How to Keep Grass from Sticking to Mower Deck

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While you trim grasses from your lawn, the grass may stick to the deck. Mud will also stick to there, along with grasses, which may bring headaches to the user. Removing the grass and dirt from there is highly crucial. Irregular cleaning can make the deck dirtier, and if you neglect this problem, it can permanently damage the deck.

Cleaning mud and grasses from the mower deck and preventing them from further sticking, both are required. For the betterment of your mowing machine, knowing about the whole process of how to keep grass from sticking to mower deck is compulsory. Cleaning grass and keeping them away from sticking to the mower deck are easy by following the correct method.

The Evil Sides of Grass Sticking to Mower Deck

To operate the mower seamlessly, the mower deck needs to stay spotless and dirt and grass-free. Sticking grasses and mud in the deck will prevent the mower from performing correctly. The evil sides of grass sticking to the mower deck are:

  • It will make the deck dirty and can cause spots to appear
  • When the grass sticks to the mower deck, it blocks the exit ports and the airflow
  • The blade spinning can get restricted as well
  • As the grass consists of moisture, it can bring corrosion and rust to the metal deck of the lawnmower
  • Irregular cleaning can permanently damage the deck by bringing more rust
  • The whole mower body can get affected by rust from this grass sticking problem

How to Keep Grass from Sticking to Mower Deck – The Permanent Solution to Get Rid of It

It is an alarming situation to occur when grass and mud stick to the mower deck. At first, you need to clean the deck, and then you should prevent the grass from sticking further. Now let’s focus on both the process of how to clean the grass and how to prevent it from happening.

How to Clean the Grass Sticking to the Mower Deck

The steps to follow for cleaning the stuck grass from the steel deck of a lawnmower are:

Step-1: Park the Mower and Prepare It

First, park the mower in a suitable spot on your lawn or the floor of your garage. Then wear safety gloves and goggles and collect wrenches and paper towels for the cleaning process. Disconnect the spark plug to stay secure from sudden engine start while cleaning the deck. 

Step-2: Access to the Mower Deck

Tilt your mower upside down by taking help from someone else. Detach the oil filter, and drain all the fuel out using a valve, and pour all the fuel into a big jar. Emptying the tank will make the cleaning process much more manageable. Then detach the blade from its place by using a wrench, and take someone’s help while doing so.

Step-3: Scrape the Grass Off

As you remove the blade, you can see the dirty deck covered with grass. Use your hands or a flat pry bar to remove the large cramps from the deck. After doing so, take a putty knife or a wired brush, and eliminate the rest of the grass. 

Ensure that the mower’s underside is not wet, as it can make the cleaning process way more challenging.

Step-4: Blow the Grass Off

Then take an air hose to blow the grasses off from the underside of the mower. You need to use an air hose with a nozzle for blowing off the grass that will remain after scrapping the deck. After that, use a paper towel to wipe the underside, and hopefully, all the grasses will be eliminated.

Step-5: Air Filter Checking

The sticking grass can enter into the air filter and then damage it. So, you should remove the air filter and check if there is any fault or not. If you find any problem, you need to replace it quickly, otherwise wash the filter, and re-install it.

How to Prevent Grass from Sticking to Mower Deck

The methods you should apply for preventing the grass from further sticking:

Method-1: Applying Vegetable Oil on the Mower Deck

Some people may advise applying motor oil to the mower deck. But you should avoid it, as it can kill the grass of your lawn and the impact of it can be worse in the future. After you clean the mower deck with all the necessary equipment, you should apply vegetable oil. 

When you apply the vegetable oil, it will act as the barrier that prevents grass from sticking to the deck. As it is a natural oil, it won’t affect the grasses, and the mower deck and blade will remain safe and clean.

Method-2: Applying Slip Plates

There is an option of applying various kinds of slip plates to the mower deck to prevent the grass from sticking. You need to apply it after cleaning the deck, and it will reduce the sliding friction. These lubricants are pretty easy to apply and dry quickly as well. When you use this lubricant, it will reduce mechanical wear.

The trapped dirt, dust, or grit will not be attracted to the mower deck anymore because of the slip plate. 

Method-3: Trim Grass During the Day

You should change your mowing approach to prevent the grass from sticking on the mower deck. Avoid trimming grass while the lawn is wet. Mainly, the grass remains wet during the night and early part of the day. You should wait until sunrise and let the lawn dry.

The lawn generally dries properly in the midday hours, and you should trim the grass during that time. Try to avoid grass-cutting during rainy days as well.


What should I use to eliminate the stuck grasses from the mower deck?

At first, you need to tilt the mower upside down and access the underside of the mower. Then, use a wired brush or a flat pry bar to eliminate the large cramps, and you can use your gloves-covered hand as well. 

Take an air hose, attach a nozzle to blow the grass off from the deck, and wipe the deck with a paper towel.

What should I spray on the mower deck to prevent the grass from further sticking?

You can spray either vegetable oil or slip plate lubricants on the mower deck. Applying vegetable oil will create a barrier in the deck and prevent grass from sticking. It is not harmful to the lawn grasses as well. When you apply slip plate lubricant, it will reduce sliding friction and mechanical wear.

The trapped dirt, dust, or grit will not be attracted to the mower deck anymore. 


When grass sticks to the mower deck while mowing, it is a matter of headache for the mower owner. The grass moisture can bring corrosion and rust to the metal deck, and lead to permanent damage. So, you will require a permanent solution to get rid of this problematic situation.

When you learn how to keep grass from sticking to mower deck, you can clean the deck and prevent this alarming situation from occurring again. All you need to do is follow the correct steps for cleaning and apply effective methods to avoid it.

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