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Do you cut the grass off your lawn well? I hope the lawnmower helps you a lot. The absolute beauty of a property or garden depends on the looks of the grass. So you must mow the lawn well. 

Depends on various factors, you may have chosen the perfect lawnmower for your work. You can buy ego lm2000 or GreenWorks 25322.

Regardless of the brand, you will face some serious issues. One frustrating problem is Kawasaki Lawn Mower Engine Problems.

When your lawnmower does not run correctly, then it can be such a disgusting moment for you. There are several causes of this problem, but it becomes a curse for you if you don’t know to tackle it. Have you ever find the Kawasaki lawn mower engine hard to start? 

No worries. In this article, I would like to tell you about the Kawasaki lawnmower engine in detail. There are various series of Kawasaki engines. Most famous for the mower and tractors are FS, FX, FR, FT. Commercial carbureted engines and V-twin engines are used mainly by Kawasaki. You may found the liquid-cooled engines in Kawasaki as well as air-cooled engines.

One interesting fact is that you can get up to 38.5 Horse Power at 3600 rpm in the FX series and may get up to 57.8 ft-lbs torque at 3200 rpm. 

If you like a double cylinder engine, then the Kawasaki engine model is here. Moreover, a single-cylinder is also available in the Kawasaki engine model. Kawasaki also manufactures digital fuel-injected engines.

Kawasaki is a Japanese brand with premium branded engine parts, but Kawasaki lawn mower carburetor problems and many others problems come up sometimes.

You may face some technical challenges while getting some technical assistance with the Kawasaki engine problem. To keep the engine in a healthy condition, you do not need too much care, but from time to time, care and maintenance are required. You should replace the oil filter after some time and should keep the air filter clean.  

All the process for care and maintenance is identical for all the brand. But the point is that whether you understand the process well or not.. Kawasaki lawn mower engine running rough, Kawasaki liquid-cooled engine problems will give you much headache if you are not aware of Kawasaki lawnmower engine. 

Without wasting our time let’s go to the main part of our article.

Why Your Kawasaki Small Engine Won’t Start?

Spark Plug: 

The spark plug problem is a crucial matter for Kawasaki engines. In the porcelain insulator, there may be a crack. In such a case, you need to replace the spark plug. Also, replace the spark plug if the electrode is burned away or damaged. Heavy carbon buildup around the electrode is also hazardous. 

Vital spark is very crucial. If you don’t recognize the spark when your engine is cranking, this is a sign of a bad spark plug. 


You know that carburetor is a vital part of a machine. It would be great if you practice proper care of the carburetor. 

Have you ever listened to the term clogged carburetor? It means fuel wait in the engine for a long time. What happens if the fuel left in the machine for a long time?

After sometimes the ingredients of the fuel evaporate, and the sticky, thick substances stay there. 

This damp fuel is the cause of a clogged carburetor. Finally, a clogged carburetor stops your mower from running. You need frequent cleaning of the carburetor. If cleaning is not enough, then replace the carburetor.

Ignition Coil: 

Do you know why the ignition coil is so vital part of a lawnmower? While your engine is running, it transfers voltage to the spark plug. Defective engines cause many problems when you try to start the engine.

Before going to buy an ignition coil, you must check the spark plug. Test the spark plug whether it is defective or not. If something performs faulty with it, then replace the ignition key.

Leaking Gas:

You have to be concern about the leaking gas problem. Take some necessary steps when the Kawasaki engine is leaking gas. 

Carburetor Gasket:

You can find the carburetor gasket dried out.  Sometimes the carburetor gasket can be missing. 

When the leakage happens from the bottom of the carburetor, renew your carburetor gasket. Check whether the problem is solved or not. 

Float Bowl Gasket:

The problem in the float bowl gasket can be a big issue for your machine. Replace this part if you find any major problem with it.

Recurring Battery Draining:

Suppose you have a faulty battery that drains frequently, and it can be a big issue for you. So be aware of this issue when you mow the lawn. What are the leading causes of this issue? Let’s have a look.

1. Voltage Regulator:

At first, come to the voltage regulator. This component helps to transfer the voltage from the alternator to the battery.  In the case of an inadequate voltage regulator, the battery can not earn enough voltage. This is a prominent cause of the constant draining of batteries.

2. Alternator: 

You must check the alternator output whether it works well or not. You can measure voltage, resistance, and current using a multimeter.

Frequently Asked Question:

1. Are Kawasaki engines good?

You say about reliability. Kawasaki engine is famous for its horsepower rating. If you want excellent horsepower, then you should consider the Kawasaki engine. Someone get sufficient horsepower from a Kawasaki engine. In my experience, they are fantastic.

2. Can I apply synthetic oil to my Kawasaki lawn mower engine?

Kawasaki Genuine 10W-30, 10W-40, or 20W-50 synthetic blend is suitable for high accomplishment in low and high-temperature uses.

Do you know which is the suggested oil for most circumstances? Yes, it is 10W- 40 engine oil. Sometimes viscosity may demand to be modified to support seasonal temperature difference.

3. Should you run synthetic oil in a lawnmower?

Why should you use synthetic oil instead of traditional oil? The very significant thing is that synthetic oil is smoother than conventional oil. Slippery oil can lubricate the machine in a better way. The engine moves very well when you apply synthetic oil. Also, it is recommended for the broadest temperature range. 

4. What makes a small engine hard to start?

There are so many causes of this starting problem. But the most common problems are bad ignition coil, plugged carburetor, and lousy gasoline. You must check all the aspects carefully.

5. How do you begin a riding lawn mower in the cold?

Battery power matter a lot in the cold. Turn on the tractor light before cranking. In this way, you can boost your battery power. Before starting the cranking process, you need to turn off the battery.

6. Is it worth reviving a lawnmower?

If your lawnmower is less than three years old, then you can go for a minor repair. But so expensive repairing is not so worthy. It would be better if you buy a new lawnmower. Don’t waste money on an old lawnmower. Many people follow three years rule. 

7. Can you use carb cleaner instead of starting fluid?

The simple answer is YES. It is possible to use carb cleaner as a starting fluid. There is a particular engine starting spray. But if the situation worsens, you can not apply recommended spray. Then go for carb cleaner.

Bottom Lines: 

Lots of problems arise while you mow your lawn, but there are also some solutions for the problem. I hope this article will help you to get a good idea of the Kawasaki engine problem.

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