Sun Joe MJ-HVR12E 10-Amp 11-Inch Electric Hover Mower – Expert’s Review

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The electric lawn mowers are gaining their place in the market slowly but steadily. The Snow Joe company is leading in the race in this case. 

The lightweight electric lawn mowers are offering quite good specifications and qualities under a low budget and weight. Snow Joe has produced a lot of lightweight mowers with amazing features at such a low price. 

The Sun Joe MJ-HVR12E 10-Amp 11-Inch Electric Hover Mower is one of the best that the Snow Joe has ever produced. This electric hover mower will offer you a lot with a nice and easy operating system.

To help you with the complete information about this particular mower, I am presenting to you the in-depth review of this electric hover mower from Snow Joe.

Who should buy the Sun Joe MJ-HVR12E Electric Hover Mower?

Everybody is busy with big lawnmowers. But maximum people seek mowers for their small-sized lawns. Bigger mowers are not necessary for them. All they want is a small mower that comes at a low price and will serve them for a long time.

If you are thinking like this and badly looking for a budget lawnmower with enough durability, then this Sun Joe hover mower is the right one for you. Because of the small size, the mower takes less space for storage as well. You can easily go for this mower.

Why I recommend you to buy the Sun Joe MJ-HVR12E 10-Amp 11-Inch Electric Hover Mower: Features


Specification Type of Value
Product Dimensions 22 x 14.5 x 44 inches
Product Weight 12.92 Pounds
Power Type Corded Electric Powered
Material of Blade The Factory Sharpened Steel Blade
Number of Blades 3 in 1 panel
Blade Type Clock-wise spin
Blade Speed 7000 RPM
Cutting Width 11 inches
Handle Type Loop Handle
Foldable Handle Present
Fuel Type Corded Electric
Start Type Push-button start (on the handle)
Wheels No wheel
Motor Type 10-Amp motor
Grass Discharge Below Discharge
Warranty 2 Years
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As this electric corded lawnmower is one of the lightest ones in the market, it comes with a simple and lightweight package. This mower will be fully assembled along with the handle and the blades. There will be a total of three plastic blades attached with a rotator.

The package also comes with an addition of extra 30 plastic blades for your further use. You will also find a 1-feet long cord attached to the machine. You have to connect it with electricity to start the mower. The whole package weighs a bit over 13.5 Pounds.


This hover mower from the Snow Joe comes with the dimension of 22 x 14.5 x 44 inches and is corded electric powered. The weight of this mowing device is 12.92 Pounds. The machine has a mixture of two colors which are green and black.

It has both metal and plastic in the body, but both are top-quality plastic and metal. This push mower does not come with any wheels. As it is a hover mower, you just have to hover around with the mower on your lawn.

This machine also consists of a powerful motor of 10 amps. It helps the device to cut the grass at a rapid pace. There is a power button, a cord, and a safety bar situated on the right side of the loopy handle.


This is the section where you don’t need to worry a bit. The handle height of the mower is easily customizable. It is a foldable one as well. You can keep it folded and store it anywhere you want as it will a small space.

When you will fold the handle, the mower will be smaller than a handbag or a fruit basket. 

Ease of Use

The operational process and usage system of this electric hover mower are pretty simple. You will not need any gasoline, battery, or fossil fuel to start and run the mower. All you need to do is connect the mower with electricity, and it is ready for mowing.

You will find a 1-feet long cord attached with the handle that is connected to the motor. You have to plug-in that cord with a wire that is connected with any source of electricity. Thus, that motor will get power. 

After connecting, you will see a power-button attached with the handle as well. Press that button and then pull the safety bar, and the lawnmower will start.

The 10-amps powerful motor is present in the machine for providing enough power for mowing. This motor helps the blade hub to spin at a pace of more than 7000 RPM. 

The cutting system in this hover mower is quite different than the other basic mowers. There is a rotating blade hub under the motor. It is covered by black-colored steel. There are three plastic blades on the three corners of that hub. 

Those blades spin clockwise at the same time when getting power. The hub also spins clockwise. This hub will make the blades spin on the hub’s axis as well. As a result, two different rotations will happen at the same time.

