GreenWorks MO40L2512 Review

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GreenWorks 40V 21 inch Brushless Dual PH Mower with Two 2.5AH Batteries and Charger, MO40L2512

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Your lawn is your own space, and keeping it neat and tidy will give you a sense of freshness and clarity. But, maintaining your lawn is a must and a regular thing. For that, you need a good lawnmower, something that will give you enough power to take care of your lawn and also will not break your wallet.

The GreenWorks MO40L2512 is a great fit for this choice and also on a budget. Today I am going to discuss the GreenWorks MO40L2512 Review in detail and its upsides and downsides.

GreenWorks – The Company and The Technology

Greenworks was founded in 2007, and since the start of the company, they have started introducing new electrical equipment in the market. They are one of the leading lithium-ion battery technology and electrical power equipment company in the market.

GreenWorks have a long line of products including so many options in their lawnmower product line. All of their power equipment and tools are electric.

GreenWorks MO40L2512 – Who Is This for?

It is a mid-sized electric lawnmower with a very competitive price tag. When it comes to the lawnmower, people who maintain their lawn as a hobby often get into the confusion of spending extra bucks for flawless performance or spending less for a not proper one.

While all the gas-powered lawnmowers are great, they are not cheap, and neither they are so easy to run. Also, they have additional costings of fuel and other maintenance of the engine.

On the other hand, electric lawn mowers are nowadays making themselves better and better in terms of both price and performance. GreenWorks MO40L2512 is considered one of the best mid-range lawnmowers, providing a high amount of power and performance.

While the brushless motor ensures longevity along with the performance it provides, the cordless system makes mowing easy. They are free of any hassle or internal maintenance and provide longevity.

So, for anyone who needs a good lawnmower for their medium-sized lawn and doesn’t want to take any hassle while mowing, the GreenWorks MO40L2512 is targeted towards them.

GreenWorks MO40L2512 – Features

It is one of the most popular and versatile electric lawnmowers in the market with lots of great features. Let’s talk about the features of the GreenWorks MO40L2512.

Product Weight62 lb.
Product Length62-1/4 in.
Warranty4 years of warranty for the tool 2 years of warranty for the battery
Cutting Width21 in.
Deck MaterialSteel
Deck Size21 in.
Discharge LocationSide
Front Tire8 in.
Front Wheel or Tire Size8 in.
Maximum Deck Height3-3/4 in.
Minimum Deck Height1-3/8 in.
Mulching CapabilityYes
Mulch KitYes
Number of Blades1
Power TypeBattery
Product Height42-1/4 in.
Product Width21-1/2 in.
Rear Tire10 in.
Rear Wheel or Tire Size10 in.
Starter TypeElectric
Start TypeElectric

The Package

The package of the GreenWorks MO40L2512 contains the lawnmower fully assembled, and in a unpack and use simple packaging format. All the parts and everything is pre-assembled. You just have to open the box, attach the handlebar to the machine, and the installation is complete.

Included in the package, there are 2 pcs of 2.5 Ah batteries and the battery charger. You will also get a black bag that is meant to pick up the cut grass. It gets attached to the back and collects the grass from there.

The Dimensions

The lawnmower is medium in form factor, and has the minimum sizes with maximum performance. It is 62 inches in length and 21 inches in width. It weighs 62 pounds in total weight. The front wheel has a size of 8 inches. Meanwhile, the rear wheat is 10 inches.

The lawnmower has a single blade for cutting the grass, and the deck is 21 inches in size. Also, the grass cutting width is 21 inches too. The minimum deck height is 1 inch, while the maximum deck height is around 3 inches. The deck is made of steel.

The Technology

The lawnmower has a brushless electric motor that runs on the provided batter. The included 2.5 Ah batteries give the lawnmower around 60 minutes of continuous running time.

The motors are 40 volts, and The starter type is purely electric for easy starting. This model has a unique feature regarding battery – it has space for both the batteries and will use the charge from one of them. When one runs out, the other one can be put on easily without taking the hassle to go all the way to the garage or charging bay.

The Construction and Durability

The entire lawn mower is built with a rigid and durable design. From the handle to the body to the wheel, every one of them carries quality along with well designed.

The green and black color tone of the lawnmower catches eyes from so far back, and it looks nice on the body. The included brushless electric motor is a durable unit, and the batteries come with 2 years of warranty while the entire lawn mower gets a 4-year company warranty.

This gives the customers surety about the longevity of the lawnmower. The handlebar, the panels, even the grass-bag attached to the lawnmower are built with great care and good quality materials, and they last a long time.

