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A lawnmower is a sophisticated creation I think. If you are the owner of a sanctuary then you need to purchase a mower for cutting the grass off. Also, a good mower will cost you a healthy percentage of cash. 

But one question may arise: how long does a riding mower last? In this article, I will elaborate on How Many Hours on a Riding Lawn Mower is a Lot. 

As a new holder of a mower, you expect your mower to endure long. Right? But the average life of a lawnmower relies on various characteristics. Do you know what factors control the lifetime warranty of a mower? Extent, manufacturing condition, and usage of the mower are the most important aspects.

A manufacturer warranty card may give you an idea of how long your device may last. Yet proper care and attention to the device may enhance the lifetime of a lawnmower. To understand the Average life of a riding lawn mower just scroll down this post. 

In my experience, I can say that a normal mower will last 1500 hours plus if you maintain it appropriately. A riding mower that’s appropriately conserved may last 20 plus years.

My riding mower always lives in front of my room. I take care of it continually. Sometimes I think about changing it. But it does great work. Oops, I’m sentimental enough. I can’t visualize how I could displace my aged riding mower.  

Leave my talk. Now focus on the main discussion.

Average Life Expectancy

How many hours should a commercial mower last? Regular Life Expectancy is the main aspect to decide that. I said before if you properly retain your riding mower it may last up to 1500 hours.

If a riding mower is not preserved well then it may survive half of that duration. Several manufacturing companies figure out the service life of various segments. On average the service life of a riding mower is around 100-200 hours. 

On the other hand, if you own an expensive riding mower then it will run well for approximately 500 hours without any servicing. In case you own an expensive mower it may have some well-designed tools.

Some Common Brands and Their Average Expected Lifetime:

1. John Deere: I think this brand is physically strong enough. Smaller John Deere machines may survive at least 500-1000 hours. Hope you know about the cylinder engine. A large machine that has a 2-4 cylinder engine can last for approximately 1500-2000 hours.

Hope you have got a suggestion about The life expectancy of John Deere riding mower. The total proportion of expenditure time will interpret the hours. If you take proper care of your device it should survive 15 plus years. I can say this with complete confidence.

2. Briggs and Stratton: If you are looking for a small-sized riding mower then Briggs and Stratton are for you. This brand is for normal-level workloads. As per company guidelines, Briggs and Stratton riding mower will last approximately 500 hours. So with proper care, 1000 hours is a lot for this type of riding mower. 

3. Husqvarna: How long do Husqvarna mowers last? Lots of people ask this question. In simple words, 400-500 hours is a lot for this lawnmower. Also, they are perfect for small-sized lawns. 

4. Cub Cadet: They produce lawnmowers that are very simple in design and function. Cub cadet life expectancy is about 500 to 1000 hours.

Aspects that Lessen the Mower Life

There are a lot of components that are supposed to be the influence on mower life. Have you any understanding of what could be the possible characteristics? No worries, I’m going to discuss this. 

You see the other vehicles. Like any other vehicles and devices, your riding mower needs proper maintenance. So proper care and maintenance is a factor. This decides how many hours is a lot for your riding mower. 

Types of grass are also a crucial factor. A mower that cuts thick and long grass may not last for a long time. Then talk about the lawn size. Lawn size affects your mower because it depicts the total amount of grass. A larger amount of grass forces your riding mower to work hard than normal.

Life Depends upon the Lawnmower Build Quality and Usage

Okay now come on point. You need to cut a large area of a lawn and you want to mow thick and long grass. In that case, a typical mower can not perform well. Right? Like a  powered reel mower, a powerful riding mower can overcome this kind of problem.

Besides this various parts of a riding mower are very important. Engines and other parts with more power than a domestic riding mower may last for a long time. So there is an enormous disparity between a household riding mower and a commercial riding mower.

Now we can relate the average lifetime of a mower with the build quality and usage. Here I am going to discuss the different parts of a riding mower.

Different Parts and  Their Own Life:

Blades: Blades cut the grass of your garden. It becomes dull after usage. So you have to sharpen them after every 30-40 hours. One thing to remember is that before replacing you should sharpen them a maximum of 4-5 times. Also, take proper care of the lawn mower belts.

Engine and gas tank: They are a very strong part of a riding mower and so they survive for a long time. Your engine can be damaged if you allow it to run with too little fuel. Be careful.

Carburetor and other components:  How much do you expect from your carburetor after five years? In my experience, I can say that rust is their main enemy. So do not keep your favorite in the rain. Never let the water form any rust. Keep your riding mower away from dust.

Frequently Asked Question:

1. Is 200 hours a lot on a riding mower??

No, 200 hours is not too much for a good quality riding mower. It depends on some factors. Proper maintenance will increase the average lifetime of a mower.

2. Is Cub Cadet better than John Deere?

Every brand has some special features. But I think John Deere’s mower is better than Cub Cadet is steering, turning, and stability tests. After all, they offer a perfect ride.

3. Should I purchase a new or utilized riding lawn mower?

Sure! You can buy a used mower to save your money. A used mower can save half of your money. 

4. What is the best time of year to buy a lawnmower?

It is a strong question. As per consumer’s reports, the best months are  April, May, August. September and October also could be good. It is clever to buy a mower after the mowing season ends.

5. Are riding lawn mowers cheaper in the winter?

At the end of the mowing season lawn mowers are sold at a cheaper rate. In this regard, someone can find the cheapest mower in the winter. 

Bottom Lines:

As mentioned above in this article your riding mower may last much longer than its shelf life if you use it properly. I hope this post gave you a proper idea of How Many Hours on a Lawn Mower is a Lot. Okay now enjoy the mowing season.

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