How to Grease Lawn Mower Spindle | Learn and Ensure a Smooth Operation

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Hello, good people wish you are doing well with your lawnmower. The mower is an elegant device that is being used for long days to trim the grass of a lawn. 

Sometimes greasing a lawnmower spindle seems problematic to a new owner. Have you ever experienced this sort of difficulty? No concerns. You are in the perfect spot. In this blog, I will advise you on How to Grease Lawn Mower Spindle.

You trim the grass of your terrace smoothly to boost the overall glamour of your garden. I can relate the grass of your garden to a canvas of art paper. Only a lot of colorful flowers and trees can not enhance the overall elegance of a lawn without the well-designed grass.

So you should have an adequate insight of every part of the lawnmower. So before starting the main schemes let’s talk with the lawnmower spindle. What do you know about adding grease fitting to the mower spindle? Have you ever wonder? 

You understand the blades cut the grass. Right? But you desire to ferry the energy from the motor to the blades. The mower spindle governs the small shaft and this shaft transmits the mechanical strength to the blades. 

In the deck, the belt pulley system receives assistance from the spindle. In a single cavity, there are two bearings for each spindle. The shaft of a spindle operates through it. So if you want to keep the mower spindle in a decent working climate you need to grease the bearing after mowing a certain time. 

If you expect a steady operation you must grease the rotating part of the spindle. As well as greasing after a certain time will stave off your mower from overheating and potential destructions. You will see a grease fitting there to inject the grease into the spindle. There are many types of grease guns to do that.

Tools that you need

1. Grease gun

A grease gun is a significant tool that you desire to grease your spindle.

2. Screwdriver

Make sure that you are utilizing an excellent screwdriver. Check this out.

3. Wrench 

From several types of wrenches, you desire to choose a perfect one for your work. I have a suggestion for you.

Step by Step Procedure to Grease Mower Spindles

Step 1:

Put your mower on the flat earth or in a garage. You have to quit the mower from moving. Establish the parking brake. The ignition key should be turned off. You understand the grease fittings are base on the top of the deck. That’s why you must fit the deck at the lowest position for simpler access.

Step 2:

Find out the spindle assembly on the deck of the mower. The defensive cover should be removed. Here you can use a screwdriver or wrench as you need to work with the grease fitting.

Step 3:

Now come to the point. Untie the cylinder on the pump and then load your grease gun. You have to lock the T handle in place. To perform this just grab the T handle back. Eliminate the old grease cartridge if you wish. Unscrew the pump end.

Step 4:

Insert the grease tube onto the rubber plunger of your grease gun. Then the cartridge should be positioned onto the grease gun. The metal pull tag should be discarded from the end of the cartridge and you just need to tighten the end back. The handle from the notch should be discharged and you should fasten the tube end totally.

Step 5:

Now put the coupler in its place. Place it securely on the grease fitting. Use the liver and add two or three shots of grease into the spindle. Finally, withdraw the coupler from the fitting.

Step 6:

All done! Now use the grease gun coupler on the other grease fitting. Exactly use the grease gun and add grease to the other spindle. Also, discover how much grease to put in a riding mower spindle.

Frequently Asked Question: 

1. How often should I grease my lawnmower?

This depends on numerous factors. But in simple words, you should grease the spindle of your lawnmower two or three times in each mowing season. Yes, you can protect them from any destruction and conserve them spinning well.

2. Is it OK to hose down a lawnmower?

Sure you can clean your lawnmower with a hose. Manufacturers build a mower in such a way that it can tolerate heavy rain. So if you need to clean heavy dust and excessive grass you may use your garden hose.

3. Can a bearing be over greased?

Your bearing will begin agitating if it becomes over greased. In this way, temperature raises and causes extra energy loss. So I think you should not grease more to the bearing.

4. Can I pressure wash my lawnmower engine?

They perform a lot of heavy duties. The lawnmowers are built in such a way that they can easily go through some abuse. You can easily clean your mower with a blast and may use a pressure washer.

5. What can I use to lubricate bearings?

Depending on the model and manufacturer’s circumstance you can use various things to lubricate your bearing. Most often people use Good oils, Bones Speed Cream, Tri-flow. You can also use other similar lubricating oils and motor oil.

6. How much grease do you put in mower spindles?

Owner manual says that. But when you see that the grease is coming out from the seal you have to stop greasing. I recommend you to use one or two-shot in general.

7. What is the nicest lubricant for ball bearings?

80 to 90% of total users choose grease for ball bearings. Grease consists of about 85% mineral or manufactured oil with thickeners that’s why this will be a good choice for your ball bearing.

8. Is silicone spray good for bearings?

No, it is not nice for a bearing. I guess it is not an ideal lubricant for a bearing. You can use silicone for any other purpose but should not use it as a lubricant of mower spindle.

Bottom Lines: 

Clean the deck of your mower after every mowing season. You can enlarge the total life of your mower through proper care and maintenance. Use grease for the mower spindle for better accomplishment. Hope you have got some precious lessons here.

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