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All the mower owners should have good knowledge of every part of the mower. Though the Lawn mower is the most sophisticated device to trim the grasses of your lawn sometimes, you may face some difficulties with this machine.

A widespread difficulty is the Lawn mower won’t start when hot. Suppose you are mowing your lawn pretty much for a while, but the machine stops abruptly. What you do then? I guess you refuel it or empty the bag. Right? 

In such circumstances, the engine will not start if it becomes too much hot. No matter how much effort you are investing, the mower will not start until it cooled off. I think it is so frustrating to face these kinds of situations. Remember that the Lawn mower won’t start after getting hot.

Now come to the point what are the causes of this problem. There you can find a lot of reasons behind this problem. But the most common is the failing coil.

It is so disgusting that you check all the machine parts, but it can not start because it becomes hot. Repairing the air filter, oil lever can not change the situation.

In this article, I will talk about mower won’t turn over when hot. Whether you have a new mower or the most expensive Lawnmower, a hot engine starting problem can occur at any time. No matter you won a sun joe hover mower or ego lm2021.

Regardless of which part you replace, the machine will not start unless it is cold down a little. So without further talk, let’s get started.

Why Lawn Mower Will Not Begin When Hot?

In my first passage, I told the leading causes in a nutshell. But the failing coil is not the only cause. You have to check many issues like faulty plug cables, broken carburetor, and an overheating engine.

Another cause is a defective solenoid. Though they appear so simple, you need to check all the issues. If you face lawn mower only starts sometimes, then check all the things.

Engines Overheating

This problem is familiar with all types of the motor engine. Generally, the machine operates well, but sometimes it stops if the engine becomes hot. This means the engine can start automatically when it gets cool down. However, you face this problem after running some distance.

Let me clear your confusion. Your Lawnmower has a small engine, but it can generate a massive amount of heat. The passive cooling fins scatter heat. But it can be stuck with the debris of grass clipping. 

This situation prevents heat from coming out from cooling fins. Ultimately your engine gets hot and stops suddenly. It would help if you cooled the machine then. The dirt and debris on the plastic cover are a cause of the engine shutdown.

So please check this dirt and debris on your engine and prevent it from heating. Clean the plastic surface and cooling the fins regularly.

Oil Levels to High or Too Low

Very low or high oil level is not convenient for a mower engine. It will not allow the mower engine to start. Do you that there is gasoline in the machine. While checking the oil level, you need to examine the gasoline level. So check the oil level while you check the fuel level of the mower.

Spark Plug Issues

Wrong types of the spark plug in your engine may cause a severe issue. You may find various kinds of spark plug with different heat ranges, lengths, and spark gaps.

Never put the wrong plug into the mower. That’s why you need to check the manufacturer manual. Carefully look at the plug code and model number. If you get a good spark from your old spark plug, then you should not replace it.

A low-quality spark is a symptom of a lousy plug. Too large gap and poor wire is a matter of concern. An extra gap in the flywheel is a wrong indication. The flywheel creates a spark while it goes around. It is better to replace a flywheel and coil because they are not so adjustable.

I suggest you buy two new spark plug when you need one. It would be best if you accepted them according to your model.

Air Leaks

Loose bolts cause air leaks. Please tighten them regularly. They are so vital because they hold the motor to the frame and have kept the engine component. 

What is the stimulating effect of the air leaks that are caused by the loose bolt? The tiny parts of the engine expand as the air comes inside the machine. Ultimately these loose bolts will lead your engine to shut down.

Problematical Compression

Sometimes your riding lawn mower won’t start after running because of a compression issue. I think you can quickly figure out the compression issue. So what is the easy way to know whether your mower is undergoing poor compression or not? 

Look at the mower starter rope, and if the string moves faster than the standard condition, that means the reduction is inadequate, as well as too long valve clearance.  

Briggs and Stratton are more prone to this situation. If you are not an expert, then call a technician person to repair the engine.

Sticking Choke

Okay, I have now come to another part called Choke. The Choke supply enough fuel to the engine. It is a part of the carburetor. 

Chock can be attached to the carb. It allows the engine to be overwhelmed without sufficient air.

That’s why you need to replace the air filter and also check the carb for sticking Choke. Engine consumes more fuel by utilizing too much Choke. Therefore maintain it regularly.

Alternative Starting Issues

I have already discussed some common problems. Nevertheless this you can find some other issues that you have to know. You know alcohol has a shallow boiling point. If you find alcohol in the oil, then it may get heat so quickly. You can solve this issue by a shim between the carb and engine. 

Some common problems include too much air in the machine, lack of fuel in the engine, improper fuel mixing. Some fuel burns hot and harms your engine, so you should try to use energy according to the manufacturer’s recommendation.

Don’t turn the mower on one side. Sometimes people do this to check the blades, but in this way, the fuel can be flooded and cause a problem.

Frequently Asked Question 

1.Why does my Lawnmower die when it gets hot?

Vapor lock is the most common cause. When the fuel tank’s excited gas cannot be discharged accurately, then an engine stall occurs. The gas moves to the carburetor due to the pressure.

2.What is the first thing to investigate if a lawnmower won’t start?

There may be many causes of this problem, but I think you should first check the spark plug. A dirty, loose, or disconnected spark plug is the thing that you have to check immediately. Clean and reconnect it.

3.What causes vapor lock in lawnmowers?

Sometimes the gasoline gets overheated within the fuel delivery system. As a result, it vaporizes too rapidly. The excess gas bubbles then gather and block expected fuel distribution.

Bottom Lines:

I hope you are now aware of the hot engine problem. If you find such a problem, then check all the things that I have mentioned above. Enjoy the mowing season without any difficulties.

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