How to Clean the Underside of a Lawn Mower – Step By Step Guideline

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A lawn mower is a requisite machine if you own a small, medium, or big-sized lawn. Almost every lawn owner keeps a lawnmower regarding the lawn size. No matter which type of lawnmower you have, it will contain a blade or some blades under the deck. This blade and the parts under the deck should be cleaned rightly. 

Knowing how to clean the underside of a lawn mower will help your mowing machine to survive much longer. With a neat and clean underside of the mowing device, you will be able to operate it more easily and comfortably. The clean blades will stay sharp for a long time, and the machine will cut grasses effortlessly.

What Is the Necessity of Cleaning the Underside of a Lawn Mower?

The question may have arisen on your mind that why you need to clean the underside of your lawnmower. The straightforward thing is, a clean and clear lawnmower will provide your lawn a long-term service. You might own a reel mower, a battery-powered mower, a gas-powered mower, a corded electric mower, or even a riding lawnmower based on your lawn size.

Every mower contains a various number of blades, some have a single blade, and some contain more than two blades. The deck and blade size also varies regarding the body size of the lawnmower. The reasons that you should clean your lawnmower’s underside and blade regularly are:

1. To Retain the Shine and Sharpness

Cleaning the mower-blade will help it to retain the shine and sharpness. It will provide you with a smooth grass-cutting experience on the lawn.

2. For Permanent Damage Prevention

The whole structure of the under-body needs cleaning and maintenance. If any grass or mud remains under the body or on the blade, it can cause permanent damage to the under-deck and the mower-blade. To prevent that, you need to clean these parts on a regular basis.

3. To Enhance the Lawnmower’s Performance and Lifespan

The performance of the lawnmower will also increase because of the clean and clear steel-blade and the underside. Your lawnmower’s lifespan will also increase because of cleaning the full-body of your mower regularly along with the under-part.

You should properly clean the underside of the lawnmower after every mowing session. The mud and dry grasses should be cleaned as well in the right way by following the step-by-step method.

The Step-by-Step Process of How to Clean the Underside of a Lawn Mower

You need to clean the body of your lawnmower regularly in a step-by-step process. For this process, you will need some tools and materials, and those are:

  • A Tarp
  • Water supply with hosepipe and sprayer
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Soap
  • A Wrench
  • A Screw Driver
  • Lubricant Oil
  • Rubber Hand-Gloves and Goggles

The step-by-step process that you should follow for cleaning the underside of your lawnmower is:

Step-1: Cleaning Preparation

You should prepare the tools and materials before the start of cleaning the lower part of the mowing machine. Make sure all these tools and materials are in perfect condition to use. The surface you will put the mower on for cleaning should be a place where you can move freely. 

The surface should be flat as well without any uneven spots. You need to put a clean tarp on that flat surface and then place the mower above that.

Step-2: Taking The Safety Measures

No matter which type of lawnmower you have, you should take the proper safety measures first. Unplug the cord if it is a corded electric lawn mower, put the battery out if it is a battery-powered mowing device. If your lawnmower is a gas-powered one, you need to vacant the fuel tank of the mowing machine.

You should do these jobs before turning the mowing device up on its side. Do it slowly, and make sure all the parts are unharmed. Take the help of one or two other people if the mowing machine is heavy, otherwise, you can do it alone. Put on the rubber gloves and goggles before you start the cleaning process.

Step-3: Remove The Blade of the Lawnmower

Before the start of the cleaning process, you need to remove the sharp blade from your mowing device. Loosen the screws with the screwdriver first, then loosen the nuts and bolts with the help of a wrench. Then take the blade off from the deck carefully and put it aside.

Make sure you have put the nuts, bolts, and screws in a safe place from where you can find it later easily. Keep the blade in a safe place beyond the reach of the kids, and also keep an eye on it that nobody gets any injuries from it.

Step-4: Clearing The Grass and Dirt

Once you take off the blade, then you need to clear the grass clippings and dirt from the steel blade and under the deck. Use the cleaning brush to wipe out the dry grasses and mud from there. Scrub the brush over the dirty places to eliminate the dirt. 

Make sure the blade and underside are dirt, mud, and dry grass-free before washing.

Step-5: Rinsing with The Hosepipe and The Sprayer

Then comes the part of rinsing the blade and the parts under the deck of the lawnmower. Take the hosepipe and the sprayer, and make sure the water supply is unremitting. Spread the soap all over the blade-body and underside of the lawnmower and make sure the soap reaches every corner of the blade and the lower part.

The heavy water-flow through the hosepipe and the sprayer will clean all the parts from mud, dirt, wet grass, and dry grass. Strongly clean every corner of the blade and the underside of the mowing machine with water and make sure no mud and dirt are left.  All the unwanted grime and filths will be eliminated through this rinsing process.

Step-6: Let The Blade and The Underside Dry, And Apply the Lubricant Oil

After washing, let the blade and the underside of the lawnmower dry for at least thirty minutes. After drying, you should apply the lubricant oil all over the mower-blade and make sure every part of the blade is getting it. 

You can even spread a bit of that oil in the underside of the deck as well. The oil lubrication will make the blade spin swiftly while mowing, and the underside will not catch the mud, dry-grass, wet-grass, and dirt easily.


What should I apply underside of my lawnmower and on the mower-blade?

You should spread oil lubricant on the mower-blade and underside of the lawnmower. Graphite, silicone, or Teflon sprays are well-known in the market, and you can spray these to make the underside and the blade smooth.

What should I use for watering the underside and the blade of my lawnmower?

The experts suggest to use a hosepipe for the watering process of your lawnmower. With a sprayer in front, an enormous amount of pressure will generate at the time of water-spraying. This pressure-cleaning will make sure the underside and the blade to clean properly.

Final Words

It is not a laborious task to clean the underside and the blade of your lawnmower. But you will need to take some precautions with the steel blades and the hydraulic jack while cleaning the blade and the underside. By following the correct path, the cleaning process will be a whole lot easier.

When you will clean the machine regularly, the performance of the lawnmower will enhance. Your grass-cutting experience will improve, and your lawnmower will serve you for a long time.

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