User Experience

While the specification and the things on the paper already say a lot about this lawnmower, it is the real-world performance and service that matters. So I am going to discuss the user experience of this GreenWorks MO40L2512 Lawnmower.

Extra Safety

In the case of power equipment, it is common to turn them on by accident or by unintentionally. When the lawnmower is at the chance of turning on like that, it could result in a very serious accident or heavy damage.

But, this lawn mower comes with an extra safety switch. When you pull the switch, it will prevent the lawnmower from turning on, especially the blades. This is a very important feature when you are doing something on the lawnmower like cleaning it or changing the batter or doing something near the blades.

Allows Mulching

Mulching is a common practice to keep the lawn healthy and make it better. This process adds nutrients to the lawn after it has been mowed. This mulching keeps the grass healthy.

Now, this GreenWorks MO40L2512 has a built-in feature that can be easily used for mulching. You can attach a mulching attachment and it will do the mulching while mowing the grass. This is beneficial as it saves a lot of time and effort.

The steel deck of the lawnmower cuts the grass well and also at a fast pace. Also, there is no hassle of mowing twice, as this one cuts all the grass in an area thoroughly on a single run.

The Steel Deck

The lawnmower is not so small in size, and it has dimensions like a gas-powered lawnmower. The deck is 21 inches wide. This wideness provides more efficient cuts on the grass.

While the specification and the things on the paper already say a lot about this lawnmower, it is the real-world performance and service that matters. So I am going to discuss the user experience of this GreenWorks MO40L2512 Lawnmower.

Extra Battery Storage

The extra battery storage into the lawnmower helps a lot when mowing the lawn. The lawnmower provides a good battery backup, around 60 minutes in total. But carrying that extra battery on the extra storage space not only keeps it safe but also keeps it at the grasp of the hand for instant use.

Multiple Height Adjustment

Different people have different opinions about their lawn, and everyone chooses a different height or size the grass should be.

The GreenWorks MO40L2512 has a height adjustment feature that can adjust the height from a minimum of around 1 inch to 3 inches.

Lightweight and Silent

The lawnmower is lightweight even when it is including the extra battery. The lightweight of this lawnmower makes it easy to carry, operate, and also to store.

The brushless motor is really powerful and cuts all the grass perfectly. But, it is also a silent motor, making almost little to no sound from the motor and the mechanism.

Space Saver

In most cases, you need to store your lawnmower in a shade or the basement, mainly because of their sizes. But, the GreenWorks MO40L2512 has a folding function which allows it to take less space than many others in the market.

When you fold the lawnmower, you can easily store it up in any dry place or position. You can even keep it leaning against the wall, something which creates a big issue in gas-powered lawn mowers.

Power Adjustment

It has a built-in function that works as a power adjuster. When the lawn mower is cutting taller grasses, it senses the grass size and the effort required, and it takes more charge from the battery and sends more power from the motor to the blade. This power adjustment system makes the grass cutting efficient and fast.

Pros & Cons

  • Eco friendly, requires no gas, and makes no pollution.
  • Easily foldable and storable.
  • Can cover medium to big lawns.
  • Self starts feature.
  • Can be adjusted to any height.
  • Have extra storage for the battery on the mower.
  • Quiet and silent while performing.
  • Has a great and big blade to cut grass at once.
  • Comes pre-assembled in the package.
  • Allows mulching while mowing.
  • Poor battery life.
  • In a higher price segment.
  • No spare blades.

  • Pre-assembled when purchased
  • Power adjuster mode for better efficiency
  • Extra battery storage space for instant battery swap
  • Silent yet powerful motor
  • Gives mulching facility


Are GreenWorks lawnmowers good?

Answer: GreenWorks lawnmowers are electric lawnmowers that perform really well in their segment.

How many batteries are given with GreenWorks MO40L2512 lawnmower?

Answer: 2 pcs 2.5 Ah batteries are included in the package.

Can GreenWorks lawnmowers do mulching?

Answer: Yes, it can do mulching simultaneously while mowing

Are electric lawnmowers as good as gas-powered lawnmowers?

Answer: Electric lawnmowers nowadays, especially GreenWorks lawnmower performs closer to gas-powered lawnmowers and cost less to maintain.

Is the GreenWorks MO40L2512 self-propelled?

Answer: No, the model GreenWorks MO40L2512 is not a self-propelled model.


The GreenWorks MO40L2512 is an electric lawn mower that is not only suitable for people who want to take care of their lawn in a hassle-free way but also gives a really good performance that can match a gas-powered lawnmower.

In this GreenWorks MO40L2512 Review, I have tried to give all the details about this lawnmower so you can choose if it is the best fit for your needs or not. But in most cases, it is a good lawnmower and suits most of the lawn mowing needs.

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