How to Jack Up a Zero Turn Mower – Smart Strategy

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I Hope you are shaving your lawn perfectly. You may know about the cutting deck. Zero-turn lawn mowers have a cutting deck in front of the device. Do you ever wonder about the term Zero-turn? The term Zero turn means that this device can turn a complete loop without any radius. 

In this article, I will instruct you How to Jack Up a Zero Turn Mower. First, let me tell you how it can perform a zero-turn radius. The drive whirl runs on the autonomous system. Also, there are two separate hydro-pumps in the zero-turn mower.

Why should you jack up your mower? In case you want to service the tires, you may need to jack up the lawnmower. If you want to service the mower deck, or if you wish to change the oil you must jack up the lawnmower.

 Now guess how important a proper jack-up is! So a zero-turn jack stand is an awesome tool. I can announce this with full confidence.

It is perfect for a zero-turn mower. Zero-turn mowers are very flexible. Jack stands are constructed to carry your mower safely and appropriately. In this regard, the Exmark mower jack is very popular. 

However, let’s focus on our main topic. Understand some tips and tricks now.

Tools You May Need:

1. Wheel chocks

There are a lot of wheel chocks but I use this one.

2. Plywood

You already may know about this. You can check out this from Amazon.

3. Floor jack

Jack is a very important tool for you. As always I can suggest the best one for you.

Step-By-Step Procedure to Jack Up a Zero Turn Mower:

1.First you must place your mower on a flat surface. Then you have to fix the parking brake. Put wooden blocks or any other kinds of stuff to the tires as if they can not move or roll. Prevent your mower from rolling.

How to jack up rear of zero turns mower? One thing to remember, If you expect to jack up the front of the riding mower then shut off the rear tires. If you wish to jack up the rear tire then you should obstruct the fronts tires.

2. Drop a large piece of plywood under the riding mower shelf and fetch a solid base for the high lift floor.

You should use barely bigger plywood in comparison with the floor jack and jack stands. One most important tip is that the bottom jack and jack stand must be fit squarely on the plywood.

3.Now midst the floor jack and twirl it. Okay, the floor jack handles should be twisted clockwise. It will tighten the hydraulic valve.

4.All done. Now push the bottom jack handle up and below. You can bring up the lawnmower as tall as you want. You may do it until your tires are away from the ground.

5.Notice that the ceiling of the resting pads is centered literally under the axle. This will ensure the riding mower will not fall when lowering the jack.

6.Jack stands should be pulled up to their tallest situation. Jack’s stand lock handle should be pushed down.

7.You have to lessen the floor jack gradually. To do this, twist the handle anti-clockwise.

Which protection features to consider?

To ensure the safety issue y  have to know some special tips. You should choose the ideal lifting tool. Moreover, you must select the perfect jack for the toro zero turn mower.

The load of the jack is very important. So you should confirm the weight with the lawnmower.

Inspection of the reel length capacity is very significant work. Otherwise, there may be a danger of a slide-out of the mower.

Put wheel chocks or wooden blocks to prevent the mower from rolling.

Jack lifting capability for a zero-turn mower:

Know which hoisting ability is precise for your lawnmower. A device of 700 Ibs can be dealt with a lift with a capability of 350 Ibs. You may own a lighter mower or self-propelled lawnmower. In that case, a tool of up to 200 lbs is sufficient.  

If someone owns a huge task zero turn mower then he or she should try the tool over 500 lbs.

Which kinds of lifts for zero turns the mower?

First, you should choose the proper equipment for your lawnmower. 

Look, there are many types of lifting tools that you may select.

Scissor-action lift: Do you ever see a lever-operated by hand? This Scissor action lift is that. It is the simplest model. If you own a lighter mower it is perfect for you.

Drill-turned lift: There is a power drill to lift the weight. You can utilize levers besides this.

Hydraulic lift: This is the best lift in my opinion. You can regulate it with a paw pedal. If you wish for a smooth operation then you must select this hydraulic lift.

Pneumatic lift: Air powering system and air compressor are the main working system of this lift. It is costly.

Frequently Asked Question: 

1.Can you manually drag a zero-turn mower?

Ans: You can not manually push the zero-turn mower. But why? I’m magnifying. A zero-turn mower wields hydraulic fluid tension to move the wheel. This is the main justification.

2.Can you use a car jack on a lawnmower?

Ans: Yes you can employ a car jack to push the front of your mower. It allows you to clean up your deck. I think these jacks are a relatively low expense tool. They are also strong enough.

3.How do you freeroll a zero-turn mower?

Ans: Turn off the ignition switch and engine. Then fix the discharge valves on the inside of the drive pumps. Okay now push the lawnmower to the desired goal. Because of the pressure, the mower moves slowly.

4.How do you clean under a riding mower deck?

Ans: Spray the deck at full explosion with a garden hose. This will remove some dirt. Then scrub off the device with brushes, soap, and hot water.

5.What is the best lawn mower lift?

Ans: There are a lot of mower lifts on the market. But they all are not good for your mower. I think Mo Jack Pro is the best mower lift. It is universal for zero-turn mowers, stands one, and walk-behind mowers.

6.How do you bypass the safety switch on exmark?

Ans: You can do it by pulling the plug at the PTO and engaging with blades.

Bottom Lines: 

In my opinion, zero-turn mowers deserve more protection. A small ignorance during jacking it up may cause serious damage. I hope this blog will be enough to teach you the jacking-up procedure. Keep up with us for more guidance and tricks.

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