How to Replace the PTO Clutch on A Scag Mower – Easy 7 Steps

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You may have a big-sized lawn near your house. To cut grasses from that lawn, you will need a lawnmower with a massive-pressure taking capability. A scag mower can do the job of cutting grass off your lawn effortlessly. PTO clutch is one of the major parts to run this seated and car-type driving scag lawnmower.

The scag lawnmowers can’t run with a faulty PTO clutch in the body. So, either you will need to repair the clutch or replace it. Replacing the clutch will be much effective for your massive mowing device. With knowing how to replace the PTO clutch on a scag mower, the replacing process will be a whole lot easier for you.

Why and When You Should Replace the PTO Clutch of Your Scag Mower

A faulty PTO clutch in your scag mower will prevent the machine from running properly. You will face some serious problems during the grass-cutting session with a faulty PTO clutch. The problems that you will face are:

  • A fault in the PTO clutch can damage the blade of the scag lawnmower. The lousy-clutch can damage the sharp edge of the steel blade, which can lead to permanent damage.
  • Not taking any action against the faulty PTO clutch can lead the mower motor to serious damage.
  • You will not be able to cut grass properly, as the lousy PTO clutch will cause uneven cutting of the grasses.

To stay safe from these problems, you should replace the faulty clutch from the mower. The times when you will need to change the faulty PTO clutch are:

  • If the mower’s clutch catches some faults, strange noises will be produced. Then, you will need to replace that lousy PTO clutch with a brand new and faultless one.
  • When you will see excessive RPMs being produced while mowing, you will have to understand it is time for you to change the clutch.
  • In the middle of mowing, the mowing-machine can lose power all of a sudden. Then, you will have to understand there are some faults in the clutch, and you should replace it.
  • The sticky and hard clutch are two other reasons why you should change the faulty PTO clutch.

The Step-by-Step Process of How to Replace the PTO Clutch on A Scag Mower

There is a step-by-step process for replacing the faulty PTO clutch of your scag lawnmower, and the process is:

Required pto clutch removal tool-

1. Screwdriver– you’ll need a screwdriver for unscrewing the screws mounted to the flywheel.

2. New PTO Clutch– If the old PTO class is not fixable then you have to install a new PTO clutch.

3. Gloves and Sunglass – While you will start the work, you will need these for the safety of your eyes and hands.

4. A mat or a carpet – It will keep the mower body away from the dirt of the surface.

5. Towel – To wipe and clear the dirt from the lawnmower body.

Step-1: Choosing the Right Place

The scag lawnmowers are not the small ones, and they occupy a large space to stand. So, at first, you need to choose an open space for the whole clutch-replacing procedure. The place should be even without any ups and downs. 

It should be an open and wide space as well where you can move freely while replacing the PTO clutch. Put a mat or a carpet on that place where you will keep the mowing device.

Step-2: Preparing the Lawnmower

Before replacing the faulty PTO clutch, you will have to prepare your scag lawnmower. At first, you will have to disconnect the spark plugs of the mowing machine. Keeping the plugs connected can cause a system glitch to the lawnmower operating system. So, disconnecting the spark plugs before replacing the clutch will keep the whole machine and operating system safe.

After doing that, you will have to take the machine in a suitable position to change the clutch. The cutting deck should be lowered, which will make the replacing process a whole lot easier for you.

I will suggest you keep one or two persons ready for any kind of assistance. Clean the lawnmower body before replacing the clumsy clutch.

Step-3: Removing the Pulley Cover and Loosen the Blade Belt

It is also the part of preparing the lawnmower for clutch replacement as well. You will have to remove the pulley cover and loosen the belt of the steel blade before the start of replacing the clutch. In the scag mowers, the PTO clutch is connected with the steel blade, and the steel blade remains covered with a pulley.

So, you will need to take out the pulley cover first to get to the mower-blade, and then loosen the belt of the blade.

Step-4: Detaching the Clutch’s Electric Connection

You will see two wires connected with the PTO clutch of your scag lawnmower. The wires will be there for the electrical connection of the clutch. You will need to disconnect those before starting the clutch replacement process.

Step-5: Flywheel Cover and Mounts Removing

There will be a cover for the flywheel of the mower, and you will have to take that off by removing the screws before the clutch replacement. After that, you will have to remove the mount bolts that are the connection between the lawnmower and the PTO clutch. The assistants that you kept ready before will now come into the game.

While removing the mount bolts, one assistant will make sure the mount nuts stay still, and another person will keep the mower stable. At that time, you will have to unscrew the mount bolts and screws with the help of a screwdriver. There may be several bolts, and unscrew all of them one after another.

Step-6: Older Clutch Removing and Installing the New One

When the mounted screws and bolts are out, the clutch will be disconnected from the lawnmower body. Then it will take no hassle for you to take off the faulty clutch. Take the assistant’s help in this matter, and make sure you are doing it carefully without damaging your and your assistant’s body along with the lawnmower.

Then install the new PTO clutch by connecting the mounting bolts and screws given with it. After that, put the flywheel cover on, and connect the two wires for the electrical component connection of the clutch. Tighten the blade belt, and attach the pulley cover to fulfill the PTO clutch replacement process.

Step-7: A Test Run to Check

When the replacement work will be done, start the mower and have a run on the lawn. Thus, you will be able to get a confirmation that you have replaced the faulty PTO clutch with a perfect one. A brand-new PTO clutch will ensure the highest possible performance from your mowing device.


How do I know the PTO clutch of my scag mower is faulty?

If you find the clutch is hard or sticky, you have to understand that there is something wrong with the clutch. The faulty PTO clutch will also produce excessive RPMs and strange noise along with shutting down suddenly.

What are the safety measures while replacing the faulty PTO clutch?

Make sure all the electrical connections are detached to avoid sparking. Stay careful from the sharp blade edge as well while loosening the belt of the blade.


There may be the necessity for you to replace the faulty or lousy PTO clutch from your scag mower. You will never want to go to any professionals and pay money for this simple work. So, you should learn the replacement process of that faulty PTO clutch.

Stay careful and take all the precautions before the start of the proceedings. The first time may look a bit tough. That’s why I would suggest you keep a veteran present while you are replacing the safety PTO clutch for the first time.

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