How to Increase Lawn Mower Height – Super Easy Steps

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Increasing the lawnmower height is part of the height adjustment for any mowing machine. Based on the grass size of any lawn, the height of the lawnmower may need to change. When the desired grass size is smaller, you need to lower the height of your mowing device.

On the other side, wanting taller grass on the lawn requires increasing the mower body height. But you may fall into deep tension about how to increase lawn mower height as per the grass size requirements. Height increasing process is easy for both the riding lawnmowers and self-propelling lawnmowers.

The Necessary Equipment for Increasing the Lawn Mower Height

You may own a heavy pressure-taking riding lawnmower or a self-propelling lawnmower. Both these lawnmowers may be required to increase body heights. Based on the grass size on your lawn, you can increase the mower-body height if you want. To complete this task on both occasions, you will require some crucial tools and materials. Those necessary tools are:

How to Increase Lawn Mower Height on Both the Riding and Self-Propelling Lawn Mowers

Any lawnmower may have the necessity of height adjustment to deal with the grass size. Height increasing is generally essential for riding and self-propelling lawnmowers.

The process of height increasing is different in those two types of lawnmowers. Now let’s see the height-increasing process of riding lawnmowers and self-propelling lawnmowers one after another.

How to Increase the Riding Lawn Mower Height

The riding lawnmower’s body is a bit complex compared to the other mowers. In this mower, the blade is situated under the deck, which has a separate attachment with the main lawnmower body. The steps to follow for increasing the riding lawnmower’s body height are:

Step-1: Prepare Yourself and Park the Mower

Put on the gloves in both your hands and wear the safety glasses. Wearing both these are for basic safety measurements. Then you need to find a flat surface to park your riding mower, and it can be either your garage floor or the garden surface.

A flat surface will keep the mower stable when you increase the mower body height. Place the carpet you kept aside on the selected surface, drive the riding mower and park it over the carpet.

Step-2: Preparing the Lawn Mower

After parking the mower in the desired place, you need to turn off the engine. Then you need to disconnect the spark plug to prevent the mower engine from suddenly starting. You should also detach the ignition key from the switch to assure additional safety. 

Step-3: Adjust the Tire Pressure

Before you start height increasing, you have to make sure all the tires contain the same amount of pressure. Take the pressure gauge you kept aside, and keep measuring pressure from each tire. If you find any tire has less or more pressure than the other tires, either supply air or drain out the extra air. 

Use the air pump to either fill the tire with air or for sucking out the air. When the tires don’t have the same pressure, the mower body may tilt while increasing the mower height. Adjusting tire pressure will prevent such problems.

Step-4: Raise the Mower Deck Sidewise

You will find the lift link adjustment on the mower deck, and you can increase the mower height with it. There will be a turning lever beside the lift link, and you will have to turn it clockwise for height increasing. As you complete a turn from one side, height will increase 3/16th part of an inch from that part. 

After increasing, measure that side’s height from the ground with a ruler. Then apply the same process on the other side of the mower body, and measure the height again. When you gain your desired height, measure both sides again for having the perfect adjustment.

Step-5: Deck Raising from Front and Back

After raising the deck sidewise, you need to adjust the height from front and back. Use the same turning lever and the ruler to make sure the machine has the same height from each tire side. When you align the mower blade front and back-wise, it generally remains a bit lower in the front.

The blade should remain 1/8 to ½ inch lower at the front part compared to the backside. If this ratio changes while increasing the deck height, you need to adjust it as well. Use the adjustment nuts to get the desired front and back balance of the blade.

How to Increase the Self-Propelling Lawn Mower Height

Increasing the self-propelling lawnmower’s height is relatively simple compared to the riding lawnmowers. The steps to follow are:

Step-1: Prepare Yourself and Park the Mower

Put the hand gloves and safety goggles on for your hands and eyes security. Locate a flat surface from your garage or garden, and put a carpet there. Then push the mower and park it over that mat.

Step-2: Locate the Height Adjusting Lever

In the newly built lawnmowers, there is a single lever for adjusting the height. Most possibly, it will be on the front-left or the front-right side of the mower body. In the other self-propelling mowers, you will see a height adjustment lever for each wheel.

Step-3: Increase the Lawnmower Height

After locating the lever, you need to increase the mower body height. In the self-propelling mowers, the blade height will increase at the same time. You will get 3-7 different cutting-height options and increase the height regarding the grass size. On the newly manufactured mowers, keep the mower stable with one hand, and use the other hand to increase the height.

For the other self-propelling mowers, adjust each tire height individually with the lever. Keep the mower stable with one hand at that moment, and measure the height of each tire from the ground with a ruler. Make sure all the tires have been evenly increased. Keep the adjusting process ongoing until you get the desired result.


Do I need to increase the blade height separately on self-propelling lawnmowers?

There will be a lever for mower body height increasing or decreasing in the self-propelling lawnmowers. You will see different cutting-height options either in a single lever or four different levers. But no need for individual blade height to increase. As you increase the mower deck height, the blade height will increase at the same time.

What is the ideal height for a mower-body and blade?

There is no preset ideal height for the mower body and the blade. Measure the grass size of your lawn and assume a perfect size that you want to keep. Then increase the mower height regarding that. 

Keep increasing the height of the mower deck until you get the perfect blade and body height to deal with the tall grasses.


The grass size of your lawn may increase at an alarming rate. Then you need to trim the grasses into their perfect sizes to make the lawn beautiful. But the mower’s incorrect blade and body height cannot trim the grass into the desired size.

Increasing the mower deck height perfectly will help to trim the grasses properly. That’s when the knowledge of how to increase lawn mower height comes into play. You need to apply a different method of height increasing based on your lawnmower type.

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