How to Make a Racing Lawn Mower – 9 Latest Tips

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Lawnmower racing is becoming popular among many people. Some people are doing this as just a hobby, where some are taking it quite seriously. In both cases, you will require a proper and well-built racing lawnmower to participate in the race. A properly-built lawnmower can help you to win the race as well.  

Building a racing lawnmower will require the necessary tools and knowledge of how to make a racing lawn mower. When you will build it all by yourself, you can give the shape and size to it the way you want. You can make sure the machine is fast and highly efficient.

Necessary Tools to Build a Racing Lawn Mower

Building a racing lawnmower is not that much of a challenging task. With basic knowledge, you can prepare a racing lawnmower on your own. But the building process will require some tools and materials, and those are: 

These built materials will be used to build up the racing machine. On the other hand, the tools will help you to complete creating your desired racing lawnmower.

The Necessary Steps of How to Make a Racing Lawn Mower 

You can build a racing mower from the beginning. It is even possible to convert the older electric or battery-powered lawnmower to a racing mower. The first thing you will do is gather all the necessary materials and equipment.

When that is completed, you will need to start the building process. And for that, you will have to go through the correct step-by-step process to complete the making of your racing lawnmower. The necessary steps are:  

Step-1: Preparation 

At first, put on the goggles and the hand gloves. These will keep your eyes and hand safe from outdoor hazards while making the racing lawnmower. Keep all the necessary tools and materials near you, from where you can easily pick one based on your requirement. 

Step-2: The Frame Building 

A robust frame will keep the mower structure and body while running on the racing track. So, the frame needs to be built with the best-built materials, and it should be up to the mark. Lawnmowers mainly come with built-in frames, but you will use this mower for racing purposes.  

So, the frame needs to be built or modified to take the pressure of heavy blow and speed. It would be best to make a bulky frame for this machine to deal with the tremendous pressure situation. The scrap metal pieces can be a good option for making the frame. Weld the mower-frames together for a better structure.  

You can keep your older frame and attach extra parts with it based on your machine and track requirement. To do so, you will have to weld the metal parts with the existing frame. As the race will take place on the dirt tracks, the mower-frame must be built to support the whole racing mower body.  

A lawnmower’s frame shape mainly depends on the shape and size of the wheels.

Step-3: Steering System Set-Up 

When framing is completed, then comes the term of setting up the steering system. A strong-steering system will make the machine stable and will also help to run fast. An easy, simple, and sturdy steering system even may help you to win the race.  

As you are making a racing mower, the direct steering will suit well with it. First, you will have to set up the direct steering and then the front wheels need to be connected with the steering wheel. The mower engine will be able to generate more pace because of this.  

This direct steering will keep the racing mower body stable even at the racing track’s highest speed. 

Step-4: Transmission and Chain Tensioners Installation 

The next thing to do is installing the internal components of the racing machine. At first, you will need to install the transmission in the lawnmower body, also known as the RAGB. This RAGB shaft that you will use needs to be way higher than the ground. After installing the RAGB, the chain tensioners need to be installed.  

You need to install it tautly but not tightly, as the chain will loosen as you will race with the mower. 

Step-5: Hydraulic Brake Set Up 

Setting up the hydraulic brake is one of the most critical tasks regarding a racing lawnmower’s building process. Hydraulic brakes are the best for the racing type mowers compare to the other braking systems. Effortless acceleration and braking are guaranteed in the racing track with this hydraulic brake. The brake setting up is simple as well. 

Step-6: Mower Deck and Fuel Tank Installation 

You must have prepared the frames before. Weld the lawnmower deck with that mainframe and ensure the welding is perfect and both the parts are appropriately attached. The fuel tank installation comes next, and I would suggest using a medium-sized one. A proper fuel tank will prevent oil leakage during the racing moments on the track. 

Step-7: Installation of Battery and Seat 

Put the battery in and complete all the electrical connections between the engine and the battery. You will need a seat to drive the machine and place it over the battery. The seat and seat cover needs to be comfortable, which is very important while racing with it. 

Step-8: Putting in the Engine 

The engine is the main driving component for any machine, and the racing mowers are no different. I will prefer you to use a 12HP engine that is inexpensive and suitable for your racing machine. The engine should be placed in the engine shroud, and always try to buy the updated version of the engine. 

Step-9: Painting and Checking 

You will drive the mower on the racing track in front of a large number of crowds. So, you should paint the mower body in a way that catches the spectator’s attraction. Besides, you can also paint the machine body the way you want. Don’t forget to clean up the whole body before painting.  

When the painting is completed, you need to run the mower to check all the connections are alright or not. Inspect every joint and connection for more safety.


Which braking system should I use in my racing lawnmower?  

A hydraulic braking system is always preferred when you are building a racing lawnmower. It will help the mower stay stable on the racing track, along with a safe and secure acceleration and braking.  

How powerful a racing lawnmower’s engine needs to be?  

I would suggest you use a 12HP engine for the racing-type mowers. It will be enough to support the mower in every type of terrain. Always look for inexpensive engines along with the updated ones.  


Lawnmower races are a dream for many people. But, lack of knowledge and information in this working field prevents a lot of people from doing it. When you get the basics about how to make a racing lawn mower, the whole process will become easier for you. All you will need are the necessary tools and materials.  

Building a racing lawnmower may look challenging at first look. That’s why I suggest keeping an experienced person in this sector beside making one of these. The whole process will be safe and straightforward without any risk of defects.

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