How to Measure Lawn Mower Cutting Height – Cut Grass at the Right Height

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Do you have a garden or lawn? Hope you are doing well with your favorite garden. A lawnmower is a very necessary tool for gardening. You need to cut the grass from your lawn and so a lawnmower may help you in this regard.

There are different kinds of lawnmowers and you will choose one from them. Walk mowers, riding mowers, are very popular nowadays. However, you may be amazed sometimes at How to Measure Lawn Mower Cutting Height.

Okay good. In this article, you will learn about this important matter. As a beginner, you can buy a two-function mower. Moreover, you can go for a three-function mower. Someone may select rear-wheel-drive or front-wheel-drive. 

But you must try to know the lawnmower height setting. When you buy a lawnmower now it is time to use it. You should not shave the grass too short. Besides this, you may not cut the grass too high. Weeds may harm your lawn. After all the grasses may be affected by heat damage.

That’s why you have to know how to measure grass height.  To know the optimal cutting height of a lawnmower is very important.

What would be the Ideal Height Trim the Grass?

In my opinion, every grass has a favorable cutting size.No matter you are cutting at a cool season or warm season. Hope you love to retain your lawn at outstanding height. 

Some people think that the shorter they cut the grass the less often they will have to cut it. But I heat this myth. I have mentioned before that shorter grass may be vulnerable to heat damage or to weed aggression.

In this regard, I recommend a grass-cutting height chart. Let’s focus our camera on the other aspect. If you allow your grass to grow too extensively then some problems also may arise. Some insects, critters, mice, and snakes may grow in your garden. 

To maintain an ideal height you have to cut the grasses repeatedly. Finally, your cutting regularity depends on what? It depends on the lawn’s ideal height. I can say this with complete belief. So you must understand how to adjust lawn mower height.

The ideal height of your lawn depends on the accumulating season. Also, there are many growing conditions. Cool-season and warm-season are also very important aspects.

But finally, I can tell you pro tips that in general, you should not discard more than one-third of the total grass blade size at a single mowing.

Approach to Measure Lawn Mower Cutting Height

1. Identify the type of your grass

Hope you know well that there are so many kinds of grass. But you have to understand the categories of your grass. I can not talk with all types of grass here. Mainly you have to consider two types of grass such as cool-seasoned grass and warm-seasoned grass.

You can cut cool-season grass to around 2.5 inches. On the other aspects, you can easily shave warm-seasoned grass to around 0.5 to 4 inches.

2. Make a few measurements and determine

You may take the help of a ruler. Check whether the mower housing hits the ruler or not. So easy you adjust the ideal height and then cut the grass with a mower.

3. Try trimming

Choose a small area of your lawn and cut the grass with the primary adjustment. You can test the height in this way. Have you heard Greenworks MO13B00 Electric Lawnmower? Hope it would be perfect for any tiny or medium-sized garden area?

4. Check the height

You can use a ruler and measure the size of the cut grass. Compare this length with the uncut grass. Select the length of the grass that you have to eliminate.

Is it a third of the full grass blade altitude? If the height is little or extra than a third you have to specify the length of the mower. Look at your mower’s manual. You can also grab the lawn mower height adjustment lever.

Advice and Tricks For Cutting Grass at Right Height

1. Don’t  set up a mowing plan

Sometimes you may make a routine or plan for mowing your lawn. Suppose you love to cut the grass every Sunday and this is not a good decision in my opinion. 

You should follow the height of the grass and look at how much the grass grows. The development of the grass may differ every week. Furthermore, expansion relies on many environmental circumstances. That’s why setting up a weekly plan is not so good in my opinion. 

2. Follow the one-third rule

When you mow your garden you try to determine the perfect height for the lawn. Have you ever listened to the one-third rule? It is a general rule of thumb. This rule says that you should not shave more than a third of the lawn blade size. 

3. Always maintain the blade sharp

To cut perfectly, sharpen your blades of the mower. Faint blades make your work much harder. Also, it may stress the grass when you cut with a dull blade. Be cautious when you deal with the badges.

4. Cut to just the true height

I think mowing is an art. You can inspect the height on your own. When cutting the grass look whether it is too long or short. So be careful when you are trimming. 

5. Mow at the right time

A huge number of people mow their lawn in the daytime. But in my viewpoint, early evening is a decent time. During the early evening, the grass is dry and so you can cut grass perfectly. Moisture can damage the mower and so you should select the right time.

Also, you can do it during the day because there is enough shade.

Frequently Asked Question: 

1. Does frequent mowing thicken grass?

Ans: Yes, cutting brings about your grass thicker. Why does this happen? The top of the blades include hormones and this hormone suppresses straight expansion.

2. How do you measure a lawnmower blade height?

Ans: First, clasp a ruler up following the blade’s housing. Assess where the lowermost of the housing strikes the ruler. You should keep in the sense that the swords can not trim below the housing.

3. Can you mow the grass too often?

Ans: Mowing the lawn too often can be harmful. So in general you can mow one time per week. Cutting the grass too short is bad.

Bottom Lines: 

The grass provides the background of your garden. So if it is not cut well then the overall glamour may not catch the eyes. So cut the grass at the right height from today. Wish you have got some practical advice from this blog.

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