How to Remove Transaxle from Craftsman Mower – Super Easy Steps

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Craftsman lawn mowers are the driving-type mowing machines that you can use to cut grasses from your big-sized lawns. To keep the machine workable for an extended period, you will need to do proper maintenance of your mowing device. The transaxle, also known as the transmission, is one of the top-most necessary parts for a craftsman lawn mower

While running with this big boy on the lawn, the transaxle may be damaged or stop working. You need to repair or replace this transaxle for the betterment of the mowing machine. To make the mower run again, knowledge about how to remove transaxle from craftsman mower is highly necessary.

When You May Need to Remove Transaxle from Craftsman Mower

When you are cutting grasses from your lawn with a big-sized craftsman lawn mower, it may start showing some defects or even shut down. It may happen because of a faulty transaxle or transmission of your mowing machine. Then you will need to either repair this part of the device or replace it. 

For that, you need to remove the faulty transaxle from the grass-cutting device first. This gear-related part takes responsibility for the speed. It would be best if you understood from some signs that you need to remove the transmission or transaxle of your craftsman lawnmower, and the signs are:  

  • Strange noises will be produced from the transaxle if that catches any faults. Then you must remove it to either replace the transaxle of this craftsman mower with a new one or repair it carefully. 
  • The speed of the mower can vary unevenly without following the gear-changing instructions. Then you must take off the transaxle and check which part is causing the problem.
  • The belt may stop all of a sudden, and it may cause the mower to stop as well.  
  • Uneven cutting of the grasses may also happen because of a faulty transmission or transaxle variation belt. You should check the transaxle then by removing it from the mower body.

The Step-by-Step Process of How to Remove Transaxle from Craftsman Mower

Let’s assume you are having some trouble issues with the transmission or the transaxle variation belt. Then you must remove it check why and where the problem is. After that, if necessary, you can either replace it or repair it. The step-by-step removing process of this transaxle variation belt is:

Required Tools-

1.Wrench– It is a very necessary tool that you need for gripping, fastening, turning, tightening, and loosening things like mount bolts, and nuts.

2.Screwdriver– here you’ll need a screwdriver to unscrew the screws beside the wheels.

3. Hand gloves– These will protect your hand from every type of chemical, oil, and other things during the transaxle removing process.

4. Jack lever– without lifting the mower it is not possible to remove the transaxle and jack level will help you to lift and support it in the higher position as long as you want.

Step-1: Prepare the Place and Tools

You need to choose the place first where you will do your transaxle removing job. It must be an open space where you can move freely to operate on the machine. The surface of that place must be even without any ups and downs; otherwise, the mowing machine won’t be stable. 

The surface shouldn’t be soft, as the stiff ground will give a proper grip to the machine. You should prepare a mat or clean cloth that you will put under the mower-body and over the surface. A screwdriver and wrench should also be ready for the process. 

Put a pair of hand-gloves and sunglasses before the starting of the removing process.

Step-2: Disconnecting the Wire of the Spark Plug 

You will see a wire connected with the engine of your sitting-type lawnmower. That is called the spark plug, and you should disconnect that by taking it off from there. It will be safe for your transaxle-removing work, as there will be no risk of having a spark during that time. 

Step-3: Lift Up the Rear Part with a Jack-Lever

The transmission rather, known as the transaxle, is situated between the two rear wheels of this mowing-machine. It is right under the driving-seat of the craftsman lawn mower. So, you will need a jack lever to take the mower body high for the process. You will have to detach the rear two wheels along with the transaxle variation belt from the body.

Step-4: Unscrewing the Bolts and Screws 

The transaxle is attached with the two rear wheels and remains in the middle of these two. So, you need to detach the wheels from the mower body. To do so, you will have to unscrew the mount bolts, screws, pins, and springs that are attaching the wheels with the body. At first, you will find two mounting bolts beside both wheels. 

Take a wrench, and loosen all the four mount bolts with another person’s help, but don’t take them off. Then you will see a spring attached to the body and the wheels using a pin. Remove the pin, and disconnect that spring from the rear part of that mowing machine.

Step-5: Remove the Wheels

Remove the mount bolts, and tell someone to hold on to the machine body. Then separate the wheels and the transaxle from the main body. After that, with the help of another person, take the wheels and the transaxle to another place. Complete the process carefully that the transaxle and the wheels are safe along with your and your assistant’s body.

Step-6: Removing the Transaxle

Then comes the most challenging part of removing the transmission situated between the wheels, also known as the transaxle. The wheels are massive in size and are highly capable of taking the transaxle’s weight along with the craftsman mower body.  

Retake the wrench to remove the nuts and bolts that connect the wheels and the transaxle. Tell your assistant to keep the nuts still with a wrench, and you will loosen the mount bolts with another wrench.  

There will be two mount nuts-bolts on either side of the transaxle. You will have to loosen all four of them. Then unscrew the two small screws beside the two wheels with a screwdriver. When all mounts will be detached, remove the transaxle from there and put that in a safe place.

Step-7: Checking the Transaxle

After detaching, you need to look for the problem by checking the whole transaxle. You should take a look at the drive belt to check whether it is causing the problem or not. Then check the drive control cable as well.

If the problem is minor, you can repair the transaxle from the professionals or by yourself. But, if the problem is significant, you may even need to replace it.


Do I need to detach the rear wheels to remove the transaxle? 

Detaching the rear wheels to remove the transaxle is the best way to do so. But you can reach there from above by taking off the driving seat, but that will be a lot of hassle. 

What are the signs of having trouble in the transaxle? 

Strange noises can come out from the transaxle and the wheels if there is any transmission problem. The belt may stop suddenly, and the speed of the craftsman mower can strangely vary. 


It is not impossible to have trouble issues with your craftsman lawn mower. It can happen because of not taking the proper maintenance of it or even randomly and unfortunately. Having problems in the transaxle can occur as well. The problem can be both significant and minor.  

To recognize the transaxle problem, you will have to remove it from the mower-body first. It will require you to know about the removal process of the transaxle from the craftsman lawnmower body. After extracting, you can figure out the problem and then take action regarding that.

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