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The blade is one of the most needed components for a lawnmower. The lawnmower’s grass trimming task heavily depends on this part. Proper maintenance of the blade is highly essential, otherwise the blade can get damaged. It can lead the mower blade to become unbalanced and less sharp. These reasons can cause uneven and excessive vibration along with inefficient trimming.

A lawnmower blade won’t always remain sharp and balanced. At some point of your usage, the sharpness can lessen, and balance can decrease as well. To bring the blade performance, gaining knowledge about how to balance a lawn mower blade will be highly effective. But following the proper method is a must to get the balance of the mower blade.

The Importance of Balancing a Lawn Mower Blade

The blade plays the most crucial role for a mower while trimming the grasses. When the blade is either damaged or imbalanced, it directly affects the trimming performance. Never take the disbalancing of the mower blade lightly. If you continue working with an unbalanced blade, it can lead the mowing machine to permanent damage.

Depending on the lawn situation, the blade needs proper balancing. When the lawn is full of rocks and pebbles, the blade balance can be damaged. In this case, you should sharpen and balance the blade several times within a short period. Even if the blade is quite alright, you should check and balance it regularly. 

Balancing mower blades is highly essential, and let’s see the reasons behind that:

  • Balancing the blade ensures an even weight distribution on each side of the blade
  • Enhances the trimming quality and saves time
  • Surety of smooth grass-cutting experience
  • The lifespan of the mower blade increases
  • It is necessary for the betterment of the whole lawnmower body.

How to Balance a Lawn Mower Blade – The Right Steps to Follow

Mower blade balancing will help to acquire a better performance from the mowing device. It will always have a better impact on the whole mower body. Sharpening the blade regularly is essential as well. After sharpening, balancing the sharpened blade is also required. For balancing the blade, the proper method is vital with a step-by-step process.

The steps you should follow to get the job done are:

Step-1: Gathering the Required Tools  

First thing first, some tools are a must before you start balancing the mower blade. The necessary tools are:

Assemble all the equipment first and keep them besides to easily access them whenever needed.

Step-2: Prepare Yourself and Place the Lawn Mower

Before you start the proceedings, put the hand gloves and the goggles on. These will keep your eyes and hands safe while dealing with the sharp blade of that heavy machine. After doing so, put a mat on the flat surface, and place the lawnmower over the mat carefully.

It will prevent the mower and blade from getting dirty. This flat surface will make your blade balancing task more facile and comfortable.

Step-3: Disconnect the Spark Plug and Turn the Lawn Mower

As you start the proceedings, you should first disconnect the spark plug from the mower. It will prevent the mower engine from suddenly starting and will keep you safe as well. Then you need to turn the mower body upside down. In this case, you will need help from someone else and keep the helper ready for the moment.

While doing so, stay careful about not hurting your and your helper’s body along with the mower’s safety. 

Step-4: Detach the Blade from Mower Body and Inspect

As you will turn the mower body down, the blade will become visible. Take the socket wrench, and spin it anticlockwise to unmount the joint screws, nuts, and bolts of the blade. After unmounting, keep them in a safe and dry place. While you do this, your helper needs to hold the blade carefully.

Then detach the blade from its position and put it somewhere safe. Check every side of the blade, and find where the fault hides. 

Step-5: Sharpen the Blade

The blade will most possibly lack enough sharpness, and you need to bring that back. To do so, take the blade holder you kept aside, place the blade into it, and tighten all the screws and bolts of it. It will help to prevent the blade from coming out at the time of sharpening. 

You need to sharpen the blade and use the flat file to sharpen either edge of the mower blade. Always sharpen the edge of the blade, and you should avoid sharpening the bottom part of it. Try to sharpen both sides equally by eliminating the same amount of metal from each side. 

Step-6: Check the Blade Balance

After sharpening, take the blade off from the blade holder by unmounting the bolts and screws. There will be a hole in the middle of the blade; you need to take the screwdriver and put that in that blade hole. At that time, hold the blade handle tightly, and don’t let it slip from your hand. 

Stay careful about the safety of your hands as well. If the blade is perfectly balanced, it will hold a perfect 180-degree angle with the screwdriver. When both sides’ weight is not equal, the blade will lower down to the heavier side. You can also balance mower blades with a blade balancer.  

Step-7: Final Touch

If you do not find the perfect balance, you need to eliminate metal from the heavier side with the flat file. Then check the blade balance once again with the same screwdriver method. Keep applying the technique until you get the desired result of both the sides being perfectly balanced. 

Step-8: Re-assemble the Lawnmower

When you get the perfect balance of both sides of the blade, you need to put all the parts back together. Place the blade to its position, and attach perfectly by mounting all the bolts and screws. 

Put all the parts back to their places, turn the mower straight, and reconnect the spark plug. Run a test drive with the mower and check whether the blade is perfectly sharpened and balanced or not.


How can I balance my lawnmower blade at home?

Balancing the lawnmower blade at home is not a challenging task to complete. You need to assemble the necessary tools and detach the blade from its location. Then Inspect the blade, and sharpen it if necessary. After doing so, check the blade balance with a long-handled screwdriver. 

Eliminate metal from the heavier part, and recheck the balance. Continue the process until both sides of the blade get a proper balance.

How to keep the blade sharp for an extended period?

Lack of sharpness in the mower blade can happen because of the rocks and pebbles of your lawn. Remove those hard materials from there to keep the blade sharp and increase its lifespan. You also need to check and balance it regularly to keep the shine and sharpness of the blade.


Losing the blade shine and sharpness can cause blade disbalancing. It will affect the grass-cutting performance of that respective mower. Leading to permanent damage is also not impossible. Sharpening and balancing the mower blade regularly will keep this mis balancing problem away. If you can sharpen and balance the blade at your home, it will save money.

So, learning how to balance a lawn mower blade will be highly beneficial and effective for you. Following the proper method of balancing the blade will help you to get the desired result. Don’t hesitate and apply all the steps until the blade is perfectly balanced.

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