How to Bypass Seat Switch on Craftsman Mower-Latest Tips and Tricks

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Hope you are getting a kick out of your Craftsman Mower. To my knowledge, this elegant machine slices grass well on both straight surfaces and abrupt slopes. If you want to cut huge lawn and damp grass effortlessly then you must assign a Craftsman Mower for your lawn.

But today I am going to converse about a unique safety characteristic of a Craftsman Mower. Imagine What? Hope you discover that there is a safety switch that deactivates the engine when no one is driving on the mower. Yes, Today I will inform you How to Bypass the Seat Switch on Craftsman Mower. 

Craftsman seat switch diagrams are very simple to solve. Why are safety switches assembled to your mower? Let me explain. Seat switches or safety switches are constructed to protect you from any type of havoc. But sometimes you may want to renew it. Have you encountered any difficulty with seat safety switches?

Don’t worry. Here you will find how to bypass  4 wire seat safety switches. As well as you will find how to bypass 3 wire seat safety switches.

Why Do People Need to Bypass Seat Switch?

So an important question. Why you need to bypass your seat switch. I said before, a seat switch can save your life. Suppose the mower is running and you fall off the mower. What will happen then? A safety switch will stop the mower and can save you from serious injury. 

Think there is no one to regulate the mower but unconsciously put it into gear. What will go on? The safety switch will dissuade your mower from scrambling. So you know how significant they are. 

Regardless of all these things. Some people feel exhausted with the seat switches. While launching the mower you may be offended by this seat switch sometimes. While starting the mower in reverse position people feel hassle. 

So what is the explanation? Of course, you have to know how to bypass  seat switch on riding mower. Just scroll down this page, you may comprehend all the knowledge on this.

Tools That You Need

1. Wire Stripper

This is a crucial tool that you want. Check out the best stripper here.

2. Hand gloves

To ensure your safety you must obtain perfect hand gloves.


Purchases the best google for the security of your eyes.

The Process To Bypass Seat Switch on Craftsman Mower

Step 1: Prepare Your Lawn Mower For Repair

Lay the mower on a straight surface. You have to quit the wheel from moving. Straight ground or a garage is a must in this regard.

Step 2:Disconnect The Spark Plug of Your Mower

To enable the parking situation you need to put off the fireplug. Do it carefully. 

Step 3: Lift the Seat of the Mower

There are several types of seats on a riding mower. According to the manufacturer’s model, you can simply raise aloft the seat. Someone can discover a bolt related to the seat of the mower. Finally, if you want to fix the seat switch you must raise the seat appropriately.

Step 4:Locate the Two Wires 

Have you any idea about the wires that attach to the bottom of the seat? No bothers. You can handily locate them. 

Step 5: Clip the Two Wires 

You know the two lines connect to the box underneath the seat. Almost clip the two wires.

Step 6: Strip Each Wire

Using a harsh knife or a wire stripper you should discard the insulation of the cables.

Step 7: Cover The Wires

Clasp the two naked ends of the copper wire tightly together. For safety purposes. you have to wrap the wires with electrical tape. Also, you can use pliers, hand gloves, goggles, and ratchets for doing the work smoothly.

Step 8:Finally Lay the Wire Down

Lay the two wires down under the seat. Now downward the seat. The safety switch is now impaired. All done, enjoy. 


It is important to Wear hand gloves when you detach the wires by hand. Besides 4 wires Some Craftsman mowers may have three wires.  In the case of three wires, you must try one by one and test for the perfect assortment.

Frequently Asked Question: 

1.How does a seat safety switch work?

Ans: There are four extended plugs with a push button on the top. They finalize a full circuit. Without any direct contact, the mower can not operate. 

2. How does a lawn mower kill switch work?

Ans: You know that the ignition coil delivers current to the spark plug. Kill switch staves off the ignition switch from doing this. So kill switches prevent your mower from launching. If you are away from the mower then the mower will not run.

3. How do you know if the ignition switch is bad on a lawnmower?

Ans: To check the ignition key, ohmmeter is the best tool. Check if there is any fault between the connection of S and B terminals. If there is any serious problem then repair it.

4.Can you bypass the solenoid on a riding mower?

Ans: Yes you can bypass it using a screwdriver. Turn on the ignition key and discover the red wires of the solenoid. With the screwdriver touch the terminal to start the mower.

5.How do you test a safety switch?

Ans: There is a test button on a safety switch. Just press it. Check for a clunk sound. As well as a notice which lights are turned off. The safety switch protects the circuit.

6.Why won’t my mower blades engage?

Ans: You know that the PTO clutch collects power from the PTO switch. Sometimes mower blades may not engage.

There are various causes of it. But the most common causes are PTO clutch is not getting enough power and defective clutch solenoid. You may find Factory Sharpened Steel Blade in ego lm2142sp mower.

7.Should the lawnmower blade spin freely?

Ans: No. Blades can not spin freely. Directly or indirectly they are connected with the motor. They connect with the motor via belts. If they elicit a cracking sound it might be an indication of destruction.

8.Should lawnmower blades be tight?

Ans: Blades should not stride around on their own. That’s why the blades must be tight enough. But you can move the blades with your hand by applying little force. The manufacturers of the machine define a fixed tightening level.

Bottoms Lines: 

It is important to know how to bypass all safety switches on lawn mowers. But you can easily Bypass the Seat Switch on Craftsman Mower without any mastery. It takes only a few minutes. So take the challenge now and do it at home. Hope you have learned some great tricks here.

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