How to Start a Lawn Mower With a Bad Starter-Step By Step Guideline

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When the mowing season arrives you have to cut the grass. If the grass has already grown then rise your lawnmower. Wait! Have you faced any problems with the starting system of your machine? If you are facing any crucial problems with the starting system then  I will teach you How to Start a Lawn Mower With a Bad Starter. 

Starting a lawnmower with a bad starter is not so easy. But don’t worry. You are very interested to know it and this sounds good. Keep scrolling. In this blog, not only I teach you the process, but furthermore I will give you some special tips and tricks. Just keep scrolling.

Before knowing the symptoms of a bad starter on a riding mower, first, you have to know what is the function of a starter. In simple words, it switches electricity from the battery to ignition operation. This component allows your mower to start. You may know a starter consists of two parts, like a starter solenoid and a starter motor. 

Sign of a bad mower starter:

How do you know that your mower starter is not working properly? I am telling you that. If your solenoid transmits a spark that is a sign of the bad starter. It is very necessary to know how to test a starter on a riding mower.

If the clicking sounds occurs then I think it is a warning of a bad starter. If the starter motor gear is injured then it can not catch the larger gear. It is one of the most significant clues of the defective starter switch.

The teeth of your engine may break and thus the engine starts and stops. Despite having a fully charged battery your mower may decline to react. This situation is an indication of a bad starter. I think. Troubleshooting a lawn mower starter is very necessary for this occurrence.

Process of  Starting a Lawn Mower With a Bad Starter:

1.If you have had a bad starter problem at first check your battery. What is the most important part of your mower? I think it is the battery. You have to check for any leakage in your battery.

 If your charger cable becomes humid then your mower may have leakage. In this case, you can repair your battery or you can buy a new one.

2.Do you have any idea about an ignition switch? It is a very essential part of a device. You have to identify the problem with your ignition switch.

 Many wires are connected to the switch. Check if there are any loose connections on it. You have to identify if there is any damage to the ignition switch. If you want to solve this problem, you must purchase a new ignition switch and reinstate the old one.

3.A lot of people are looking for how to bypass a solenoid to the starter on a lawnmower. Okay, relax! Here I will discuss all of it. It accelerates the engine starter motor. Finding a solenoid is a very very hard task. 

There are many terminals and screw attachments. After finding the solenoid check if your screws are loosened or not. In case of a loose screw, you have to tighten these with a wrench. Also, you can bypass a solenoid.

4. After doing all these things you have to check your Starter Motor. You can easily find the Starter Motor. If your Motors declines to start after checking all the things like the ignition switch, the solenoid, and all other electrical connections then there is a problem with your starter motor. I can say this with complete confidence.

 A faulty motor is a prominent reason. You must connect a jumper to the positive terminal of a battery and then attach a screwdriver to the negative terminal. Look for any sparks on it. Also, you must clean the magnets, brushes, and springs of the motor. Detect any clicking sound. You can replace or rebuild your motor.

5.Dirty leads are also an important cause of starting problems. You have to straighten up both the positive and negative wire.

6. Finally a damaged spark plug may cause a problem. Detach all the wires from it. You can replace it easily.

Frequently Asked Question:

1.How do you check a lawn mower starter?

Answer: This is a very good question. From the battery’s positive terminal, attach one end of a jumper wire. Then you should plunge the little lubber on the starter solenoid. If the engine starter motor whirls then you can say your starter is faulty. So Easy!

2.Why does hitting a starter make it work?

Answer: Oh heat, Right? Heat permits the current to stream to the motor. I think You have got your answer.

3.What causes a starter to fail?

Answer: I have already discussed this matter. Faulty solenoid, faulty ignition switch, and faulty battery are the cause.

4. Can you jumpstart a lawnmower without a battery?

Answer: In most cases, it is not feasible to utilize without a battery. There is good news that most of the brands of lawn mowers provide a charging system. You can scan whether your battery is completely charged or not. 

5. What are the symptoms of the bad solenoid?

Answer: There are many different types of symptoms but in most cases, you may notice a clicking sound. Repeatedly clicking sound may occur in.

6.What does a bad solenoid sound like?

Answer: In simple words, you may notice a clicking sound.

7.Will a bad solenoid drain battery on a lawnmower?

Answer: A lawnmower battery may last approximately 2 years. But a solenoid can not drain a battery. It attaches the battery cable and starter cable. 

8.How do I know if my lawnmower battery is bad?

Answer: Ride on your mower then turn the key. If the engine does not snap or you notice a clicking sound your battery may be bad.

9.What problems can a bad solenoid cause?

Answer: If your starter solenoid is bad then you may find the cause of it. A bad solenoid connection can occur through erosion, breakage, and dirt.

Bottom Lines:

Whenever you face a starter problem. Try all the diagnoses and procedures that I have mentioned above. If you identify a big problem then you must replace it or try to bypass the solenoid.

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