How to Turn a Zero Turn Mower Without Tearing up Grass – Easy 4 Method

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The zero-turn mowers are the heavy machinery used in the lawns for trimming grasses. Though these machines are pretty big, the machine operating system is relatively easy. But many people damage the grass in the yard while turning the mower during the trimming session. You must be in tension about how you can keep the grass safe while turning it.

To keep the grass alive and damage-free, it is mandatory for you to learn how to turn a zero turn mower without tearing up grass.Your mower driving skill and a bit of consciousness can save the grasses from getting torn up. Keeping the grasses damage-free will enhance the beauty of the lawn as well.

The Importance of Turing the Zero Turn Mower Without Damaging Grass

You may think it is not a serious problem to think much about while mowing the lawn. When the grasses are perfectly aligned in proper size, the yard will look much more beautiful. If you tear up the grass while turning the zero-turn mower, it may cause permanent damage to the grasses of that place.

That can even destroy all the grasses by removing them from the root. The importance of turning the zero-turn mower without tearing up the grass is vast. The reasons why you should remain careful about that are:

  • To maintain the beautiful look of your lawn
  • It will ensure proper root growth of grasses and the root safety
  • If grass tears up from any place, it will look devastating
  • Tearing the lawn grass can bring various kinds of fungal disease

How to Turn a Zero-Turn Mower Without Tearing up Grass – The Methods to Apply

While you are trimming on your lawn, you should remain careful about not tearing up grasses. Especially, when you are using a heavy machine like the zero-turn mower and when you turn the device. Now, let’s focus on the methods about how you can turn a zero-turn mower without tearing up grass:

Method-1: Slow Down the Mower While Turning Around

While trimming, you need to turn the mower around to cut grasses from different lines. If you do not slow down the machine during that time, it can damage the grass by tearing it up. Because of the speed of the mower, the mower wheels will put much pressure on the grasses.

As you will turn the mower at high speed, the wheels will skid on the surface. Because of that, the grasses under the wheels will need to deal with more pressure. When more pressure is on the surface along with wheels skidding, it will tear up the grass. If you slow down the speed, it will decrease the pressure.

Along with that, the wheels won’t skid on the surface. So, by slowing down the mower speed while turning, you can save the grasses from tearing up.

Method-2: Not Pivoting on One Wheel

Some people pivot on one wheel while turning the zero-turn mower. This action puts all the pressure on that pivoting wheel. As you pivot on that patch of grass, that is exactly when you tear the grass right there. So, you should prevent it from happening to keep the grass safe. 

You can do this by not turning the mower body by pivoting on that single wheel. If you want to turn the zero turn-mower backward, slow down the mowing machine first. Then, slightly turn to your right, stop the mower, and go back about 10-12 feet. It is the method to follow when you are coming at an angle.

After doing so, pivot the machine again to your right side, and you can turn the mower in your desired direction. Following this way, there will be less pressure on the ground, and the pressure will be distributed evenly. As a result, you can save the grass of your lawn from tearing up. 

Method-3: By Following the Three-Point Turn

This three-point turning method of the zero-turn mower will save the grasses from tearing up while trimming. When you want to change the line of cutting, you need to slow down the machine first. Then, reach to a corner of the lawn, and turn the mower 90-120 degrees to your right side. 

Go to reverse wise about 2-3 feet, and turn slightly on the right side while doing so. Then you can change the direction in the way you want and change the trimming line. In this way, all the pressure and weight of your mowing machine will be distributed evenly on each wheel of the mower. 

Thus, the pivot won’t be on a single wheel, and the grass won’t tear up as well. Some experts even call it the “K” method, as the shape of the turning process looks like “K.”

Method-4: Using the Driveway for Turning

You can also use the driveway to keep the grass of the lawn safe. No matter which method you are using, slowing down the mower’s speed is mandatory if you want to keep the grass safe. In this process, you need to stay on the older trimming line and directly go to the driveway. 

After going to the driveway, turn the machine left and go to your front a bit. Then, take the mower reverse and again turn it left wise while taking it back. While turning, all the pressure or pivot will be on the surface of the driveway. Thus, the grass of the lawn won’t have to face any of it.

By using the driveway beside your lawn, you can save the grasses of your lawn while turning your zero-turn mower.


Can I use my hands to turn the zero-turn mower and save the grasses from tearing up?

No, using your hands will not be a good idea to turn the zero-turn mower. It is quite impossible to turn this heavy machine for a single person by using hands. Using your hands will make the wheels skid, and your shoes will skid as well. 

You will even damage the grass if you try to turn the mower with your hands. By remaining a bit conscious, you can save the grasses from tearing up using the mower steering.

Will it damage the grass if the pivot is on one wheel?

While turning the zero-turn mower, pivoting on one wheel can seriously damage the grasses. If you pivot on one wheel, the whole pressure and weight of the mower will fall on that single wheel. As a result, it will spin on the same place, and in that process, will tear up the grasses from there.


Some people don’t care about tearing up the grass while trimming with a zero-turn mower and turning it. But you shouldn’t do so, as torn-up grass from any exact place can gradually damage the whole lawn. So, you should remain careful about not damaging the grass of your lawn while turning the zero-turn mower.

If you want to save the grasses, learning about how to turn a zero-turn mower without tearing up grass is compulsory. Slowing up the mower before turning is the first step of not tearing the grass. Then apply any of the effective methods to keep the grass safe while turning the zero-turn mower.

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