How to Clean Carburetor on Craftsman Riding Lawn Mower – 7 Easy Steps

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The craftsman riding lawn mowers are known to be the big boys in the sector of lawn mowing. This big boy also needs higher maintenance in the whole body, along with the driving seat. The carburetor plays a salient role in the whole working process of this craftsman riding lawn mower. 

To keep the mower ongoing, you need to take proper maintenance of the carburetor, as it will do the job of drawing gas and air through a filter into a mixing chamber. Your process of how to clean carburetor on craftsman riding lawn mower will decide how the carburetor performs and lasts. 

The Signs When You Will Need to Clean the Carburetor of Your Craftsman Lawn Mower

The carburetor in the craftsman lawnmower is the topmost important part of the engine. An unclean and faulty carburetor can cause permanent damage to the engine and tremendous trouble at the time of cutting the grass. You will understand when there will be the necessity of cleaning the carburetor, and the signs are:

  • The lawnmower engine will face much trouble at the time of starting, and it may not even start
  • You will get a rough running experience from the mower engine while cutting grasses
  • An excessive amount of black smoke will come out from the engine
  • The fuel consumption rate will increase so alarmingly that you may even have to spend double money on fuel compare to the normal times

The Reasons Why You Will Need to Clean the Carburetor of Your Craftsman Lawn Mower

The reasons which can cause the carburetor to get dirty are:

  • Low-quality gasoline makes the carburetor dirty and causes a problem
  • Not using the mower for a long time can also make the carburetor to catch dirt
  • The older engine and carburetor are another reason behind the unclean and dirty carburetor
  • Irregular cleaning of the carburetor will also make the carburetor of the craftsman lawnmower dirty and unclean

The Step-by-Step Process of How to Clean Carburetor on Craftsman Riding Lawn Mower

An unclean and dirty carburetor will cause various types of problems in the craftsman lawnmower during the grass-cutting time. To eliminate dirt and rust from the carburetor, a perfect cleaning method, along with some necessary tools are required. The necessary tools are:

  • Screwdriver – To unscrew the joint screws between the carburetor and the lawnmower.
  • Wrench – This tool will help to unmount the bolts and nuts.
  • Pliers – It will squeeze the fuel-hole connection.
  • Gloves and Sunglass – You will need these for the safety of your eyes and hands.
  • Towel and clean cloth – It will help to wipe and clean the screws, the mount bolts, and nuts.
  • Towel Paper – To wipe dirt from the carburetor’s body.

The perfect method with a proper step-by-step process can make the cleaning work easy as well, and the processes are:

Step-1: Prepare Yourself

This cleaning carburetor will be heavy work for you. So, you will need some preparation of your own. Put the older clothes on as the clothes will get dirty because of the cleaning work. Then put on the hand gloves for the safety of your hands and sunglass for the eye’s safety.

Step-2: Cleaning Preparation

You will have to select the cleaning place before the start of the proceedings. The surface of that place must be even without any ups and downs to provide stability to the lawnmower body. Then put a clean piece of cloth, and place the mower body over that in the selected area, along with making sure the mower is stable in there. 

Keep the Screwdriver, Wrench, Pliers, Towel Paper, Towel, and Cleaning Spray ready beside the working place as you will need them later. Keep another person ready for any kind of necessary moments.

Step-3: Emptying the Gas Tank and Cleaning the Air Filter

The fuel tank must be emptied before the carburetor cleaning process starts. If any gasoline remains in the tank, squeeze the fuel-hole connection with the help of a plier, and not a single drop of fuel will come out through this way.

Then you will have to clean the air filter, so take that off from the carburetor of the craftsman mower first. After removing, clean the air filter, if that is dirty, you might even have to replace that filter if that is faulty or ruined. If that is faultless, wipe the dirt off, and keep it in a safe and clean place near you.

Step-4: Fuel Bowl Cleaning

Once you get done with the air filter cleaning, you will need to clean the fuel bowl of the carburetor. The fuel bowl will be attached at the bottom of the lawnmower with some screws. Unscrew them with a screwdriver, and detach the fuel bowl carefully from the bottom part.

Clean the screws with soapy water, wipe those screws, and then put them near where you have kept the air filter. You may find some liquid in the bowl, pour that down, and clean the dirt attached with the bowl by wiping them off with a towel.

Step-5: Detaching the Float and the Primer Bulb

You will find a float near the fuel bowl, and you will have to detach it from there. Take that off carefully without any damages, and deal wisely if that is jammed or stuck. After detaching, wipe the dirt off with a clean piece of cloth. Then detach the primer bulb off the carburetor as well.

Step-6: Carburetor Cleaning

You will need the help of another person in this case scenario. To uninstall the carburetor, you need to detach the mount bolts and screws. Tell your assistant to make the nuts stable with a wrench, and you will have to detach the mount bolts with another wrench. Unscrew the screws as well with the screwdriver.

Wipe the screws, the mount bolts, and nuts with the clean cloth, and put them aside with the air filter and fuel bowl. Then spread the cleaning spray all along the carburetor body, and make sure it is reaching every corner of the carburetor. Let the sprayer sit on the surface by letting it sit on there for some time. 

After that, use the towel paper to wipe out the remains on the carburetor’s body. Clean the whole area and the components of the carburetor, and make sure it is properly clean. Don’t forget to apply some grease or oil to the primer bulb, as it will keep the bulb smooth for a longer period.

Step-7: Assembling the Components of the Carburetor Back

Before installing the carburetor back in the lawn mower, put all the parts back to the carburetor body and attach them with the mount bolts and screws. After the assembling process is done, re-install the carburetor back in place of the lawnmower where it truly belongs.

All these cleaning processes of the carburetor will help you to get a smooth grass-cutting experience in your lawn.


Can I clean the carburetor without detaching it from the lawnmower body?

Unfortunately, you can’t do that, as you will have to detach the carburetor from the lawnmower body. Then, you will need to detach the carburetor’s different parts and clean the full body of it.

How will I understand that my craftsman lawnmower’s carburetor needs cleaning?

You will understand that your craftsman lawn mower’s carburetor needs cleaning by seeing some signs. Black smoke, excessive fuel consumption, trouble at starting time, and rough running experience are the signs that the carburetor needs cleaning.


The carburetor of your craftsman lawn mower can become dirty and unclean as time passes. It will need proper cleaning to keep the mower engine and the body running properly. Regular cleaning of the carburetor will keep the performance of the mower engine on high along with providing long-term service. 

Cleaning the carburetor on a craftsman riding lawn mower following the right path will give the carburetor a longer lifespan and a top-class performance. You will get a nice and smooth grass-cutting session on your lawn with your craftsman lawn mower because of the cleaning of the carburetor.

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