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Today you came here to learn something great in this blog if you have an MTD Lawnmower. I am confident that you want to know about Variable Speed Pulley On A MTD Lawnmower. Here I will instruct you on How To Repair  Variable Speed Pulley On MTD Lawnmower.

MTD variable speed pulley adjustment is not so tough as you think. Just scroll down this article and I will teach you all the process.

In the mowing season, your mower does a lot of jobs. How do they cut grass? The blades of a mower cut the grass. The engine spins the edges. So turning the blades is one of the significant functions of a lawnmower.

You may think this as such simple work, but the machinery behind this work is not so simple; they all have a complex structure.

Whether you have a riding mower or a push mower, many different parts make your work easier. These small parts are significant. How does a variable speed pulley work on a mower? The variable speed pulley is a significant part of an MTD lawnmower. This speed pulley controls the movement of the blades.

What if it breaks? You may face various problems. You can observe uneven grass—That’s why you have to learn about variable speed pulley maintenance.

So, I think you are very aware of your MTD lawnmower. Because with individual concern and support, you can lengthen the total lifetime of a mower. You can use a mower for a long time if you repair its damage or broken part at the exact time.

Have you any knowledge of the MTD variable speed pulley diagram? If you don’t have any idea, then follow my guideline here. First, you have to remove the cutting deck of your mower to repair the variable speed pulley. 

So simple! Please take out the pulley and detect the main problem with it. Figure out what’s wrong with the pulley. You have to detach the spring and belt associate with the pulley system. Also, you can depart the whole piece by transferring the fasteners.

Since this is a complex procedure and time-consuming here, I will breakdown step by step.

Tools That you need: 

1. Screwdriver

A screwdriver is a must to repair your Variable Speed Pulley. So choose the best one from the link mentioned here.

2. Wooden boards and blocks

I can suggest to you the best boards and blocks for long-lasting performance.

3. Pliers

Pilers is a very significant tool. So buy this tool carefully.

4. Work gloves

Collect the best gloves for your safety.

5. Safety goggles

Buy the best goggles for the safety of your eyes.

6. Socket wrench set

Select the top-quality wrench set for a better experience from the link.

Step by Step Direction to Repairing a Variable Speed Pulley

I said this procedure has multiple steps. First, I will elaborate on removing the cutting deck.

How to Exclude a Cutting Deck

Step 1:First, Park the Mower on a Level Ground 

As always, you have to put the mower on a level surface. As well as you can drive your device onto a wooden block. The blocks should be wide enough to hold the mower. Prevent the wheel from moving. If you lift the mower, then you will get more access to the machinery.

Step 2: Park Blocks Below the Cutting Deck

We need to reduce the tension on the springs that the deck. When you lower the deck, the blocks will maintain the mass of the deck.

Step 3:Now  Drop the Cutting Deck.

Lower the cutting deck as much as you can. That will help you a lot. You can use some tools to do this.

Step 4: Exclude the Belts

Okay, you know the drive belts run the blades of the mower. You have to pull off this belt. If you find a secondary belt there, then remove it also.

Step 5: Separate the Springs

The cutting deck rod is connected by Many stress springs to the rest of the part. You should apply pliers to unhook these sections.

Step 6: Then Lift the Cutting Deck Arm and Eliminate the Deck

Before pushing out the deck, you will have to train the arm. Restrict the deck from separating.

Eliminating a Variable Speed Pulley

Step 1: Extract the Large Spring

The variable speed idler handle is connected to the lawnmower’s frame by the stress spring. You have to release it enough. You can do it by pliers or any others spring puller.

Step 2: Exclude the Small Tension Spring

Using a pillar, you have to take the small spring out to reduce the belt’s tension. 

Step 3: Separate the Upper Drive Belt

After releasing the tension, you can quickly slide off the belt. Inspect the cleft and destruction to this. If the condition gets worse, then replace the belt as soon as possible.

Step 4: Relax and Eliminate the Pulley

You may notice a bolt that retains the pulley in the spot. With the help of a socket wrench, get the bolt out. All done, now carefully remove the pulley.

Step 5: Investigate the Pulley

The pulley can be impaired or broken under pressure. If you don’t, find the actual cause of damage the replace it with a new one.

Step Six: Restart  the Pulley Now

Now reverse all the processes that I have mentioned above. You have to put the pulley back on the mower.Cover the drive belt back to its position. Reattach the small and large tension spring. These springs are not very soft, so be careful and use pillers and other essential tools.

Step 7: Put the Cutting Deck Back to its position. 

It would be best to reattach the tension spring in its position and drop the cutting deck arm. Displace the belt.

Step 8:Finally Examine the Mower.

As the speed pulley is so significant, you have to test your mower before running on the lawn. You repair it or replace it no matter.

Frequently Asked Question

1.How does variable speed pulley operate?

This variable speed pulley adjusts the velocity of a rotating shaft. It improves or lowers the revolution per min.

2.How do you improve pulley speed?

By altering the width of the pulley wheels, you can change the speed of the pulley. 

3.Does the area of the pulley matter?

Yes, sometimes it matters. An enormous width pulley wheel is thought to be technically more productive than a shorter width pulley. But bear in mind that a larger pulley has extended volume, density, and charge.

Bottom Lines:

There are so many parts on your lawn mower and some of them cause potential problem. Hope you have got some precious tips and tricks on Variable Speed Pulley. You can repair it at home now without any help of expert. Take the challenge now.

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