Those plastic blades will provide a crisp-cutting to the grass of your lawn. Those blades can break in case any of them come in contact with a rock or any other hard things. For your use, the company will provide extra 30-blades along with the package.

The plastic blades are risk-free. These will ensure no damage coming to any body part or property of the user. Because of that, anyone can operate the mower including the kids. The height customization system in the handle also helps people of any size to run the mower.

It also produces less sound compared to the gas-powered mowers. The machine is ideal for uneven and sloped lawns where the bigger machines fail to operate. As it is electricity-powered, you can take as much time as you want for the mowing process.

Maintenance and Eco-Friendly

This small-sized mower releases you from maintaining pressure. It does not require high maintenance. The three blades and the hub require cleaning after every mowing session. Just give a routine check-up to the motor and stay careful while connecting the cord with electricity.

The mower does not emit any carbon in nature as it never uses any fossil fuels. The less sound produced by the machine ensures less sound pollution as well.

Pros and Cons

  • The hover mower comes with a fully assembled body
  • Less space required for the storage
  • The handle height is adjustable along with the foldable handle-bar
  • The handlebar has a power button and ignition along with a cord for electric connection
  • Specialized three plastic blades which spin clockwise
  • Plastic blades offer much safety compared to the steel blades
  • Extra 30 blades provided for further usage
  • High-speed cutting with 7000 RPM
  • Light in weight
  • Low price
  • Chances of accidents if the electric connection is defective
  • Extra wire and plug are necessary to establish the connection in the mower
  • This machine cannot be used in the larger lawns

  • The mower body is lightweight with the weight of only 12.92 Pounds
  • The handle height is adjustable along with the foldable handle-bar
  • A blade-hub which contains three plastic blades
  • The plastic blades with extra safety and security
  • Thirty extra blades are given for further usage
  • The power button and the safety bar are attached with the handle along with the cord.

User Experience

The first thing that came to my mind after seeing the mower was, it is not like any basic mowers, and it is different. That small body contains many features and qualities. 

The machine is so lightweight that I can even move it with the two fingers of a single hand. The Sun Joe 11 10-amp Electric Hover Mower is easily movable in the lawn area.

This particular mower from the Snow Joe comes with the next-generation of grass-grooming technology. It helps you get you even cut in the grass at your lawn area. The unique blade system and design also help in this regard.

The blade hub contains three plastic blades that enhance the cutting speed while I am cutting grass in the yard. As the blades are made from plastic, I can remain risk-free at the time of cutting grass. The kids of my family can also mow the lawn because of this secure cutting-system.

The blades are quite sturdy and strong. I am still using the first three blades which were assembled. Along with that, the Snow Joe has provided extra 30-blades in case any of the blades break. I have to say this is a super move by the company. 

I have some uneven places and slopes in my lawn area. This mowing machine can easily reach into those areas and is capable of providing even cut to the grass. The other big-sized mowers that I used before couldn’t do that job.

This hover mower from the Snow Joe produced less sound compared to the gas-powered mowers. It also saves me from the further expenses of gasoline and batteries. The 7000 RPM of the motor helps me to get a mowing session done in a short period. As the machine discharges the grass after cutting, they act as the compost for the lawn.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the motor powerful enough?
    A 10-amps powerful motor is present in the mower. It produces a power of 7000 RPM at the time of mowing. It is capable of cutting grass at a rapid pace. So, there is no option for doubt with this hover mower.
  • How does the absence of wheels affect the performance?
    It is a hover mower and doesn’t come with wheels. This is ideal for sloped and uneven lawns. It keeps the performance on the highest peak while mowing in the plain-surfaced yards as well.
  • Will the mower be value for money?
    This hover mower from the Snow Joe comes at an unbelievable low price with such features. The mower is also capable of providing top-class performance in any lawn whether it is plain, uneven, or sloped.


I would love to recommend this hover mower for your use. This unimaginably low-priced mower is offering some amazing features to you.

You can invest your money in this Snow Joe lawnmower. Considering the price, it will be an amazing deal for you. I will surely recommend you to make the Sun Joe 11 10 Amp Electric Hover Mower as your lawn mowing companion.

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