lawn, I am going to review GreenWorks lawn mower – MO09B01.

If the lawn is small in size, one does not require a big size mower. To do the tasks easily and to make things easier, you can go with GreenWorks MO09B01 mower. Through GreenWorks MO09B01 review, you’ll get answers to all related questions with this lawnmower.

The GreenWorks MO09B01 is a corded mower and it is powered by electricity. Though it is not as strong as a gas-powered mower, it is still effective for a medium and small-sized lawn. The mower is user-friendly. It requires less storage space as you can easily fold down the handles after using it.

Who Should Buy GreenWorks Lawn Mower MO09B01?

If you are thinking of making your medium or small-sized lawn beautiful or if you are just thinking to replace your old mower with a new one then GreenWorks MO09B01 lawn mower is your best choice, to begin with. GreenWorks MO09B01 review will also be helpful to you.

The mower is perfect to mow small and medium lawns. It operates smoothly and makes less noise than the other lawnmower. So, this will not disturb your neighbors while working. It does not require batteries to operate. So, you do not have to worry about replacing the batteries from time to time and this will save you money.

As it can cut the toughest grasses, you can reduce your costs that involve mowing the lawns. Though the mower is not self-propelled, it is still very much effective in its work.

The GreenWorks MO09B01 : Features


While waiting for the in-depth review of the mower MO09B01, let us know some information and specifications about this amazing mower.

SpecificationType of Value
Brand NameGreen Works
Product Dimensions50.4 x 15.8 x 40.47 inches
Product Weight33.3 pounds
Deck Width14 inches
Power TypeCorded Electric
Mow heights5
Voltage120 V
Material of BladeThe Factory Sharpened Metal Blade
Extension cordNot included
Number of Blades1
Blade TypeMulching blade
Blade Size20 inches
Maximum Cutting Height2-5/8 Inch
Minimum Cutting Height5/8 Inches
Foldable HandlePresent
Start TypePush-button start (present on the handle)
Operation modeManual
Front Wheel Size6 inches
Rear Wheel Size7 inches
Power BackupUnlimited
Grass DischargeGrass Catcher Bag, and mulching
Warranty4 Year  

What’s Included In The Package?

When you are going to unpack the box, you will discover the mower body. In the packaging, you will find an owner’s manual. This manual will help you to understand the mower’s settings and will help you to operate the mower correctly. The manual also indicates the danger you will face if you do not operate it correctly.

The packaging also includes a mulching plug and a grass catcher bag. The mulching plug will help you in the mulching process. The grass catcher bag will help you to collect grass instantly. 


In the market, this is the latest electric mower. For the people who are eco-friendly and do not want to use gas or petrol-powered mowers, this mower is very popular among them. People with small and medium-sized lawns are very much known for this product.

This mower comes with multiple color options. It has a green color with a sturdy body. The mower is not self-propelled and its 9 Amp motor gives enough power to cut mulch those stubborn grasses and weeds which other mowers cannot cut. The corded electric lawn mower is lightweight and weighs 33.3 pounds and the body dimension is around 50.4 x 15.8 x 40.47 inches.


This mower is electrically corded with very lightweight. Like the other corded mower in the market, it is not hard to handle. As it is designed for medium and small yards, it is hassle-free.

With this mower, there will be no storage space problems. After using the mower, you can easily fold the handle down with a cam lock. As the size of the mower gets smaller, it will be a perfect fit for small shades or people with narrow storage.

Easy Using Procedure

Though corded lawn mowers are difficult to use rather than the other cordless lawn mowers, you can easily operate this GreenWorks corded lawn mower without facing any dispute. You do not have to run into any kind of trouble whether the batteries need to be changed or not. This lawnmower is powered by electricity, so it does not need any batteries. The runtime is unlimited so you can just easily plug in the mower and you can have a continuous power supply to finish your job.

Starting the machine is easy to work. Though it’s a corded mower, you do not have to pull the cord to start the machine. All you need is to push the start button and it will start to run. This mower contains a 14 inches long sharp blade. This blade can cut the toughest grass in your yard. You do not have to attach the blade manually as it is already attached to the body.

