How to Manually Push a Toro Zero Turn Mower

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Toro zero-turn lawnmowers are riding lawnmowers, and we do not see anyone often manually pushing this type of mower. As you can ride while mowing the lawn, you do not have to push the mower manually. But sometimes, due to any malfunction, you may have to manually push the mower or tow it.

Towing can damage the mower’s various parts, while manually pushing the mower will not do any harm to the lawnmower. So, if it needs, manually pushing the toro zero turn mower will be ideal. But How to Manually Push a Toro Zero Turn Mower? The process is simple.

Let’s learn.

What Can Make You Manually Push a Toro Zero Turn Mower?

Something serious must happen to make you manually push a riding lawnmower. Or else you may not have to push it manually. Causes like-

  • Inflate Tires- Adequate tire pressure distributes the weight of the whole mower’s body into every pattern of the tire evenly. The even distribution helps to run the mower in the correct way. When the tire/s is inflated, it loses its proper balance and results in frequent stopping, malfunction breaking, and many such issues.
  • Engine– if the engine stops due to any problem, the mower cannot run or mow anymore.
  • Damaged Blade– If the mower’s blades are damaged, the mower can be pulled up while mowing, making you feel disturbed.
  • Engine oil or Hydraulic Fluid- The engine cannot function properly if the hydraulic level is not correct. The mower needs the assistance of engine oil to work correctly.

The owner of the toro turn mower must check these parts of the mower regularly to assist the mower function properly. Make sure the pressure on the tires is adequate, fill the engine oil to an appropriate level, and change the damaged blades. These will help to last the lawnmower longer and function correctly. Do these things according to the owner’s manual.

Precautions of Manually Pushing a Toro Zero Turn Mower

There are some dos and don’ts that you should follow while pushing the toro zero turn mower.

  • Clean the pathway. Make sure there is no stone or any other object that may be working as an obstacle to pass for the mower while you are pushing it.
  • You have to be slow and steady. If you push the mower at a very high speed, it will run at a very high speed, and it will be difficult for you to make the lawnmower stop. So push the mower slowly.
  • While you are pushing the mower, make sure nobody comes in between as it may hurt that person.
  • Make sure the mower and other parts are tightened firmly, as these will help you avoid any sort of wear and tear while you are manually pushing it.
  • It would be hard to push the lawnmower if anyone is sitting on the lawnmower. So, ensure this fact.
  • Wear gloves and goggles while pushing the mower to avoid any sort of damages to your hand and eyes.
  • Make sure to maintain a proper distance from the blades and never put your hands under the tires or the blades while pushing the lawnmower.
  • If you lack confidence, seek help from another person.

How to Manually Push a Toro Zero Turn Mower Step-by-Step Process

Follow these series of steps to push your toro zero turn mower manually, and these steps will help you to avoid casualties.

Step-1: Park Your Lawnmower

You want to manually push your lawnmower and take it somewhere else, right? For this, first, you have to park the mower in a flat space, then you will be able to push it.

Step-2: Turn off The Blades

You cannot push a working toro zero turn mower. You have to press the Blade Control switch and turn off the mower’s blade.

Step-3: Turn off The Engine

Pull out the spark plug to turn the engine off. You’ll find the spark plug near the engine, and it is colored black and made of rubber.

Step-4: Wait a Moment

After pulling the spark plug, wait a moment and give the mower some time to be stationary. You should not start pushing the mower until all running parts of the mower becomes stationary.

Step-5: Lock The Bypass Lever

Look at the engine’s frame there. You’ll find a two-lever, which is the bypass lever of your lawnmower. Move the lever forward through the keyhole, now press down, and these will be locked. Before you start pushing the mower, ensure these bypass levers are locked.

Step-6: Disengage the Brakes

Disengage the brakes of the engine first and do that by turning on the machine. It will make sure your mower will move while you push it manually.

Step-7: Turn on Ignition Key

Now the last step before pushing the lawnmower is to turn on the ignition key. After that, you can start pushing the toro zero turn mower manually safely.

Step-8: Push The Lawnmower

You can push the toro zero turn mower by using your hands, and it will move as you push.

Things to Do After Pushing the Toro Zero Turn Mower Manually

After pushing the mower, you are not done. Several things need to be undone that you have done to make the toro zero turn mower ready for manually pushing. These are-

  • After you have turned on the ignition switch. It starts to drain your battery. To stop the battery drain, turn off the ignition switch.
  • You have locked the bypass levers of the toro zero turn mower for pushing the mower manually. Now, unlock those levers or lock these to their original position by turning those toward the keyhole and then push them down.

Frequently Asked Question

Can I tow the toro zero turn mower instead of manually pushing it?

Yes, you can. But towing the lawnmower may cause you to lose its warranty. Also, towing a lawnmower consists of huge risks, and it would be wise not to tow a lawnmower if you can manually push it.

Can inflatable tires imbalance a toro zero turn mower?

Tires distribute the weight of the mower’s body evenly and balance the mower. But an inflated tire can do the opposite. It can be a cause to lose your balance and also much time it can make your toro zero turn mower malfunction. For that reason, you may have to push it manually.

Final Words

The process of how to manually push a toro zero turn mower is pretty basic and simple. Keep the precautions in mind and make sure to follow these. Following those will help you to safely push the mower to its destination avoiding all types of casualties.

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