How to Change Drive Belt on Toro Personal Pace Mower – Easy 8 Steps

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You might own a toro personal pace mower to cut grass from your lawn. This heavy-duty mower is capable of dealing with all sizes of lawns. Proper maintenance is needed for this heavy pressure-taking lawnmower. The drive belt is a key part of this toro pace mower, and you need to look after it properly.

When you will face some problem with the drive belt, remove it to check where the problem is. After locating the problematic place, change the drive belt of the toro pace mower if necessary. At that time, knowledge of how to change the drive belt on toro personal pace mower will help you to get rid of the problem.

The Reason Why You Need to Change Drive Belt on Toro Personal Pace Mower

Your toro personal lawnmower won’t serve you for an eternity without any defects. It is normal to face any minor or major problem with the internal or external parts of your lawnmower. At some point in your use, the drive belt may face some faults.  

If the drive belt is faulty, you need to detach it from the mower body for checking. After checking, if you find any necessity of changing it, then replace it with a new one. The reason why you may need to change the drive belt on the toro personal pace mower are:

  • When the mower is not running properly
  • You will hear some odd sounds coming from the drive belt
  • Riding will not be smooth, and the speed of the mower will gradually slow down
  • It can even cause your toro personal mower to suddenly shut down in the middle of the mowing session

The Step-wise Process of How to Change Drive Belt on Toro Personal Pace Mower

Every model of the toro mower comes with a different design. Because of this, some mowers are rear-wheel driven, some are front-wheel driven, and some are all wheels driven. So, the drive belt location varies because of this driving-type difference. If there is any problem with the drive belt, the removing and replacing procedure will be different too.

The toro personal pace mowers are mainly rear-wheel driven. So, the drive belt is connected to the rear part of the mowing machine. This drive belt can be damaged or broken because of many reasons. And you will have to replace it with a new drive belt, and the step-wise processes for changing are:

Step-1: Collecting the Necessary Tools

To change the toro lawnmower belt, you will need some necessary tools. The tools are:

  • Pliers – You will need it to detach some parts.
  • Towel and a clean cloth – To wipe off the dirt from the toro pace mower’s body.
  • Cardboard – You will lay the mower on this.

Keep all these tools beside you, from where you can easily access, while you are replacing the drive belt. Put on the sunglass and gloves to ensure the safety and security of your eyes and hands. 

Step-2: Preparing the Mower

At first, put the lawnmower body over the cardboard. Don’t forget to drain out all the fuel from the gas tank before you start the toro mower belt replacing process. Then disconnect the spark plug as it will prevent the engine to start accidentally in the middle of working. If your toro mower is an electric one, be sure to remove the key.

Remove the battery pack cover if it is a battery-powered toro pace mower. Then, take off the battery and the fuse from the mower body to ensure safety.

Step-3: Turing the Mower Up-Side Down

The next thing you should do is unscrew the screws of the rear baffles and the belt cover with a screwdriver. Then turn the mower body upside down on the cardboard over a table or the floor with someone’s help. Make sure the air filter is up whenever you are laying the mower body upside down.

After laying, you will see another screw holding the rear baffle. Take that off, and remove the rear baffle and the belt cover. Clean the dirt from the rear baffle and the belt cover by using the cleaning brush tool.

Step-4: Removing Blade-bolt, Blade, and Blade Driver

With a wrench, unmount the blade bolt, and when done, remove the blade. Do it very carefully by wearing gloves and not letting any harm coming to the steel blade and your body. Then you will see the blade driver in there, take that off, and you will see one side of the drive belt.

Thus, one side of the drive belt will be detached from the mower body. Wipe all the dirt from the blade-bolt, blade, and blade driver with a clean cloth or a towel.

Step-5: Traction Cable Spring Disconnecting

Take the pliers that you have kept aside before. Then you will see the traction cable spring from the transmission that is located on the rear axle of this mowing device. Detach it by using the pliers.

Step-6: Removing the Faulty Drive Belt

The toro drive belt will be detached from the blade’s side, and you need to take off the other side. Rotate the transmission on the rear axle, and it will take you to the belt guide. Then remove the belt guide and take the drive belt off from that side too.

Thus, the drive will be fully removed from both the blade’s side and the transmission’s side.

Step-7: Installing the New Drive Belt

After removing the faulty and older drive belt, you will be all set to install the brand new drive belt. Take the new drive belt, slip it over the transmission pulley, and rotate the transmission to let the drive belt connect properly. Then connect the traction cable spring with a wrench and pliers, and one side of the drive belt will be connected.

After doing that, put the other side of the drive belt at the blade’s side. Place the blade driver back in its place, and settle the blade as well. Then mount the blade bolt properly with a wrench to make sure all of these are strictly connected.

Step-8: Putting All the Parts Back

Put the rear baffle and the belt cover back in their older place. Joint all the mount screws with a wrench and a screwdriver, and attach all the parts back. When done, run a test drive to check whether the drive belt has been connected properly.


Why there is a screeching sound coming from the drive belt of my toro pace mower?

The drive belt of your toro personal may have been damaged or broken. Because of this, the screeching sound may occur, and the mower can shut down all of a sudden. If you face this problem, take the drive belt off and check where the problem is and replace it if necessary.

How should I replace the faulty drive belt of my toro pace mower?

Prepare all the necessary tools and disconnect all the engine and electrical connections. Turn the mower upside down, unmount all the joint screws, and detach the drive belt. Then install the new drive belt and put all the parts back in the mower body. After that, run a test drive for checking purposes.  


When using a toro personal pace mower, facing a problem with the drive belt is not any out-of-the-world thing. This problem can be solved easily without going to professionals. You can save your money by gaining knowledge from a veteran about how to change drive belt on toro personal pace mower.

When you will have assistance from a veteran and all the necessary tools, the task will not seem tough. Always stay alert about safety and security while replacing the drive belt. It may look hard at the first time, but don’t forget the term, “practice makes a man perfect”.

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