The lawnmower has front and rear wheels to run on the yard. As this machine is for a small yard, so it has 6 inches front and 7 inches rear wheel. This enhances its mobility. You also don’t have to worry about the fuel costs as it’s not fuel-powered.

This mower gives you 2 in 1 cutting options that help you in mulching your lawn smoothly. You can use rear bagging to collect the grass. As an electric corded mower, the MO09B01 model does not provide a side discharging option. The mower is lightweight so it’s explainable.

You will be able to alter the cutting heights in 5 different options. For that, you need a single lever to alter the heights. After that, you can initially cut the tall grasses with the highest settings. You can also cut the grasses downwards once the heights are more manageable. The cutting height options are 5/8 inches to 2-5/8 inches. This lawnmower is safe for kids who are above 14 years old. They can use the mower comfortably because they will be able to read and understand manual and safety warnings.

Maintenance, Soundless, and Eco-Friendly Nature

Every machine needs proper care. If you fail to take care of that equipment, it will begin to rust with time. The mower also needs to be maintained. You have to place it under a shade so that rain, dust, or snow cannot make it rusty. You can cover the machine with any kind of dry clothes or plastics. You should also clean it after every use.

This lawnmower is environmentally friendly. As the mower is not powered by gas or petrol, it does not leave toxic gas in the environment. The mower also makes less noise compared to other patrols of gas-powered lawn mowers.

Pros and Cons

  • Needs less storage space
  • Comfortable grip handle
  • The push-button makes it easy to start
  • The runtime is unlimited
  • Makes less noise
  • Lightweight
  • Cutting heights are adjustable
  • 14-inch cutting capacity
  • 2 in 1 grass discharging system
  • 4 years warranty
  • Affordable pricing
  • Should clean the blade and body
  • No extension cord is included
  • Corded mowers are difficult to handle than the cordless mower

  • The mower comes in as a full assemble body
  • Takes less storage space for its foldable handle
  • Adjustable cutting height of 5/8 inches to 2-5/8 inches
  • Makes less sound than other mowers
  • 14 inches munching blade
  • Less costly
  • The runtime duration is unlimited as it does not requires charging or batteries
  • Offers 5 different cutting heights
  • 2 in 1 grass discharge options

GreenWorks MO09B01 Review Through Personal Experience

After using this GreenWorks lawn mower – MO09B01, I was astonished by its performance. I have never thought of getting this good performance. Despite being a small mower, it has done its job quite beautifully. It is indeed a good choice to mow the small yards. The price of the mower is also very affordable.

I was able to run this mower for as much time as I want. I didn’t have to worry about the runtime because it is an electric corded mower. It doesn’t need any batteries or charges. So, I was able to save money through this machine.

This mower never failed to amaze me. I was quite worried about the tall grasses on my lawn because those were the toughest grass to cut. But its 14 inches sharp blade was able to cut through those grasses with its 9 Amp strong motor.

The most amazing part of this mower is the 2 in 1 cutting options with rear bagging and mulching capabilities. The bag has sufficient space to hold enough grass. It also has 5 different cutting options. So I altered the height before cutting the grasses.

This mower is also eco-friendly as it makes less sound and it does not pull out toxic gas into the environment.


How can I assemble the mower body?

You do not need to assemble the mower body manually because the mower comes in fully assembled. 

How can I cut the tall grasses on the lawn?

This mower gives you 5 different cutting heights options. You can just adjust the heights using the single lever and therefore you can cut the tallest grasses in your yard.

Is there any need to pull the cord before starting the mower?

No, there is not. All you need to do is just push the start button on the handle and it will be ready to go.

Is this mower worth the price?

GreenWorks lawn mowers are pretty reasonable in price compared to other companies that are selling lawn mowers. This mower is effective in every way and does its work efficiently.

Is there any grass-catcher bag attached?

Yes, there is a grass-catching bag attached to the package.


Although this mower is not as strong and powerful as the other gas or petrol-powered lawnmowers, it is still the best choice for the small yard owner. It is small in size and you will not be needing big space to store the mower. GreenWorks lawnmower – MO09B01 is reasonable in price and I am highly satisfied with this mower. The GreenWorks MO09B01 review will be helpful to you all.

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