How To Adjust Steering On Toro Zero Turn Mower

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Most riding lawn mowers come with steering wheels for maneuvering. Using the steering wheels to control the mower is quite simple, and most people are used to it. But on a zero turn mower, there are two levers for controlling the mower.

All functions of steering wheels can be performed through these two levers by pulling and pushing those. Regarding the adjustment of the steering on a toro zero turn mower, many people get frustrated. Today, we will learn how to adjust steering on the toro zero turn mower and control the mower smoothly.

Why Toro Zero Turn Mower Steering Need Adjustment

You may have to face several problems if the steering of your lawnmower is not functioning correctly. Here are some of the issues you may face due to not correctly function steering-

  • While driving straight, if you see that the mower is turning left or right all by itself, it is a sign that the steering has malfunctioned.
  • Due to jammed or stuck steering, you can lose control over the mower. If the levers are jammed, even if you push those hard, the mower will not move at all and will stack in one place. You may have to turn the mower engine off and fix steering issues, or else you will not be able to mow your lawn.
  • You may notice turning left or right issues even if you are maneuvering straight backward.

What Can Hamper The Functionality of The Steering on Toro Turn Mower

Mainly two things can cause the steering on a toro turn mower not to function properly. Even subtle changes in these things can cause you to lose control over the lawnmower.

1. Lose nuts– The most common reason behind the malfunctioned steering on a toro turn mower is loose nuts. If the nuts are loose, the steering loses its proper alignment and can move in any direction, and that causes the lawnmower to move freely without abiding by your commands.

2. Tire pressure– Sometimes, the owner thinks that the problem is in the steering, but inadequate tire pressure can also cause you to lose control over the toro turn mower. Specific lawn mower models need a particular tire pressure to function smoothly. You can easily find the optimal tire pressure instruction on the label. If the pressure not appropriate, the mower may behave weirdly.

Step-by-Step Process Of How To Adjust Steering On Toro Zero Turn Mower

You have to go through some basic procedures first before you dive deep. Most of the time, basic procedures adjust the steering correctly, but it needs additional changes if not.

The procedures are pretty simple, but you’ll need some tools to complete the steps. Necessary tools are-

  1. Pressure gauge– To measure tire pressure.
  1. Wrench– For making the nuts and bolts loose.

Procedure-1: Ensure Proper Tire Pressure

As stated above, tire pressure can be the reason behind wired behaving control. Follow these steps to make sure the tire has suggested pressure.

Step-1: Measure tire pressure

Use a pressure gauge to measure tire pressure. Open the valve cap from the tire and place the pressure gauge on the tire’s valve stem. Press it hard until the hiss stops. On the pressure on, you’ll see the reading of your tire pressure. Write the pressure down on a paper.

Step-2: Determine the recommended tire pressure

On the owner’s guide, you’ll find recommended tire pressure for the front and back wheel. Many times the rear and back tire pressure of your mower needs to be different. So check the standard recommended pressure carefully.

Step-3: Inflate or decrease pressure

If you found the tire pressure more or less than the recommended pressure, inflate or decrease the tire pressure to match the recommended value. After correcting the tire pressure, your mower should track as you command it. If not, then you have to make further adjustments.

Procedure-2: Adjust Drive Wheel Speed

If two levers do not work simultaneously, it may cause veering the toro zero mowers in one direction. So you have to make sure two levers wheel in the same direction at the same time. Adjusting the drive wheel speed can solve the problem. Here is how-

Step-1: Determine the sluggish wheel

You face a veering in one direction problem with your mower because one lever moves faster than the other. So you have to identify which one is working slow and which direction the lower is turning.

Step-2: Adjust the adjustment bolt

Lose the unit’s adjustments bolts nuts. Now move the sluggish lever’s adjustment bolt counterclockwise to increase its speed. Keep turning it until it matches the speed of its partner. After that, retighten the nuts and give the mower a quick check. After properly adjusting the wheels, it should not turn in an awkward direction when you move both levers forward.

Procedure-3: Align Steering Levers

If the steering levers are not in proper alignment, the lawnmower can veer in one direction. So, it would be wise to align the levers correctly. The aligning process is straightforward and not so time-consuming.

Steering Lever Height Adjustment

Step-1: Uncover the handlebar of the upper control arm, and you’ll find some mounting holes.

Step-2: You have to align the handlebar hole with the mounting holes by moving the handlebar up and down.

Step-3: now secure the handlebar again using the hardware, and the height is adjusted.

Steering Lever Width Adjustment

Step-1: Uncover the hardware of the lower control arm, and there is some hardware at its base; lose all of them.

Step-2: Find the eccentric spacer, and you’ll see some hex holts attached to it. Lose the hex bolts.

Step-3: After the bolts are loose, you can adjust the eccentric spacer to adjust the width of the steering levers.

Step-4: secure the lower base by tightening the hardware at its place.

Steering Lever Reach Adjustment

The levers have to be on the same line, or else it can cause wrong moves or turns. Follow these steps to align these on the same line-

Step-1: Lose the nuts on the upper control arm.

Step-2: Put the levers on the same line.

Step-3: Make sure the ends of these two levers meet at an exact point. Now, retighten the loose nuts as soon as possible before the position of the levers gets realigned wrong.

These procedures should adjust the steering levers of your toro turn mower, resulting in smooth and perfect moves.

Frequently Asked Question

What are the necessary tools to adjust steering levers?

Adjusting the steering levers is very simple, and you’ll need just one tool. With the help of a wrench, you can easily adjust all issues with the toro tun lawnmowers.

Can tire pressure cause toro turn mower to make award turns?

Yes, inappropriate tire pressure is a widespread reason that can cause you to lose control over your lawnmower. More or less tire pressure can make the mower turn left or right when you pull both steering levers forward.

Final Words

You should adjust your toro turn mower steering levers immediately when you see it is not working properly. Hopefully, this how to adjust steering wheels on toro turn mower guide will help you in the process.

Specific models of toro turn mowers have slightly different designs. So if you find something different, you should read the user’s guide carefully, and that’ll solve your problem. Adjusting the steering levers is super easy, and you should face no difficulty in the process.

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